Anthony Gregory


Anthony Gregory, Editor-in-Chief at Campaign for Liberty, discusses Obama’s rhetorical differences and policy similarities with the Bush administration, why the PATRIOT Act has (unfortunately) been around too long to be repealed, apologists who blame the “tough guy” Republican political trap for Obama’s hawkishness and why public support for torture and war has increased since Bush left office.

MP3 here. (29:26)

Anthony Gregory is Editor-in-Chief at Campaign for Liberty, a research analyst at the Independent Institute, a columnist at, a policy adviser for the Future of Freedom Foundation, a freedom activist, and a musician.

5 thoughts on “Anthony Gregory”

  1. There’s one party in America, the DemoPublican Party. It’s controlled by Wall Street, Israel, and the military welfare complex. It gives you endless wars, mindless support for Tel Aviv, corporate welfare for Wall Street, the surveillance state, ad nauseam.

    Obama? He’s just fulfilling its agenda, after all. . . .

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