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Will Grigg, author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the current generation of physically and emotionally damaged veterans churned out by the war machine, why “patriotism” no longer means adherence to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the “cannibalism” stage of US empire, lessons to be learned from illegal immigrants who survive in the informal economy, a vision of an alternate history without Woodrow Wilson and 20th century warfare and why the US “synchronization” of previously separate government functions is a harbinger of totalitarianism.

MP3 here. (32:07)

Will Grigg writes the Pro Libertate blog and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. I think our only hope for waking up Americans is if the power elite start attacking and undermining each other, and not this fake RNC vs. DNC nonsense. It would take something like a major rift in relations between nations that have bought our financial, industrial and governmental influence such as Turkey and Israel. If we could get the groups profiting from relations with Turkey butting heads with the groups allied with Israel, the mud-slinging and accusations from both sides could be the much-needed wake-up call. Something other than just telling people that the government is corrupt, because everyone seems to know that and they stop listening when that's all you've got. They need proof spoon fed to them by the mainstream media, but the MSM won't tell the truth unless there's a financial/strategic reason to do so.

  2. Great article Will and Great Interview Scott.

    I don't understand why anyone thinks torture wins wars?

    Because of reading antiwar.com, I read up on Bill Lind and then John Boyd's Patterns of conflict. Where he emphasizes wars are won and lost on Grand Strategic/Moral level of warfare, not the tactical level..

    So it's a mystery to me how even the 1%? of valid intelligence that might be extracted from torture that contributes to a tactical victory is worth it when you lose on the grand strategic/moral level of warfare.

    I guess Dick Cheney is just a sadistical tyrant like Armus, who's soft on the grand strategic/moral level of warfare.

  3. Rick Perry's seig heil, adulation, genuflection of the military was prominently displayed in the Texas Republican gubernatorial debates last night. Perry is a phony of the worst sort, but he and his advisers are well aware of the poll you cited reflecting the inexplicable 71% approval rating the military enjoys. Eisenhower’s warning be damned! Full speed ahead.

  4. the goose that layed the golden egg ends up just like a pinata anyway. swatting at the pinata is done with a blindfold like pin the tail on the donkey. the goose that layed the golden egg simply is killed by being used in a tug of war, kind of like dismemberment by all 4 limbs being tied to draft horses pulling in 4 directions, but there is no blindfold. each is a free for all.

  5. Lots of that echoes Noam Chomsky. A woman tearfully asks Chomsky when she can go back to being proud of her country, and he answers, "If you mean your people and your land, you can at any time; but if you mean your government, the answer is 'never': the state is an agency of violence, possibly necessary but never anything to be proud of."

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