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Former CIA and DIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses evidence that documents touted by the London Times contradicting the 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran are forgeries, the history of Rupert Murdoch-owned media passing along propaganda from Israeli and British intelligence, how bogus news stories create a deeply ingrained false narrative and distort public perception, the overwhelming Congressional support for warlike sanctions on Iran, the possibility Osama bin Laden is long-dead and how ending military occupations would almost completely eliminate terrorism. (The other bogus article Scott was trying to think of.)

MP3 here. (53:05)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and a fellow at the American Conservative Defense Alliance. His Smoke and Mirrors column is a regular feature on

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  1. Can someone tell me what scott was talking about at 31:44 and the lakuana 6? As you can tell by the probable incorrect spelling that I have had limited success finding it on the google. Thanks….

  2. What the hell happened to the days when intelligence people rendered a considered, dispassionate analysis to decision makers, and it was accepted? Today, Israel and the neocon scum will do anything to manufacture or distort “evidence” that “justifies” war(s) in the Middle East.

    (By the way, I especially liked Giraldi’s current column–“Obama’s New Year’s Resolutions”–and his December 17 column “No-Fault Espionage.” The latter pertains to all the unpunished spying carried out against us by a certain Zionist entity in the Middle East.)

    1. When there's an actual military threat, decision makers listen to intelligence and make rational decisions. But there has not been a war since WW2 that was self defense. All thse wars are murderous, corrupt little projects for the benefit of domestic interests. The Intelligence is compleely irrelevant other than a minor, and optional, element of the propaganda campaign. What drives the war, in reality, is the MICC and benefiting industries. see my diagram on

  3. I was surprised at Philip Giraldi's sloppy assessment of Iran's missile and nuclear capabilities.

    Iran masters enough rocket technology to have launched a satellite a year ago; something that has eluded South Korea when their attempt misfired.

    Despite worldwide restrictions denying Iran access to nuclear technology; the country has managed to set up thousands of centrifuges, and is developing new generations of the same.

    1. "I was surprised at Philip Giraldi's sloppy assessment of Iran's missile and nuclear capabilities."
      Really, because when you were part of the intelligence infrastructure, you would have been much more prudent with your words?"

      Please buddy, you're an armchair quarterback. Calling a guy who spent 18 years as both a CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer, as well as Barcelona Station Chief sloppy from the comfort of your living room is disingenuous at best. What would you know of it? Do you do alot of counter-terrorism work while you're dropping fries at McDonald's?

      So please post your assesment of Iran's nuclear capabilities, based on what you've seen on Fox and CNN. I'm sure you've got a much broader scope of the situation that Mr Giraldi…

  4. Aren you obviously missed the intelligence reports indicating that a number of Iranian missile tests have failed, that photos of launchings released by the Iranian government were faked, and that the Iranian centrifuges are experiencing technical problems. Iran continues to be a developing country with limited resources and capabilities. It is to say the least a gross exaggeration to suggest that Tehran might soon have ballistic missiles mounting nuclear warheads capable of hitting Europe. – Phil Giraldi

    1. Intelligence reports often are good indicators of what is going on. They can also be just as misleading as products of any photoshop, while established facts in the air and on the ground speak for themselves.
      The facts are that Iran has launched a satellite, and is running thousands of functioning centrifuges enriching uranium.

  5. it's kidding, guys
    it's very old Cunning.
    well , we have Faith and religion and humanity recorded in history.
    Does identity book that the Holocaust and Hiroshima and the Iraqi aggression against Iran records.
    شوخی میکنید رفقا
    این یک حیله خیلی کهنه است.
    خب ما ایمان و دین و انسانیت ثبت شده در تاریخ داریم.
    آیا کتاب تاریخ همانی نیست که هولوکاست و هیروشیما و تجاوز عراق بر علیه ایران را ثبت کرده

  6. What a pleasure to listen to a commentator that openly accepts that the last authenticated sighting of bin Laden was in December 2001. I aree with David Griffin's assessment that the overwhelming probability is that bin laden died in December 2001. Which then raises the interewsting question touched upon by Mr Giraldi: who benefits? An analysis of the timing of bin Laden's alleged videos and audio recordings makes it abundantly clear that they are intended to serve the wider purposes of the American military establishment. Great stuff Scott. Keep inviting back people like Phil Giraldi, the other Scott Horton, Andy Worthington and Glenn Greenwald. They put your show in a class of its own.

  7. I recall Benazir Bhutto claiming during an interview that OBL was already dead; unfortunately Benazir was executed shortly after that slip, curiously at the exact same spot her father was executed. I wonder which group of people it is that worships symbolism in every act of barbarity they perpetuate.

  8. The routing of United States pseudo gang operatives in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) by tribal mountaineers (Houthi’s) who captured a weapons cache of considerable importance which included mobile artillery, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, rockets, ammunition, radio’s and explosives is the real reason for US presence in Yemen.

    Most of the propaganda emanating from the Middle East originates in Israel and is then proliferated by Saudi Arabian dogs. The same dogs that are now telling the west it should negotiate with the current leader of the Taliban, their man in Afghanistan.

    The countries that are the most threat to world peace are Israel, US and Saudi Arabia (collaborator central) together they constitute al-Qaeda international.

  9. Is the US military just stupid enough to send its gung-ho yes men into the mountainous regions of Yemen?

    They will be demoralised yet again by a group of men who live in abject poverty.

    A small contingent of Cuban revolutionaries flogged America in Playa Giron and later their racist South African army which was attacking marginally weaker forces in Angola (attacking weaker forces is the US, Israeli modus operandi); poorly equipped Vietnamese defeated the US; Iraqi’s defeated the US and I have no doubt the US would lose a war against Iran if it had the courage for boots on the ground.

    Invasion theology is at the heart of western tribalism. Someone once asked Ghandi what he thought about western civilization to which he replied: “sounds like a great idea”.

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