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Cole Miller, Founding Director of No More Victims, discusses the plight of children injured by the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, charitable giving that produces tangible results, why the visceral impact of seeing a child victim of war can’t be underestimated and how duplicating the No More Victims model of focused individualism could help victims of other injustices.

MP3 here. (26:09)

Cole Miller is the Founding Director of No More Victims. A freelance writer, Miller co-created and produced the environmentally focused radio series Isla Earth, which took top honors in the News Bureau category of the 2008 Los Angeles Press Club’s 50th Annual Journalism Awards. Miller travels frequently to the Middle East, and manages the day-to-day operations of NMV. He has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Al Jazeera, and his work has been profiled by People Magazine and many other publications.

7 thoughts on “Cole Miller”

  1. Scott,
    You are absolutely correct…"America" is indifferent…they don't give a shit…it's not "our" kids…
    COIN is cool…the high tech weapons that we sell all over the world, are cool…the clowns from the US military, guiding the
    Predators and Reapers…that's cool.. the five star Generals are cool…Good Morning America, Katie Couric, American Idol, NFL, MLB NHL, are cool…we have a real cool society eh..

  2. “America” is indifferent…they don’t give a shit…it’s not “our” kids…

    Yes, Horton is 9-11 denier. He should go to the A&E presentation that they are holding this weekend in Austin and give us his take on it…

    Betcha he doesn’t and if he does he’ll crack back with some SA remark.

  3. To Hillary:Bishiti family own kherab church in Al_Quds since 1880 and they never sold to the occupayerz..UN194 must be solved ASAP if u r human…Al_Quds is ISLAMIA

  4. Better stop guys I will bomb your a– and hide in a cave in Crawford Texas

    We smoked that mushroom and it was good said Binny to the Chimp

  5. smart weapons could end all wars, by making their use unthinkable. where have i heard this argument before?!
    the kids should sell graphic self portrait teeshirts. you should just help them advertise. then people could buy and wear them wherever they go. that will eventually catch the attention of anyone who committed a war crime.
    furthermore, should the kids actually end up lending material support to the enemy, they will have a surefire defense of ptsd.

  6. Nothing drives home the message of the immorality of warfare better than pictures of helpless children whose bodies and minds have been maimed by the senseless and futile slaughter being waged without cause. How do the politicians and generals sleep at night knowing they're responsible for this outrage?

    If there is any justice in the world, the neocons that gave us this absurd foreign policy will be put on trial and given sentences commensurate with their egregious crimes. I'm not holding my breath.

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