Ray McGovern


Ray McGovern, former senior analyst at the CIA, discusses the rare outspoken exception to the subdued White House press corps, the Obama administration’s refusal to explain the motivations of terrorists, the lack of contextual explanation in US media where history begins anew with each terrorist attack and how the US is fighting battles that Israel started.

MP3 here. (31:37)

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the John F. Kennedy administration to that of George H. W. Bush. His articles appear on Consortium News and Antiwar.com.

36 thoughts on “Ray McGovern”

  1. Seems like most Americans cannot understand why people would want to retaliate on America because of something Israel did.

    If we can highlight the US sanctioned brutality in Palestine, perhaps more people would understand WHY they want to retaliate on us. Imagine the generation of "terrorists" that have been spawned by the slaughter in Gaza by American warplanes and munitions in the hands of Israel.

    around 1k dead civilians. And over 10k orphaned children. I wonder who they will blame for their plight when they grow up. I wonder who they want to retaliate against, it sure is easier to target America than to target Israel.

  2. dndn, I couldn't agree with you more! One part tho maybe you might have missed is that the US is also an occupied country, occupied by BLOODYISRAEL.

  3. Reform will never happen. American Zionists whether they be Jews or Christian Zionists are just willing to put more on the line than their career- oriented American press-core sheepdog counterparts. Zionist Zealots have a lot in common with the terrorists in that respect. Except they have power and already control weapons of mass distruction. The only reason people like Carter and this lone press core woman are willing to say anything is because they are past caring about their career. What did Carter do for the Palistinians when he was president? Pit Egypt against them?

  4. Israel is an historical anachronism, a blip in history and America's number one geopolitical liability.
    In accordance with its own best interests, the US will inevitably set Israel adrift and it will drown in a sea of Arabs.

  5. Let your guests talk. You talk way to much when you are interviewing. You get good guests, let us hear what they have to say.

  6. the Israeli tail wags the American dog.. The US made a rod for its own back… and so it will be until the US moves to make life bearable for Palestinians.

    1. I disagree. Scott's points were spot on. He gave a very concise, yet clear explanation of how we came from battling an Empire to becoming an Empire. More people need to hear that point of view. Keep it up Scott.

  7. Israel and the Israel lobby are ANTI-western in every sense. They abuse and undermine the democratic freedoms offered them by their 'Gentile' democratic hosts. They control US foreign policy, have a disproportionate representation in the media and Hollywood, and are largely responsible for Wall Street re- Goldman Sachs etc. Israel, and it's supporters like to portray itself as a democracy – it is not. It is a brutal apartheid regime, that is carrying out successfully, GENOCIDE by STEALTH, to wipe Palestine off the map. If you doubt this, think of how the British dealt with the IRA. Did they send F16s over Belfast? no they did not; did they assassinate IRA leaders and their families with missiles from helicopter gunships? no they did not; did they systematically demolish catholic homes? No they did not. I opposed and still oppose the British occupation of Ireland, but I have to say they played the game as a democracy does – and they won. Israel is neither a democracy nor an nation, it is an abomi-nation.

  8. Pretty sorry commentary, isn’t it, that Helen Thomas is the only one in the White House lapdog corps–er, press corps–who understands what being a reporter is all about?

    America ought to cut Israel–that criminal Zionist state–from its apron strings. The boys in Tel Aviv would have to stand or fall on their own, as all nations must. No more U.S. sugar daddy propping ’em up.

  9. Why?

    Why is having an alliance with Isreal is like inventing the perfect way to expend an infinite amount of resources to achieve nothing?

    Soon America will have to beg for military and economic aid from Isreal. In my opinion the Jews and Americans who support Isreal's zionist ideological policies are incapable of perceiving the self destructiveness of those policies.

    I remember reading a Nov/2004 CNN article were Bin Laden said his strategy for victory was to bankrupt America. So the media does it's job once in a blue moon. But I've never been able to figure out America's strategy for victory.

    Is it torture? Or is it standing arround with one finger up your nose and the other up your butt until your bankrupt? Beat's me.

  10. I see I'm in good company here. Why has no one said anything abt. GD Rahmie being investigated? Seems that our chief BLOODYISRAEL empire- builder, is abt. to be investigated. It's pretty suspricious because it is Jane Harman/Grover Norquist, but hey do I care who??? Shoot down the arrogant bastard.

  11. It’s the same as American students going to study in Australia to study having to have a briefing that actually they are not considered so great as they think they are in the world as not to be to shocked to the realization

  12. Al Qaeda attacks not only USA but Saudi, Pakistani, Iraqi interest. It is a Islam-Islam conflict that sometimes become Islam-USA conflict.

  13. Look at congress right now. How many pro-Israel politicians are there? How many pro-Israel working in the WH? Who is running the financial institutions? The media? Folks America is dommed.

  14. The US electorate is in the dark about this because the Right took over the media years ago with the help of our own government. Thge Israeli Lobby's influence in our media can not be understated. A total blockade of progressive thought. Scott's and Ray's views will never see the light of day in the MSM. They want allow it.

    We need a progressive billionaire to buy a media outlet so we can start informing people.

  15. And why is the media ignoring Cuba's 30 doctors helping in Haiti – as well as American Islamic groups raising money?
    Dont bother answering. We know the answer
    By the way Wolf Blitzer worked for the Jerusalem Post and AIPAC (ugh) before getting that influential anchor job at CNN

  16. Heh. A nice perpetual war machine. We kill them so they kill us. Works for the MIC. And then we make fun of revenge societies.

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