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Meryl Nass, a practicing physician and blogger on anthrax-related issues, discusses the FBI’s flawed anthrax investigation, the persecution of innocent suspects (Ayaad Assaad, Steven Hatfill) that may have been set up as patsies, deliberately misrepresented evidence in the FBI’s case against Bruce Ivins and the possible link between anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome.

MP3 here. (25:33)

Meryl Nass is a doctor of internal medicine and an expert on bioterrorism, biodefense, anthrax and anthrax vaccine injuries. She has testified before Congress on the subjects of Gulf War illness, anthrax vaccines and bioterrorism. Her blog and anthrax-information websites can be found at

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  1. Who is most likely to have written the following anthrax note:


    a) a disgruntled American scientist
    b) a Muslim terrorist
    c) an Israeli agent provocateur

    1. Obviously it was the work of a Zionist (c). And that explains why we will never get any kind of honest investigation. I suspect that the family of Bruce Ivins has been paid millions of dollars to keep the issue out of a courtroom. (Let's face it, the false-flag anthrax attacks are part of the false flag 9/11 attacks thus our Masters' need to avoid the kind of objective scrutiny that may happen in a courtroom).

  2. Please fix the audio!

    The lst option never plays; its stuck on "buffering". The 2nd option, MP3 here leads, not to the audio but so web site called "Go Daddy".

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Well, I think b was the source the perp counted on us believing. If it was only Dr. Ivins (yet to be fully exonerated) what evidence was there (in addition to his familiarity with anthrax and his hope to create antidotes) for his wanting to pin it immediately on mideast terrorism? What was his probable motive if he sent it? Was this just a label to deflect from thinking about a domestic source?

    There's a lot that is left dangling from this period which makes "case closed" a little hard to stomach. Not only was the anthrax very useful – and used – to go after Saddam (after Rumsfeld's "Who will rid me of this meddlesome dictator" after 9/11), with Colin Powell shaking a vial of white powder whenever he spoke, as at the UN, not only were there fake-outs from Florida about 9/11 hijackers with cutaneous anthrax (and indeed a hotel room where some were alleged to have stayed in Brookline, Massachusetts was gone over mysteriously by a hazmat team – I could tell you where the place was that the hijackers were alleged to have stayed, but you'd just laugh), but there were also people reporting anthrax letters turning up in Europe (whatever happened to that? probably dummies for dummies).

    As for answer c, well look who was hand in glove with the Pentagon, neocons and Rumsfeld.

    When you have a plot, you have to have subplots, and that is what anthrax is. It was a terror attack on the United States, no doubt about it.

    The postal service employees were among the collateral damage, but who cares about them, right? Just pawns. However, the board has more pawns than anything else, and we are still here, only now we have been promoted by getting to other side in the knowledge we have gained. We are therefore more powerful than was previously understood, by the pieces at the beginning of the game. So let's use what we know to capture some enemy pieces and win.

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