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Allison Kilkenny, regular contributor to the Huffington Post, discusses the CNN poll that found a large majority of Americans believe Iran has nuclear weapons, not-so-covert US actions in Iran that make diplomacy impossible, Republicans who are unwilling to admit the cause and effect between US empire and terrorism and the Democrats who hypocritically defend Obama over the same policies they excoriated Bush for.

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Allison Kilkenny is the co-host of Citizen Radio and regular contributor to the Huffington Post, the Beast,,, and Wiretap Magazine. Her work has also appeared on The Nation and she is a regular guest on SIRIUS radio.

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  1. Just the headline itself tells a depressing story. I think the real point is that the elite and associated media can make enough of us believe whatever they want. They can repeat the same lie over and over again and be believed every time.

    Some people hope that through the Internet a different and truthful message can be spread. I can not honestly say I think this is really happening, and if it did then the Internet would quickly be restricted so that the message was suppressed.

    1. CNN's title across their mid-screen during an only 3/4 lazy and bad report on the IAEA meeting today:

      IAEA discusses potential threat

      1. That's an amazing headline, Scott. No need to read the article; they've made the point. Be afraid. A beautiful example of where the 71% who believe in Iran's nukes got the idea.

  2. What's quite amazing about this poll is that most americans think that Iran has a nuclear weapon AND they want to attack Iran!!! They want to attack a country armed with nukes!!!!!

    The phrase we need to study is Fin De Siecle. There is a kind of insanity that becomes particularly prevalent and virulent when centuries and millenia change. Whole societies become lost in it. That's what's happening now. Almost two thirds of our fellow citizens WANT to start a war with what they imagine to be a nuclear-armed nation.

    Note too that all of this sends Israel shooting up in the polls in the US, the only polls Israel cares about. The more they demonize Iran, the more they can get away with in the West Bank and Gaza.

  3. As Russia´s Chief of Staff commented, "A US war with Iran will bankrupt the US". Can the US afford a war with Iran ? With ZERO evidence of a nuclear weapons program ?

    1. Bankruptcy will be no detrrent to a war with Iran. Oh no, au contraire! The plutocrats will view a war with Iran as an opportunity tro make another grab for Americans' wealth. The stupid sheeple will deserve the fleecing and the financial fallout from the war.

    2. Yes but the Federal Reserve is privately owned and so owned by non-US citizens, so much depends on how they structure their investments. It's just a matter of timing: shifting billions out of the US dollar when the ship looks ready to sink.

      Indeed, there is no evidence of even an experimental nuclear device, let alone an operational arsenal but then my Iranian friends all smile knowingly and say Iran will get a bomb "sooner or later, one way or another." That said, French ex-president Jacques Chirac said shortly before leaving office: "We can live with a nuclear Iran."

      By the way, Iran need only give 90 days notice to drop out of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to recover full legal rights to build such a bomb, but then again, Washington cherrypicks what is and ain't legal.

  4. What's even more disturbing is how many Americans think a guy in a cave tricked the U.S. Secret Service into allowing Bush to read about a goat in a publicly announced location on 9-11 when he would have clearly been a target.

  5. The Fawning Corporate Media, as Ray McGovern aptly calls it, reports only the "news" and opinion that the District of Corruption Establishment wants reported.

    Our single political party–the DemoPublican Party–is worthless. No matter which wing you vote for–Democratic or Republican–you'll get endless wars, corporate welfare for Wall Street, mindless support for Israel, disregard for official lawlessness, ad nauseam.

  6. Apparently, but not at all surprisingly, Obama seems to be working on plans for a blockade. Not that it matters – crippling sanctions are simply a step towards war. That's all they are.

    1. Epppie, I'm fascinated: Iran needs no help from the US Navy to halt oil exports.

      China and Russia would veto or, more likely, dilute any motions for international sancions to the point where they would be symbolic.

  7. The American population once again demonstrates its pathetic condition. The FedGov tyrants and their Zionist colleagues must be in a state of ecstasy that they have such a pack of morons as their subjects.

  8. Some 70% of people also believe space aliens have landed on earth. People are dumb and led by fear and mass media. There are still a good 30% or so that continue to believe that Iraq had WMDs. Prejudice governs their thoughts not facts.

    And yet many people don't believe we landed on the moon. And some like (Huckabe) don't believe in evolution. That is where we are as a society. Beliefs are picked and rejected based on hope and fear and have nothing to do with reality, empirical evidence, or reason.

  9. Iran could very well have nuclear weapons that were salvaged from the fall of the USSR — complete with delivery systems. However, it could not have too many, since there aren't that many unaccounted for Soviet nukes. Iran is currently doing a massive effort to develop the ability to make its own nuclear weapons, which would allow it to become a real nuclear power and supreme dominator of the Middle East. The only way to stop them is to launch a massive, preemptive thermonuclear strike on Iran. Israel should do this now.

    1. "Iran could very well have nuclear weapons that were salvaged from the fall of the USSR — complete with delivery systems."

      I do not know if I was to laugh or cry. This statement lacks ANY relation to reality and sounds like something a tom clancy fan would dream about. Provide some proof or at least som LOGIC instead of just pulling random crazy statements out of thin air.

      Enlighten us, mr warmonger. How the hell did Iran "salvage" nuclear warheads and delivery systems from soviet. And how did they manage to do that without anyone except you finding out?

    2. The IAEA has zero evidence of any nuclear weapons in Iran!

      The price of using nuclear weapons is serious retaliation by any of several declared and undeclared nuclear powers. Only the USA could get away with using the odd tactical weapon every now and then without having the mainstream media on its back.

      Otherwise, nuclear weapons are only useful a political bargaining chip: drop one and it becomes your target's trump card at the negotiating table.

      If Israel launched a nuclear attack, it might well be the last country to recover from the consequences — if it survived the social, economic and political blowback at all.

  10. This interview describes the game pretty well. The so-called left has a small number who will break away from their leader on principle, and the so-called right is always hopeless.

    When the few good people on the left finally have had enough they break, weakening the left, and then the right takes power again to continue the war machine.

  11. Has the United States ever fought a war that was NOT based on LIES? – yes – a few, like our War for Independence and the War of 1812 – but since then? What about our subsequent wars such as war with Spain, with Mexico, WWI? And WWII, Korea – most certainly Vietnam – Iraq and Afghanistan? – lots of LIES told to get the U.S. into most wars.

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