Matthew Harwood


Matthew Harwood, author of the article¬† “New Year’s resolution for Guantanamo,” discusses some of the positive steps Obama has taken to restore constitutional government, the US public’s simultaneous distrust of the government and adoration of the military, the seldom discussed Military Commissions Act of 2009 and how the US culture of fear and paranoia is stoked by politicians and the media.

MP3 here. (29:33)

Matthew Harwood is a writer in Washington DC. His work has appeared in The Washington Monthly, The Huffington Post, The Columbia Journalism Review and elsewhere. He is currently working on a book about evangelical Christian rhetoric and aggressive US foreign policy.

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  1. Scott, I can't believe you were bagging on "truthers" on one of your recent shows! I was kind of bummed about that. After all, it seems that you are coming to many of the same conclusions as "truthers", and you don't seem to happy about it. Why? Have you had negative personal experiences or are you allowing the talking head propagandists who villianize truthers to influence you? . YOu do know that Joe Scarborough thinks all "truthers need to be tasered" and "thrown in Gitmo".

    It's the same exact crooks you're against that we are too. Those "neocon crazies" basically, that have broken a ton of laws the past 8 years.

    I still think you are the best interviewer out there and I always recommend you and push your interviews on people. I live that YouTube video on BriggsMedia by the way. Tom Woods and your intro? I just found it recently. But I have suspected AL Qaeda was just a bunch of manchurian MK subjects who've been tortured a la Gitmo and sent out to do the dirty work of the blackbag fascists and blackmailed crooks that your guests have been uncovering for years now. I just am curious why you think truthers are so bad…I think most just know they're being lied to and want the truth. Nothing more.

  2. BTW< just to add. I just read an article saying that 13 percent of juvenilles have been sexually assaulted in juvenille facilities in the US by actual guards and/or employees. 3 percent by fellow inmates. Id imagine both numbers are low as it's hard to get people to "rat" in that environment.

    I think the torture mentality started in US prisons and has branched out. Not many pay attention to how Americans have been abused or tortured for years, not taking away from Gitmo. At least Americans are still, for the most part, getting speedy trials. Although that too is slowly dissapearing.

  3. Maybe we´ll find out that we came from Mars and we´re about to make the same mistake. Id est: the few survivors settled here and as Ice Ages passed, we forgot all about it. At any rate, that was the theory of a surgeon I once had in Colombia. But we don´t really know, do we ?

  4. It's so great to know that Obama has actually done what's right a couple times! Thank goodness for Obama! Oh yeah, and Republicans suck.

    People keep talking about Obama as being smart. What they mean is giving off the appearance of thoughtfulness in the face of propagating the same policies as the administrations before him. He just makes it easier to accept the same thoughtless, horrible, destructive agenda. The way people talk about Obama is like they are going to a used car lot hoping that they get the oiliest, smoothest talking salesman so that they can feel good about being suckered into buying a lemon and the guy is so good that they defend the guy even after all their friends point out that they paid $10,000 for a '76 Econoline.

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