Christina Tobin


Christina Tobin, CEO of the ballot access consulting firm Free and Equal, Inc., discusses the onerous ballot access procedures that marginalize third-party candidates and enforce the two-party duopoly and how “top-two” primary reforms only make things worse.

MP3 here. (9:52)

Christina M. Tobin is the CEO of Free & Equal, Inc. and a candidate for Secretary of State in California. She most recently managed ballot access for the 2008 Ralph Nader Presidential Campaign. Tobin also organized the only nationally televised debates for third party Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates held in 2008.  She has also been a consultant to a variety of campaigns on a nonpartisan basis since 1996.

2 thoughts on “Christina Tobin”

  1. Christina Tobin’s criticisms are right on. Strictly speaking, though, there’s only party in America–the DemoPublican Party. It has two wings–Democrat and Republican–but that’s just for show.

    No matter which wing you vote for, the DemoPublican Party gives you endless wars, government lawlessness, economic ruin, mindless support for Israel. . . .

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