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Cole Miller, Founding Director of No More Victims, discusses his organization’s efforts to provide medical care for Iraqi children injured by the US military, the mainstream media’s refusal to cover the effects of war on individuals, the deeply rooted humanitarian instincts of Americans for children in need and how you can help.

MP3 here. (29:28)

Cole Miller is the Founding Director of No More Victims. A freelance writer, Miller co-created and produced the environmentally focused radio series Isla Earth, which took top honors in the News Bureau category of the 2008 Los Angeles Press Club’s 50th Annual Journalism Awards. Miller travels frequently to the Middle East, and manages the day-to-day operations of NMV. He has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Al Jazeera, and his work has been profiled by People Magazine and many other publications.

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  1. The missiles to be deployed in Romania and Poland by 2015 are part of a first strike force – – to shoot down surviving Russian missiles launched in retaliation. And according to Uni of Colorado 100 warheads Hiroshima-size are enough for Nuclear Winter. At the time the British Government called the Nuclear Winter Report "blatant propaganda". Brigadier Harbottle, chairman of Generals For Peace, called the people in the Pentagon "bloody fools" because they didn´t believe in the Nuclear Winter Report. What view do they hold today – and the Uni of Colorado Nuclear Winter Findings. ???

  2. I posted a picture of a dying Iraqi child on my account at the official Barack Obama website and my account was promptly deleted. That was during the Presidential campaign when I still believed that Obama would bring change. After that I began to learn more about Obama and realized he was under the control of AiPAC and would never be able to do anything constructive with regards to Iraq or Afghanistan or the Palestinian People or Iran.

    My hat's off to Cole Miller. It's such a simple argument that war kills and maims. The blame falls directly on the Corporate Media. I think calling them the Mainstream Media is too kind. They are owned by the corporations and do the work of the corporations.

    The amount of censorship in the US is insane. Thanks to Scott Horton for doing this interview.

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