Scott Horton Interviews Jonathan Williams

Scott Horton, January 24, 2010

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This interview is conducted by Antiwar Radio producer Angela Keaton.

Jonathan Williams, coordinator of the Student Peace Action Network, discusses his anti-recruitment presentations that focus on educating kids on the realities of – and alternatives to – military service, the Army Experience Center (AEC) near Philadelphia that uses military props and video games to recruit and why new benefits in the revised GI Bill should not be counted on.

MP3 here. (12:13)

Part 2

Jonathan Williams is the Student Peace Action Network coordinator. He is also involved in the campaign to shut down the AEC.

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  1. Nice interview Angela. I appreciate those willing to join the military as we work to limit their service to defending Americans on our soil alone, but at minimum we owe them honesty.

    Has Jonathan’s group worked on improving our government’s recruitment policy by requiring that parents are notified before any contact is made to their children? Of course this wouldn’t prevent anyone from joining–just involve those who care the most about someone considering the services.

  2. Hi Dave,

    This is Jonathan Williams, the fella in the interview. Thank you for your interest in this exigent issue.

    We at Peace Action and the Student Peace Action Network do indeed work on improving our military's recruitment policies, including parental notification. Most significantly, we work to amend the No Child Left Behind act to include a provision requiring students to "opt-in" to recruitment lists. Currently, the directory information for secondary students is sent to recruiters without their consent. The only way to prevent this is to fill out an "opt-out" form, which is not standardized across the country, so every school district has its own way of opting out and many students are unaware of this opportunity.

    To learn more, please visit our website at or feel free to contact me via e-mail at:

  3. Very good interview. Also it is great to see that there are actually some ANTI-recruitment efforts out there. It does not take much to make potential recruits skip military service – just tell them the truth.

    Soldiers themselves will testify that there is no glamour, glory or adventure. For example 2 videos I found:

    Plus: Signing up for a job where you cannot quit, you cannot take a leave, it is uncertain if you will even survive, where the bosses can extend your job without your consent, where you sign away your life for years, where you will get shot at, hated and dispised, where you will experience stuff which the human psyche is not equipped to handle, where you are treated like a piece of crap, where the bosses wont even look in your general direction because you are 87435 steps below them on the ladder of society – does NOT sound good. At least not to me

  4. And when will the Poland/Czech missiles/radars be deployed at sea and in the Balkans ?

  5. I thought you would be on top of that! Very impressive presentation sir–Thanks,

  6. If you're thinking of enlisting, consider this: Chickenhawks like "Five Deferments Dick" Cheney, Bill Kristol, Fred & Kimberly Kagan et al. don't fight in the war(s) they dream up.

    Nor should you.

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  8. The Trident missile engineer isn´t a bloody fool. He has written three books on First-Strike and some 900 pages on He is right on everything. When and why are the missiles/radars at sea and in the Balkans available ?

  9. As CND Information Officer David Guinness always pointed out, "It´s only for blackmail-but how can the Russians know it´s only for blackmail ? The problem is that we must get aware that the Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge- really right that the Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability-even if Uni of Colorado made it clear that only 100 warheads Hiroshima-size are enough for Nuclear Winter. "Bloody fools, they are all bloody fools in the Pentagon," as Brigadier Harbottle stated-BECAUSE THEY DON´T BELIEVE IN NUCLEAR WINTER. Bloody fools indeed. Bob Aldridge resigned because First-Strike Capability nleads to Launch On Warning.

  10. The Trident missile engineer isn´t a bloody fool. He has written three books on First-Strike and some 900 pages on He is right on everything. When and why are the missiles/radars at sea and in the Balkans available ?

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