Scott Horton Interviews George Maschke

Scott Horton, January 04, 2010

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George Maschke, professional Persian/English legal translator and co-founder of, discusses the evidence that the Iranian nuclear documents disclosed by the London Times are forgeries, the lack of dates, signatures or classification stamps on a purportedly top-secret governmental document, how the bombshell accusation against Iran is based on the suspicious juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated memos and why “lie detector” tests continue to be used for security screenings in the US despite their flawed methodology.

MP3 here. (27:13)

George Maschke works as a Persian linguist and legal translator for the Iran-US Claims Tribunal at the Hague. He is co-founder of the website

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  1. you want better support for farsi on a computer? support localization by locals. here are some flavors of linux originating in Iran.

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  4. The US seems to be the only country in the western world where these electronic toys are taken even remotely seriously.

    And isn't the infamous 'e-meter' of Scientology just a bare-bones polygraph machine?

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