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Former CIA and DIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses the likely circumstances that allowed a Jordanian triple-agent to kill seven CIA operatives in Afghanistan, how the CIA’s limited ability to overcome cultural and language barriers forces a dangerous reliance on foreign intelligence services, Hillary Clinton’s declaration that Yemen is now a threat to the whole world, growing foreign and domestic opposition to the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, newly discovered problems with the Iranian documents published by the Times of London, the massive disinformation campaign to provoke wars in Iran and Yemen and why Iran’s perfectly reasonable proposal to swap low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel rods will probably be rejected by the US.

MP3 here. (44:40)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative, fellow at the American Conservative Defense Alliance and a regular columnist for

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  1. Scott: I understand your reluctance to accept that US troops would kill women and children in cold blood. As someone somewhat older than you I can remember the Vietnam War and a certain Lieutenant at My Lai who massacred (with his willing troops) several hundred Vietnamese women and children. A then Major named Colin Powell was part of the initial coverup. Plus ca change plus ca la meme chose.

    1. Also, is it not true that due to our increasing need for troops, that the military has begun to accept soldiers into its ranks who would not have been accepted a few years ago? I am thinking about those soldiers with limited IQ's, rap sheets, racist tendencies and associations with gangs?

  2. "The ratio of civilians killed to an actual target is about 70 to 1." – Giraldi

    Is there a source for this statistic?

      1. God Almighty, that's horrendous. When America brings the benefits of Truth, Justice, and The American Way, look out. . . .

  3. Along those same lines, do you really believe that there are no black ops outfits that would do anything, no matter how fowl, even executing children? i know you don't believe that. So are you gatekeeping? Yeah, i think so.

    1. Actually, Giraldi recruited me into the CIA and so from now on my only purpose is to *pretend* to oppose the wars to try to keep you from the *real truth.* That's why I live in a giant tax-financed mansion complete with mind control slaves for butlers and maids.


  4. Phil how could you vote for Obama? I just lost all respect for you and cannot trust your judgment anymore at all.

    By the way I agree with Justin on this. The whole narratives stinks. Detroit was another 93 wtc bombing, only the handlers were only seen rather that tape recorded. The media never mention the other two guys because it's the media they do as they are told and they're hoping this will go away. A lot of operations are this way with a useful idiot being led into being a patsy by military intelligence.

    Got to posture for Saudi Arabia though. Iran is a fake pass. Israel wants Iran but it just isn't doable. The US is off to smaller fish.

    1. I voted for Obama ONLY because I live in Virginia and it appeared that the race was close. I considered the possibility that McCain-Palin might win in Virginia and get elected too appalling to consider. I believed Obama to be the lesser to two evils, which is clearly not true given recent developments. but it probably is correct that we would already be at war with Iran if McCain had won. – Phil Giraldi

      1. I voted third party last year. Obama and McInsane are both members of the DemoPublican Party. As such, they're controlled by Wall Street, Israel, and the military welfare complex. There's maybe fifty cents' worth of difference between 'em.

        You're probably right that McInsane–at the behest of the boys in Tel Aviv–would have attacked Iran.

  5. Scott,

    America is occupied by a foreign power…

    The big picture: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iran etc. are all being targeted because they stand in the way of Israel's drive for regional hegemony. America has been induced to fight Israel's wars.

    Please read "The Israeli Origins of the Middle East War Agenda" in Stephen Sniegoski's The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel.

    Or just read Oded Yinon's "A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s."

    As Israel Shahak explained:

    The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel's satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation.

  6. "Phil how could you vote for Obama? I just lost all respect for you and cannot trust your judgment anymore at all."

    That sound you hear is the baby that was in the thrown-out bathwater.

  7. King Abdulla of Jordan gets $30K for every arab soldier that join chenneycorpz to kill Islam from king Abdulla of KSA-aramco limited to Mafia World Bank.

    1. What does "gatekeeping" mean?

      And I can understand he doesn't want to be a "truther". The "truthers" I know have serious psychological problem and one wonders why they aren't astonished to actually find out in the morning that the flask of milk in the fridge didn't disappear during the night (THEY must have left it there on purpose…)

      1. As opposed to those that embrace the official conspiricy theory?

        Show them a photo of a burned out sky scraper that hasn't imploded into its own footprint or ask how a paper passport survived a fire hot enough to melt steel and watch as they break down into a flurry of name calling and bile spewing.

        If find it a bit hypocritical that anti-war protesters on one hand rightly call the US government a den of thugs who murder people and destroy nations without a second thought, but utterly refuse to entertain the idea the US government killed its own citizens, despite a half century of having both the means and the motive, because…well, they just wouldn't.

        1. It's because they're in denial of their own oppression. People who have the time and resources to keep up with foreign policy are mostly privileged individuals, and it's too disturbing for them to consider that they're under the same attack that foreigners are. Millions of Iraqis are homeless because of the war, millions of Americans are homeless because of war spending; foreign leaders are assassinated by U.S. spy agencies, domestic leaders are assassinated by U.S. spy agencies; foreign nations are forced into debts from which they don't benefit; the U.S. is forced into debts from which we don't benefit.

          The horrible reality is that people who will kill and abuse people don't suddenly develop scruples on account of an imaginary border between nations.

          People resist coming to grips with this, because it rules out any easy answers, like voting differently or holding a demonstration. In fact, it only leaves one reasonable option, which is direct confrontation with the forces which anti-war protesters do understand to be very powerful and totally ruthless. It would mean organizing boycotts of elections as illegitimate exercises of an un-Constitutional regime as opposed to organizing for token representation, or organizing tax resistance as opposed to trying to persuade Congress to vote no on the next war funding resolution.

          But, like I said, anti-war protesters usually come from privileged sectors of society, and understandably very few are willing to risk those privileges by challenging the government directly.

          So, for most of them, the easiest solution is simply to sidestep the entire problem by believing that an underpants bomber would show up at just the right time to justify the already-ordered full body scanning machines, and he'd have received help from just the country that U.S. war hawks had been eyeing.

          But it's BLOWBACK, you understand, we just need to convince our representatives to stop attacking other peoples countries and then foreigners will stop trying to get us to invade Israel's enemies/places with oil/heroin plantation/strategic points at the mouth of the Red Sea etc.

  8. 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit from Uni of Copenhagen, have examined some of the dust from WTC for almost two years and reached the conclusion that 10-100 tons of nano-thermite was placed in the three buildings.
    By the way, a recent study by Uni of Colorado concludes that 100 nuclear explosions Hiroshima-size are enough to produce Nuclear Winter.

  9. Tuthers are sooo brave! The rest of us are in just in awe of your courage. All the people who disagree with you, we just don't have the inner strength that you do. Being all over-privileged as we are and all.


  10. Scott,
    Your shows are always great. Thanks. One point of criticism I would make is your regular comment, "They're killing women and children" as if those lives are more valuable than the lives of men. That is misandry, i.e. sexism against men. When civilians are killed in war, they include men, women and children, all of which are tragic losses, men included.

  11. It’s a little bit eyepopping how hard you have gone after the Israeli lobby on your show. Courageous. You should go where the power is and the influence is and it’s not in Congress. (you do)

    Next stop – big media.

    If the media get us into this by lying you should be doing shows on the worst liars (other than Broad and Sanger) and who and why and antiwar groups should be sitting outside the NYT headquarters, WaPo, London Times whatever.

    Put pressure on them.

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