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This interview is excerpted from Scott Horton’s January 7th guest host appearance on KPFK’s Daily Briefing radio show. The full show is here.

Juan Cole, author of Engaging the Muslim World, discusses the vulnerability of Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility, the IAEA’s perfect record of preventing the production of nuclear weapons at continuously inspected sites, the bogus “leaks” published by sympathetic newspapers that generate support for military actions and how economic sanctions punish Iran for legally enriching uranium.

MP3 here. (19:27)

Juan Cole is the author of Engaging the Muslim World. He is a Professor of History at the University of Michigan and writes the “Informed Comment” blog at Juancole.com.

4 thoughts on “Juan Cole”

  1. I 'am not in the least bit afraid that Iran is an enemy of the USA, and welcome trade and friendship with its government and people. Dear friends of mine are planning a trip there. Thanks to all who are trying to prevent a war with/on Iran.

    1. Welcome to Iran. How odd one found it right not to start a war in/with Iran and have trade anfd friendship with us, with all respect to you we anticipated it from your long-wanted President Obama, yet that's some kind of light. Thanks, you will as well as your friend find it here so beautiful and worth of coming.
      Mahsa. Shahedi

  2. Scott, how about you invite someone on who knows something about the feasibility of attacking Iran. There's a saying that in war, amateurs talk about strategy while professionals talk about logistics. Strategy is only lightly discussed here and logistics hardly ever. I'd love to hear from anyone who studies U.S. and Iranian capabilities and has an opinion on how a war would play out. My own analysis is that Iran is far too powerful to be attacked and has "mutually assured destruction" with the U.S. government, because the U.S. would lose so much militarily and economically in a war that the Empire would not hold together. Id would be nice hear further analysis, we already know the U.S. government is lying about Iran. I mean really, do you even need to say it?

  3. The US and Israel prefer to invade, bomb hell out of, and and occupy nations that they know are vastly inferior to their strength. I doubt seriously that Israel will bomb Iran becuase they might lose aircraft and personel. Now, if Iran was say…Gaza, Lebanon or some other thrid world country then the Iranians would already be burying their dead in mass graves and 95% of the mass media would be reporting what a heroic effort was made by Israel. Damn the men, women and children who were incinerated.

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