Trevor Lyman


This interview was conducted by Antiwar Radio producer Angela Keaton.

Internet activist Trevor Lyman discusses the “Peace Blimp” strategy for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, channeling the enthusiasm from the “End the Fed” campaign into antiwar activism and how “money bombs” grab media attention like few other political stunts.

MP3 here. (7:33)

Internet activist Trevor Lyman coordinated and popularized “money bomb” fundraising for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign.

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  1. Along the lines of what Angela said, I think if Trevor could morph this into a blimp that said Peace & Sound Money on one side and End the Fed & End the Wars on the other side, then it could have a chance of attracting the kind of interest and donations required to get the blimp up in the air.

    There are only 482 signups so far. As merely a Peace Blimp with the dove logo, I think that the sort of libertarians that semi-successfully launched the Ron Paul blimp will not be as interested as they would be if the blimp stood for both sides of the freedom equation.

    And as for a logo, I think the famous Ron Paul face stencil on both sides near the front would be great. The blimp wouldn't need Ron Paul's name on it anywhere–just the slogans Peace, Sound Money, End the Fed, End the Wars and the face stencils in the front.

    Also, I don't see the non-libertarian anti-war left as having the kind of passion necessary to raise much money for anything they believe in. Kucinich and Gravel's money bombs were nothing compared to Ron Paul's money bombs.

  2. The missiles to be deployed in Romania and Poland by 2015 are part of a first strike force – – to shoot down Russian missiles which are launched in retaliation, according to former Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge-

  3. I'm confused. It says "Scott Horton interviews Trevor Lyman" but the voice of the interviewer is clearly a beautiful woman named Angela Keaton. So…what's up with the headline writer?

    Or is Scott not man enough to share the spotlight?

  4. [cross posted at

    A few days after hearing about the Peace Blimp, it occurred to me how a strong protest against the war could separate the Liberty movement from the neocon elements of the Tea Party movement. Is there a better issue at making the distinction between the two camps?

    It may even have the added benefit of dividing the anti-war Democrats from the Obama administration.

    It will be interesting to see how the project plays out…

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