Michael Anthony


Interview conducted by Antiwar Radio producer Angela Keaton.

Michael Anthony, author of Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Deception, and Dishonor in Iraq, discusses the military’s neglect of suicidal soldiers, officers more interested in self-promotion than doing their jobs, veterans’ struggles with family life and homelessness and how the process of becoming a man in the military sometimes involves refusing orders.

MP3 here. (14:10)

Michael Anthony is the author of Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Deception, and Dishonor in Iraq. After graduating high school, Michael joined the Army Reserves, went through basic training, and then went through job training to become an Operating Room Medic. One year later he returned home and enrolled in college to begin his first semester. Almost immediately upon finishing his first semester he was shipped off to Wisconsin to train for four months before he would leave and spend his next year in Iraq. Michael is now back in the States and working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing.

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  1. isn't it a pattern, dating back to greek tragedies, that a person kills his sibling/relative for a false reason and then takes their own life because they cannot bear the guilt of having killed in vain? the high number of suicides reflects the large number of soldiers that have realized they were tricked into murdering innocents. the suicide rate might be an accurate measure of the justifiability of a war, since the soldiers themselves are most likely to actually know and care enough to dig for facts to determine if their actions are/were justified. however, the enemy side, the commanding corps and people that call for military deployments have a possible conflict of interest that might lead to abuses where a soldier is deceived into erasing his/her potential testimony and that is a role of the military psychological/psychiatric specialist, to protect the soldier from these abuses.
    what is worse, a cult that prepares suicide bombers, or one that nurtures bombers who commit suicide afterwards?

  2. Thanks for the interview, Angela and Michael.

    If I was an officer in the military the last thing I'd want is for those under my command to ask themselves by what authority they are allowed to occupy a foreign country in which their mere presence puts innocent people in life-threatening danger.

    Maybe it was different back in the 1940s, but I feel safe saying that those that hold the military in high esteem, cheering and clapping for the soldiers, are the ones that benefit the most and are the least vested. The rest of us bow our heads, thankful we did not succumb to the call-to-arms and pity the ones that did.

    I have a feeling the consequences from the U.S. Government's belligerance towards Middle Eastern and Central Asian Countries will make the fallout from Vietnam seem like a child's birthday party.

    By the way, I missed the opportunity to call in yesterday. I hope you and Scott are enjoying the day off and just wanted to thank you for the shows. A couple of comments I wanted to make:

    1. There are alternatives to Vista. Not sure what applications you use, but there are more stable systems.

    2. Would like to hear more about Shiff and Rand Paul and their positions regarding the U.S. aggression towards Iran. Can't locate any news.

    3. Want to hear more about this event and the candidate being questioned concerning (2).

    Looking forward to this year's civilian casualties count. Not really.

    1. Very good points, Glenn. But, ultimately, you have to ask yourself just what business has anyone being in the military? I've been in uniform and it's a mess that I wish I'd never been involved.

      1. Thanks, MoT.

        Good question.

        Having learned over the last 18 months the use of the U.S. military by the federal government to build an empire since, what, 1812, and how the same government has manipulated people into multiple invasions and occupations, I can't think of why I would recommend joining to anyone.

    1. Thanks for the links, Angela. I know some others that want to know their positions, too.

      Will put some thoughts together shortly and send to you.

  3. Here's something to consider regarding veterans and suicide: Do we know how old they are, and thus where and when they served? Older men are vastly more likely to commit suicide than any other comparable demographic group. At the moment, the last of the WW2 veterans, many Korea veterans, and some of the Vietnam veterans are part of that group, and ecountering the factors that increase suicide rates for said group. In other words, perhaps many veterans are killing themselves, partially because a great many veterans are now old men, in addition to the effects of war on their health?

  4. I need some help confirming Michael Anthony's numbers. In particular the 50k suicides in the last decade. I've heard this number elsewhere before, so I tend to believe it, but I can't find any good data – YET.

  5. what does he mean by "good ol' boys?" a bunch of redneck southerners i bet (aren't they all?)! probably racial and anti-gay bigots for sure! i am confident his revelations will ensure his acceptability to the creative writing world he has chosen to enter. at least they will be more likely to forgive his time on the "other side." i wholly oppose the war(s) and the military, but i truly dispise the michael anthonys. yes, i am a veteran too.

  6. BTW, I am surprised you guys did not mention the complete nonsense about the Nigerian bomb patsy plot on XMas Northwest Air. Did you know that came out the NWO Flight 253? They just love to play with their symbols and numbers don't they? I was surprised since I heard the tail end of you tearing apart the fraudulent fake nuke documents that were once again being attempted to use as a reason for war just like the fake Nigher documents that came through Italy. Don't you find the ties strangely similiar here? The Nigherian's banker father has strong ties to both Italy and Israel. And how is the fact that he was reported to have no passport and having a well dressed wealthy looking Indian man walk him up to the Northwest ticket counter in Amsterdam not get mentioned at all in the media still to this day a week later despite eyewitnesses claiming otherwise? Then its revealed the underwear bomber patsy Nigerian does have a passport according to the father. Not Nigerian or Yemeni, but …drumroll please…. ITALIAN!! And the explosives were made in Israel? WHy is this being ignored despite it being reported by a handful of mainstream papers in the UK, Asia, and Russia? For even more strange synch's, check out http://aangrifan.blogspot.com and the articles from Dec. 29th through 31.

  7. OK, are you guys slipping on updating your podcasts? I just heard a Phillip Giraldi interview today on KPFK that aired at 5 PM and you mentioned on air with Phil that it was taped on Dec. 29th! SO today is the 31st?! Why is the last podcast from Christmas Eve?? Where's the Giraldi interview? I only got to hear part of it in the car and rushed home to hear the 40 minutes I missed! Come on guys!

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