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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses his fight against the constant barrage of media disinformation on Iran’s nuclear program, Ahmedinejad’s proclamation that Iran has no need for nuclear weapons and how the Obama administration uses the UN Security Council to punish Iran’s uranium enrichment while paying lip service to Iran’s right to civilian nuclear power.

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Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com.

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  1. I have a suspicion that the war party panicked last week when Iran said they would accept the offer to send their unrium abroad. The reaction from France and the US (ie. condemnation) suggests that they were caught by surprise, and the war party went into damage control and planted the same incoherent and hysterical stories to serve as a distraction.

  2. The missiles to be deployed in Romania and Poland by 2015 are part of a first strike force – – to shoot down surviving Russian missiles which are launched in retaliation, according to former Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge-http://www.plrc.org

  3. There's no justification–zip, zilch, nada–for attacking Iran. That country doesn't have nuclear weapons, and they have every right under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to develop nulear energy for peaceful purposes.

    Hillary Clinton, that thuggish neocon, said Sunday in Qatar that evidence is "accumulating" that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Oh, yeah? What evidence would that be, Madam Secretary? Israel wouldn't be putting words in your mouth, now, would they? Speaking of Israel, why don't you ask the Zionist criminals in Tel Aviv why they've never signed a nuclear treaty of any kind?

  4. Even if Iran was working on nuclear weapons, that would NOT be an excuse to attack Iran, and there is no convincing evidence whatsoever that they are. It's making me more and more sick everyday that most of the Left continues to sit on its hands while Obama marches us to war more shamelessly than W did. This Iran war hype in particular is like an Iraq war repeat, only far more shameless. They are barely even pretending to make a case for it, just vague references to what a 'threat' Iran is; any factual citations against Iran, like Hillary's reference to Iran's totally fictional super-embassy in Nicaragua, just fall apart.

    I always thought that, if anything, the left was antiwar. Turns out, that's just another lie.

    1. American liberals are rightly proud of their abhorrence of anti-Semitism. The only problem with that is that, granted unlimited moral authority after the Holocaust, American pro-Israel ideologues have successfully redefined anti-Semitism in such a way that it precludes effective opposition to Israel's poisonous influence in American politics, as it also precludes any honest discussion of the economic and political power of Israel's devotees. The result is that the "liberal" Democratic party marches lockstep with the right-wing militarists and Christian Zionists into another war to make the Middle East safe for Greater Israel.

  5. Praise to Jason Ditz, for his fortitude in the righteous fight against the deliberate relentless well-funded misinformation campaign), about Iran's nuclear program. With a great deal of sadness, I agree with all the comments above.

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