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Kurt Haskell, Detroit area attorney and passenger on the “Christmas bomber” flight 253, discusses the arrest of a second man that an FBI agent insinuated was carrying a bomb, the inconsistent statements from the FBI and US Customs – particularly from spokesman Ron Smith – and an account of the sharply dressed man of Indian appearance who helped suspected bomber Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab board the plane in the Netherlands.

MP3 here. (26:38) Transcript here.

Kurt Haskell is an attorney in the Detroit suburb of Taylor. He was a passenger on terrorist-attacked Northwest Airlines Flight 253 and has given numerous accounts of his experience to the media.

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  1. I wonder if the police wish to investigate the Dutch procedures of boarding flights to our country without giving out the information that Kurt is presenting? Of course this is the reason that conspiracies are almost impossible to commit because just look how much information is coming out from the passengers. I also wonder how private airports would handle these risks.

    1. You are dead wrong about your theory on conspiracies, and eyewitnesses foiling "official stories" that authorities want to lie to us about. Every single event in US history proves this. From the Lincoln Assassination and Titanic, to OKC Bombing and JFK. All had eyewitnesses disputing the official story like mad. OKC Bombing even had police officers, who were later mysteriously murdered or met their fate through being suicided as in the 100's of JFK witnesses. YOu are dead wrong.

  2. Happy 1/1/10 everyone.

    I was not disappointed to see the news of the first two drone attacks of the new year and the seven deaths that resulted. The identities of the murdered are unknown, yet they were considered suspects with no evidence of being involved in wrongdoing. Hmmm.

    Thanks for the Haskell interview Scott. Listened to it several times and took notes.

    After analyzing his description of events some of the questions I have are:

    1. When I have flown in the past and find myself in crowded places, I am always observing other people. So, I understand noticing the odd pair of men – a young black man, dressed poorly in the company of a well-dressed man in his 50s with Indian features(his intuitive phrase). In Amsterdam, maybe this is not an odd sight. Once I noticed the pair the next thing I do is look around to see if anybody else is noticing the pair or someone noticing me notice the pair. Did Haskell notice anybody else noticing the pair or himself?
    2. With respect to the conversation overheard, what would I have done? I would have had my antennae up: I would have followed the pair's movements, the boarding agent's manner and interaction with people afterwards, and I certainly would have looked for the pair after being led away. I would have looked for others tracking the pair. Unfamiliar with the rules of international travel, I still would have thought this worthy of my continued attention. Haskell says the pair looked like they were travelling together and only says the older man did not get on the flight. He needs to fill in the time from when the pair was led away to the time he determined that the young black man was the only one of the two to board. A big gap here. Also, hearing the words "he's from Sudan, we do this all the time" would have made me very curious – Darfur, political refugee? Did Mr. Haskell mention any of this to his wife? The thought would have occurred to me to maybe think about bringing this event to someone else's atttention.
    3. The "man dressed in orange", again, his intuitive description as Indian. Mr. Haskell does not say he ever saw this man on the plane – only that he noticed him the highly restricted area that all passengers on his flight were being detained. Did Mr. Haskell ever notice this man on the plane? Did he notice him in line to board? In the boarding area? An orange outfit draws attention. Could this man be the same one that escorted the black man to the boarding agent?
    4. Disregarding labels as terrorist, bomber, bombing, etc. all I know is a young black man(that does not look like any of the men that have been pictured as "terrorists" in our media) lit his underwear on fire, another passenger jumped in to put the fire out. How sure are we that he was lighting a bomb? How much danger did he pose? Was it a distraction? Think about that? I don't know of any guys that would self-mutilate their genitals. I can see people blowing themselves up, but strapping it on above the waist.
    5. The handling of the situations by the airline and government after the groin-lighting occurred and after the bomb-sniffing dog sat by the peice of luggage by the man-dressed-in-orange should be a big deal to any private person flying. Why was there not emergency landing and emergency deplaning procedures used? Why were deplaned passengers kept near the interrogation room for over an hour after the man-dressed-in-orange was led away?

    I'm glad you brought up the similarity to John Doe 2 in the Oklahoma City bombing.

    If I can raise these questions, then someone else already has thought of them and is preparing for the next test.

    The U.S. Government is complicit in this event and the American people are being used as test subjects.

    1. Excellent questions Glenn. I wondered myself about how Haskell is so sure this 30 year old orange suit 'Indian man' was on the plane. IT sounds to me like he is just asssuming he was on the plane because of the ultra tight security of guarding each and every passenger who left the plane and therefore an anonymous passenger slipping in with real actual just deboarded passengers is impossible. But what if this man wasn't on the plane? What would be the purpose of anyone putting this man in with all the other passengers? Would it be as a fake witness to observe all the other passenger eyewitnesses and see if any might cause problems? And where is the man who was calmly videotaping the Nigerian man before the events even began? What if one of the heroes who tackled this Nigerian was the actual person who ignited the underwear contraption? Like you said, who would light their own nuts?

      UNless that Nigerian, who looks about 14 yrs old, was completely MK Ultra'ed and/or medicated. Haskell had described the young Nigerian as "emotionless" in another interview with Alex Jones. If so, that is something the FBI and/or other authorities would want to hide to the extent they are still contradicting this flop of a story.

      What I find odd is the fact this Nigerian's father had called and said he son was in trouble weeks ago and that his son had an Italian passport. Once again we have forged documents and Italy in the news, along with a patsy terrorist whose father is in the middle with Italian and ISraeli ties. Aangrifan' blog has tied together many of these links.. Thank God we still have journalists like you and Scott around. You guys are great. Thanks.

        1. IN the 1950s we had a missile gap… in the 200s there's a balls gap– not enough christians wililng to burn their balls off for jesus. We're toast, in either case.

      1. Thanks, Mondo.

        I didn't know about the filming. Nice of you to think I'm a journalist. I'm not, just a frequent listener of the show.

        And notice there's not been much on the Ft. Hoody shooting.


  3. Holy frak. I wouldn't even have heard about John Doe Orange if I didn't visit here from time to time.

    On a lighter note, I remember Jacques Vallée the Ufologist saying 25 years ago that UFOs, as the physical manifestation of the collective unconscious fed by the depiction of aliens from pulp magazines, would gradually disappear and something else would take their place. I think this is it. Complete with burn marks.

  4. This is the most egregious example of collusion between MSM.

    I've written to commentators on BOTH sides… Chris Matthews, O'Reilly, Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and even the Daily Show….. nobody responds

    These are trusted voices….. and the evidence this time is overwhelming – this guy was posing as a Somalia immigrant…. I"ve been on a similar flight filled with Somalians on the Catholic Charities flights… they are all rag tag.. and I'm sure that the standards for paper work from that part of the world are sketchy and relative…

    the guy bought a one way ticket.
    and Indian looking gentleman helped him board without a passport.
    another passenger filmed the entire flight…

    come on guys… this disconnect is so egregious as to be embarassing

  5. The official mainstream news story always
    SUCKS BIG TIME and is full of back tracking, changed stories and other obvious things that point to out right lying deception and propaganda brainwashing.

  6. All you tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists stop it. This terror attack was committed by a single guy with no help from any "sharp dressed" "or orange-wearing" Indian dudes of any kind.

    Just like 9-11 was carried out by 19 Arabs armed only with box cutters.

    Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab is a diabolical mastermind.

    Oh sure, Mutallab acted like he was drugged, stoned, or MK-Ultraed, but this was all part of his act to feign harmlessness.

    Mutallab is that diabolical. Just like Osama Bin Laden in his cave. Or Lex Luthor.

    So Kurt Haskell is making stuff up.

    There is nothing to see here.

    Move along.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    1. Yes, thank you for reminding us how conspiracies don't exist and that you can't cover up anything that is known about by more than a few people. Please be sure to cc: that to the thousand of descends of the victims of the Kaitlyn Woods massacre who just this week finally discovered that the conspiracy by the Soviets to blame the Nazi's for Stalin's murder of the husbands, fathers and brothers was, in fact, TRUE. Please also cc: the hundreds of countries who just yesterday learned that there was indeed a conspiracy by the United States, directed by Hillary Clinton, to not only steal the credit card numbers of the United Nations diplomats, but to also collect DNA samples of their leaders and representatives. I'm sure all these people will be greatly relieved to hear that conspiracy's don't exist and that they can go back to using tin foil in their ovens.

  7. I dont think Kurt is making things up, but he may be imagining things have a connection when they dont really have any bearing on anything .. But than again often times the truth is stranger than fiction . In the wars in Yugoslavia , the myths prevailed and the truth was lost for america . The truth often doesnt fit the story and the world our government and media are trying to sell us for our own good . So they now do so often lie , that mainstream media and government reports are allmost totaly worthless . " We are not hurt so much by what we dont know as by what we know that isn't so " Best be aware , Thats all Kurt is trying to do be aware .

  8. Cha-ching.

    Who benefits? Someone gots to get paid.

    L-3's Gettin' Paid

    The US Transportation Security Administration yesterday issued a $165 million contract to purchase whole-body imagers for airport security checkpoints from L-3 Communications, five days after a Christmas day bomb scare on a Delta Air Lines A330 as it neared landing in Detroit.

  9. Scott THANKS FOR ANTIWAR RADIO! Thanks for having this guy on. It's interesting the tone you take in the 1st part of the interview, "Somewhat coaberated", "seemingly arrested". This guy seems legit to me. 2 other passengers and him will trump the FBI in book every time. With the interviews you've done with Sibel Edmond's and her story about the FBI, J.D. Cash and his stories about the OKC bombing and the FBI and all of the other Gov't cover-up and mischief you talk about here. If this guy true, likely, the FBI is covering up something again. Either they are covering theirs or others incompetence or they are covering some gov't's players involvement. We may never know for sure. peace

  10. Interesting all this attention on the so-called man in orange. That's not the story here. Who knows who he was or why he was arrested. It could be completely unrelated to the incident on the plane, and it is suicidal for anybody who wants the truth to come out to focus on this as evidence of complicity. The most it can show is incompetence, which does nothing to root out the real criminals.

    The reason why the FBI, et al, left the passengers on the plane and in the holding area for so long (presumably putting them in harm's way) is OBVIOUSLY because they knew there were no other bombs. The only way they would know THIS is because they are the ones who orchestrated the whole thing. This was clearly an inside job, nothing could be more obvious.

    1. The real story is the sharp dressed man at the Amsterdam airport.

      We are being hauled out of line at TSA checkpoints for having 4 ounces of shampoo instead of 3 while people on "watch lists" are being allowed on planes without passports?! Kurt Haskell has no reason to lie about what he witnessed before he boarded that flight. If the so called anti-terrorism authorities in the US and elsewhere are telling the truth and this was an act of terrorism, why isn't a world-wide manhunt being launched for the handler who helped get this guy on the plane? Why are nationwide amber alerts issues when children are "stolen" by noncustodial parents yet when murderous terrorism masterminds show themselves nothing is heard or seen that would help the citizenry identify them? This is RIDICULOUS! How can anyone deny this whole thing is a put up? The big benefitter is the government as they now get to treat us even more like criminals and slaves.

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