Ryan Dawson


Ryan Dawson, keeper of the Website Anti-Neocons, discusses his website’s designation of February 26 as “Hate Richard Perle Day,” Perle’s leading role in inventing a Saddam Hussein/al Qaeda link and lying the American people into the Iraq War and how professional war agitators like Perle profit from the revolving door between government and defense contractor employment.

MP3 here. (21:38)

Ryan Dawson is the author of Welcome to the USSA: Corruption in the government and media and the creator of the Ry’s 2 Sense website.

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  1. Perle is and ISraeli first and American Last. If you ain't Jewish Perle don't give a shit about you, and our brave soldiers not of the chosen faith are expendable, as our our hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars funnelled so these racists can steal land and act like Nazis.

  2. Was going to mention (the SIbel case) how Perle and Feith were selling information which could be used blackmail on politicians to arms dealers and Turkish and Israeli lobbies. Of course this benefited themselves as they were "consultants" and "advisers" for these same lobbies. Perle was also the man behind the push to upgrade to the A22 Raptors in the beginning of the Iraq War II. And he had investments in those too through his firm. In the 1980s he was under investigation for selling secrets about the CIA to Israel and the USSR and for spying on behalf of Israel. Then recently, his cabal outs CIA agent Valarie Plame, and his Deputy Secretary's office is caught selling classified information to the Israeli lobby. Feith's employ was sentenced to 12 years in jail over it. Feith also met with Israel generals in the DOD without clearence on his own to discuss Iraq war propaganda. Feith of course works for a firm in Israel Feith and Zell, his partner Marc Zell is an Israel settler. Perle made sure they were hooked up by landing the the role of doing the legal footwork for several bogus Iraq War contracts that went to benefit Perle's insider trading. Half an hour is too short to get into all of Perle's crimes that is how evil the man is. Perle is a staunch racist, genocide dreaming, psychopath.

      1. Yes Perle is a Zionist. However I think many Zioinist are so only out of ignorance. They assume Israel is defending itself from terrorism etc… you've heard the typical rant. Perle on the other hand knows perfectly well what is really going on and just doesn't care. As Scott said, he and his Neocon ilk were perfectly fine with using race specific bio weapons. These people are crazy. It's hard for a normal person to image how sick these men are. According to his book Perle also wants biometric ID card for all Americans. You dissent and they turn off your card and you can do nothing, not even shop.

        Israel was actually caught harvesting organs and not only selling them on the black market but studying them for bio-weapon technology. There is a modern Nazi like state living as an ally of the US right now. They routinely shut down the water and electricity into Gaza, and block access to food or medical supplies, whenever they want. Perle also profited form the enthic cleansing in the Balkans as well as the killing of the Kurds in Turkey. He set himself up as an arms adviser to each place. The man is a monster.

        1. Here we go again, using Nazi as the metaphor for all evil. The Nazis were the only ones in Europe opposing communism. That is why Judaism declared war on Germany, before Hitler sat down at his desk as chancellor.

          1. Judaism declared war? Right. Lizard people are controlling politicians, too. You know where that shit comes from? From Feldmarshall Hindenburg, faggot extraordinare, who had a nice interest in finding convenient scapegoats after he wrecked Germany with his Total War bullshit. Didn't even have the spine to show up at the Full Surrender ceremony, the old fart.

          2. They were not the only people opposing communism and there are other ways to do it than rounding up communist and killing them.

            A better analogy would have been South Africa. I just chose to use Nazism because of the irony of it. The best analogy would be Manifest destiny where there was a religious excuse to genocide and theft.

            In Germany's case in the beginning they really were re-taking stolen lands. But we all know it didn't end there. There were no good guys in WWII. It was a bunch of imperial powers fighting with each other. I don't see Stalin and Mao as any better than Hitler (apparently neither did the Japanese who had each as a neighbor). Churchill was every bit as racist and ready to slaughter people over economics as anyone. The British killed 3.5 million in Bengal alone. And they sent the Indians in along side the French's Africans to go fight for the interest of the UK and France's central banks loans to Russia to pay for their rapid industrialization. ….This is a tangent. I'm not getting into WWII. Needless to say Perle supports torturing children and ethnic cleansing. He is as bad as any fascist in history.

  3. Author Tom Clancy relates a conversation he had with neocon Richard Perle in which the odiferous Perle berated Colin Powell for worrying about the safety of American troops.

    1. I could see him saying that. Perle's mentor is Henry Kissinger who is guilty of many of the same things as Perle and used the same companies. (The difference being that Perle was still active in the DOD when he did it.) Kissinger said of the military "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." That seems to be how Perle feels.

      If you're wondering why Perle got away with it all, then just remember that they don't investigate themselves. The Inspector General Joseph Schmitz, who looked into the Trireme cases for example, submitted his report to Rumsfeld before he released it. That's like asking the crook to edit your paper on him for you. The Inspector then retired and currently works for Blackwater, who Perle helped set up in Azerbaijan, which was the company's first big score. I didn't even get into that case, but it's in this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvIccPM4EFk video so is the dirt on the Schmitz family and there relationships to the Bushes. And here is the beak down of the DOD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCraLQoy41I watch those two videos.

  4. I don't think most people are aware of the role of ex-Democratic Senator Scoop Jackson in the rise of the neo-cons. Ryan Dawson mentioned briefly a deal that was made with the Soviet Union, giving them grain but stipulating that Jews must be allowed to emigrate to Israel. This large population increase to Israel directly led to a huge expansion of settlements in the West Bank. And this in turn destroyed the prospects for a peaceful two state solution with the Palestinians.

    From Wikipedia article on Richard Perle (By the way, don't put complete confidence in Wikipedia when it comes to Zionist related issues. It's clear that there are people active in softening the truth in these areas.)

    "From 1969 to 1980, Perle worked as a staffer for Democratic Senator Henry M. Jackson of Washington. As a staffer, Perle drafted the Jackson-Vanik amendment to the 1972 International Grain Agreement (IGA), or "Russian Wheat Deal" negotiated by Richard Nixon and the Soviet Union which made for the first time by law a trade agreement contingent upon the fundamental human right of Soviet Jews to emigrate."

  5. As Paul Craig Roberts asked: If there are terrorists within the United States why haven't they tried to assassinate any of the neocons?

    1. Because the neocons are our terrorists. Of course it's not terrorism when WE do it. You have to be brown and Muslim, for it to count as terrorism, otherwise it's just a normal criminal act. But if the government does it then its legal collateral damage.

      Look at the case of the under wear bomber (patsy on a plane) vs the IRS building kamikaze. One is brown he's a terrorist, the other white, so he was just a nut.

  6. One hell of an interview! Horton and Dawson really lay it on that Zionist warmongering sonofabitch Perle.

    Perle, Kristol, the Kagans, Feith, Abrams, LIEberman et al. ought to be sent to Israel, that land of their affections–with orders to stay there.

    1. Add Wolfowitz (whose family does live in Israel), Libby (lawyer for the mossad), Chertoff (son of ADL founder, and extremist Rabbi) Frum (axis of evil speech), and Wurmser (WIHG with Cheney part of plame-gate and torture), Ledeen (Iran contra and niger-gate) Schmitz (blackwater, and cover up for Perle) and Kissinger (too much to name).

  7. It's sickening how people in this country get outraged for about 10sec and then forget. They (Neocons) can do whatever the hell they want and if they can hold together for the week long outrage by the people then they are fine.

    That's why I'm glad Ry and Scott did this. A Hate Richard Perle day isn't a silly idea. People need to be reminded of what these jerks did. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Plus the same process is going on now. I can see a "Hate Goldman Sachs Day " in the future, with Dawson and Horton going over the history like what can ya do told ya so…

  8. A classic : Robert C. Aldridge: First Strike! The Pentagon´s Strategy For Nuclear War. The US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously. Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 D5 can hit within 30 meters of the target. What more do they need ? To be able to take out their second-strike force. That´s the reason for the missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. Brigadier Harbottle told me that they don´t believe in Nuclear Winter in the Pentagon. If they did, there wouldn´t be any reason in pursuing a first-strike capability. The Aftermath by SIPRI tells us what Nuclear Winter is like. The living will envy the dead.

    1. um subs are not the problem. And even in this wild scenario, nothing blocks a nuclear ICBMs and SRBMS (it only takes one) and wipe out the BMDS thus leaving it back to Minuteman III trying to hit ALL the land based ICBMs. It's stupid. Even if you could drop that many nukes on nukes at once, the conventional ballistic missiles would all be fired in tandem at preselected targets. It is still mutual destruction. And what does this have to do with Perle? Aside from him being crazy enough to encircle Russia with color coded revolutions and pushing for war. Russia straight up punked out the too thin spread US over the Georgia incident last year. And Israel neutered itself trying to take on Hezbollah. The tiger has lost its fangs. Everyone knows that the US can't handle any more that it currently has. Which is why South America is free to rise up. And good for them too.

  9. Accountability for the guilty (neocons) and setting an example for those who would try this in the future.
    America is stronger than it thinks and is led to believe.
    Awaken sleeping giant.

    1. That would be fun. That's up to Scott though and he has other guests going over current situations. But it would be fun to rip on Feith one day or Libby etc. It is important to see how we got here. Americans tend to forget things too fast and thus criminals can get away with anything so long as they can wait long enough for the next Tiger Woods scandal to distract everyone. We have to hold these people accountable. But yeah an anti-neocons corner would be a fun half hour. But lol I could have continued with Perle crimes for another 30 minutes easily.

  10. I think Perle deserves at least a week of hate together with Kristol, Krauthammer, and Abrams. Feith and Dennis Ross are only worth a day.

  11. 'NeoCons'? – why is there so much 'political correctness' that everyone is afraid to refer to Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Kristol, etc as the 'Zionist TRAITORS' to the U.S. that they are? ALL of them should be put on a leaky boat for a one way trip to Israel where they all belong!

    1. No one is afraid to call them Zionist. I called them Zionist on the air and I did it last time. Just go to my website Vet there are no pulled punches.

      1 The reason we say Neocon is because they have a common historical origin and ideology that is bigger than just Zionism. It's whoremongering for the MIC. Of course they love Israel, they've never seen a conflict they didn't love. But it's more about knocking out all of America's potential economic or military rivals. They're happy to profit just as much from killing Kurds in Turkey as they would from killing Palestinians. They were all perfectly fine with invading central America and killing Catholics all through the 80s and now. They were fine with killing South East Asians too Muslim or not. They don't care who they kill for profit. Israel is just a special case because they can play a race and a religious card to avoid criticism. They also allow one to escape there to avoid courts when and if they do get busted.

      2 Also it's one of those things. Although all the neocons are Zionist not all Zionist are neocons. For Example anti-war Pro Israel Howard Dean is not a neocon but is an Israeli firster.

      These neocons are also special. Any fascist idiot can be a zionist. These Neocons are different, because they had power. For example Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, and Abrams who you named were all in the government. They weren't just fanatics or lobbyists. They were part of our government with positions of power. That makes them worse than and more dangerous than just being zionist and or shills for Israel like most of the congress and press are.

      Trust me no one is afraid to call them traitors or mention their Zionism. Zionism certainly played a big role in the Iraq War and is playing a role in this bogga booga Iran scare. But it only works for so long as it has overlapping interest with the MIC. The MIC will kick them to the curb the moment they are no longer useful.

      1. Ryan, you mention Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, and Abrams. You probably know that ex-Democratic Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson was a virtual incubator for all of these Zionist neocons. I don't think enough attention is given to the role of Scoop Jackson in creating the current mess in the Middle East by his unconditional support of Israel.

        i wrote an earlier comment about this. It was blocked for a few days. I'll let you guess why. But you can read it now.

        When I was looking for some good links on the connection between Jackson and the neo-cons you mentioned I happen across the following article:

        Why are the feds probing long-dead "Scoop" Jackson?

        It's interesting. Were the feds trying to cover up some more Israeli spying by the neo-cons?

  12. Oh shit, I missed this – I would have celebrated heartily – let's make it an annual event. I never really swore much around my 'rents, but I once shocked my (warhawk) old man by telling him if he "didn't know who this mother f***** [RP] was, he had no business making any judgements about the the Iraq war." I feel the hatred boiling up now, must relax, must relax…

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