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Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses his disinterest in political parties, the slippery slope from indefinitely detaining foreign terrorism suspects to designating domestic criminals “enemy combatants,” why the US empire is more likely to end from the dollar’s collapse than a reasoned decision to return to a republic, the diminishing returns from intelligence spending and why reestablishing gold and silver as currency is a good idea.

MP3 here. (29:49)

Part 2, Part 3

Congressman Ron Paul represents Texas’s 14th district. He is the author of The Revolution: A Manifesto, A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship and Freedom Under Siege. His archived columns for appear at

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  1. Nikita Kruischev accurately predicted: "We don't have to worry about the United States. They will spend themselves out of existence." And here we are – totally bankrupt!

    1. That was an accurate observation. The "Fraudulent Reserve System" stands always ready to provide Congress with fresh money to finance their pet projects which are usually spoon fed to them by lobbyists on the payrolls of large corporations who donate to their campaign funds…
      see: Moyers on Max Baucus and the healthcare lobby…

      Charles Goyette also made an accurate observation: "The fiat money system (Federal Reserve) allows the USG to finance things that it otherwise could not afford…" during a SH interview. Unfortunately, Horton was talking over him and many missed the point.

      RP has labored tirelessly to expose the workings of the Federal Reserve but the American situation is such that very few pay attention to what he is trying to say.

  2. Horton calls Doctor Paul “the only decent Congressman in American history.” Certainly Paul is the only decent one in a long time. Horton is right to address Paul as “Doctor.” It’s an honorable title, unlike “Congressman”!

    There’s one party, the DemoPublican Party. It has two wings–Democrat and Republican–to make it look good, but that’s just for show. It’s controlled by Wall Street, Israel, and the military welfare complex. It’s the War Party.

    Yes, America’s “intelligence” establishment is a mess. Like all bureaucracies, it’s a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.

  3. Good for taking a swipe at Schiff. He really needs to learn from Paul or at least stop talking about what he does not know.

  4. Just so you know, someone is messing around with the video's. My effort to view them ended up with deleting my effort about 20% through.

    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

  5. we must tread lightly in our support of any politician…after all they are politicians and they are SELF INTERESTED just like everyone else. I have been burned way too many times defending PEOPLE instead of PRINCIPLES. Principles will never fail you.

    I read this from someone else and thought it was insightful:

    Please please please read 'The Anatomy of the State' by Murray Rothbard. It's available on at the following link –>

    Or just keep believing that somehow, magically, some other person can represent your best interests at the same time as representing the best interests of everyone else that they are supposed to represent as well as their own.

  6. It beats me why this turdsome libertarian nonsense still has any takers; and also why Dr Ron Paul has not been revealed as the heartless neo-fascist he is. I respect Mr Horton as a political analyst, but not as an economic thinker; and I wonder if he has the balls to confront any serious critic of his morally and intelectually bankrupt economic philosophy, such as Dr Stiglitz or Dr Jamie Galbariath. But I am sufficiently uncharitable as to suspect that his brief from the dismal Austrian economists does not allow any such thing.

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