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This interview is excerpted from Scott Horton’s January 7th guest host appearance on KPFK’s Daily Briefing radio show. The full show is here.

Kelley B. Vlahos, contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine, discusses the recent history of US intervention in Somalia, US military strikes made without regard for borders or national sovereignty in the “global war on terror” and how Bush administration policies gave rise to al Shabab and al Qaeda in Somalia.

MP3 here. (17:09)

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer, is a longtime political reporter for and a contributing editor at The American Conservative. She is a featured columnist and Washington correspondent for Homeland Security Today magazine.

4 thoughts on “Kelley B. Vlahos”

  1. Thanks to Kelly and Scott for this broadcast about our on-going deadly miliary involvement in Africa, and in the poorest Arab country, Yemen. No evil that Obama, as President, commits, will surprise me, because look at who his sponsors are, and to whom he pledged allegiance. Check out Wayne Madsen's latest reports on his background.

    1. President Obama The Divine is a member of the DemoPublican Party, aka the War Party. He's a bombin', invadin', war-fightin' man.

      My best regards to Kelley Vlahos. She's got it right.

  2. Everyone is Somali knew that the worst thing to happen was removing the ICU from power. When will we learn that if you remove legitimate Islamist parties from power, you empower the extremists?
    As soon as the legitimate Islamists are removed from power, the alqaida types come out of the woodwork.

  3. ICU sounded like Somalian version of religious conservatives. But these new types sound like religious radicals.

    In the end the ICU was probably better than the warlords and was certainly a lot better than the "transitional government" cronies. One hope south Somalia had for calm and stability and it had to be screwed up by meddling outsiders.

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