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Robert Dreyfuss, author of The Dreyfuss Report blog for The Nation, discusses the conflict between Obama and Gen. Petraeus over an Afghanistan withdrawal timetable, why a left-right alliance is unlikely because of intransigence on domestic issues and disinterest in foreign policy, the shifting Iraqi political coalitions that may indicate another poor electoral showing for Shiite religious parties and why the shut-out of US oil companies vying for Iraqi oil contracts lessens the incentive for military occupation.

MP3 here. (29:40)

Robert Dreyfuss, a Nation contributing editor, is an investigative journalist in Alexandria, Virginia, specializing in politics and national security. He is the author of Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam and is a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone, The American Prospect, and Mother Jones.

13 thoughts on “Robert Dreyfuss”

  1. I get the feeling Mr.Dreyfuss approves of Obama more than of Paul. That is not the sort of opinion I generally have a lot of respect for.

  2. It sounds like Mr. Dreyfuss is a big Obama supporter. I love Scott horton's interviews and listen to them daily via podcast but in the future I will delete any interviews with Dreyfuss.

    With Ron Paul as President we would live in peace. Something you think this bore would suppport.

    To Scott's credit he defended Ron Paul.

  3. Dreyfuss is pretty shallow in his analysis, I've always thought. But he has a point about the right/left alliance thing. What would be the point, exactly, since the real left and the true conservatives both have no power anyways? 2 X 0 still = 0, you know? But maybe if we're really clear that this is about the empire and only the empire, we can have an alliance that can have some impact.
    I'm just afraid Dreyfus is right that Americans don't care about anything outside our borders, except when we have a team or an army to cheer for.

    1. What Dreyfuss said is defeatist and I don't think he sounded interested in the idea anyway. Besides I think he is mistaken because I would have thought Pat Bucannon was at least one notable conservative with some power.

      This is not the first time I've heard Scott interview Dreyfuss and been pretty disgusted by his manner. This interview confirms to I don't have a lot of time for him. Scott is quite generous to call him the great Robert Dreyfuss, I wouldn't call him back.

      Scott a word to you, I think you are doing much better on not talking over the top of guests, keep it up. You da man!

  4. They guy is afraid of not being in the establishment.. He wants to go to the cocktail parites etc. To do so, one must call Ron Paul a nut etc.

    That said, fuck Dreyfuss. Snake.

    States make war. War make states.

  5. To dismiss Ron Paul as a "leader of nothing" is to concede the fight to those already entrenched in power. The Founders were leaders of nothing except ideas at first, just as Paul is now. What a short-sighted fool Dreyfuss is. That kind of arrogance will not help forge a coalition for peace and liberty.

  6. Hey Scott, listened to your interview with Mark Ames over at the eXiled site and thought I'd stop over here and see what else y'all had to offer. Lo and behold an interview with Bob Dreyfuss.… (no affiliation – got there from WIKI)

    No one should be surprised by his chameleonic machinations or conceptual obfuscations.

    Remember, LaRouche used to trade intel with

    Dreyfuss has refined the technique of slipping you the poison-pill inside a big wad of crunchy peanut butter – lots of nice factoids to chew on and great flavor right to the end.

    Like the truly great (wink) Mae Brussels once pointed out regarding LaRouche and his gophers –
    "80% top drawer intel and 20% rat poison".

    Someday someone with a clearer mind than Dennis King will detail how much damage these folks have done to politics in the US. Wish I had the time.

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