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Jesse Walker, managing editor of Reason magazine, discusses his experience at the recent Left-Right anti-empire/antiwar conference in DC, the large contingent of writers featured at in attendance, finding an alternative to mundane and ineffective peace marches and the stumbling blocks that prevent broad coalitions from uniting around a common issue.

MP3 here. (24:28)

Jesse Walker is the author of Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America and the managing editor of Reason magazine and

4 thoughts on “Jesse Walker”

  1. Doesn't it come down to the question Jesse raised about HOW any anti-empire or anti-war movement could be effective? He was right that marches don't do much, but couldn't suggest any other ideas. Really, if we lived in a democracy, we could have stopped the Iraq war before it started – we had millions of people out in the streets and majorities in the polls. But the rulers ignored the popular will.

    How will it be any different with a left/right/libertarian movement? I'm ALL for having such a movement, even if it's not especially effective, because we need to talk with each other. But it would be nice to have some strategy or tactics that could make a difference.

  2. How is this for a new strategy. Everyone who is opposed to empire make one telephone call a day to a military telephone number and tell the person who answers what you think of empire and what you think of those that defend empires. If millions of calls are made per day that is going to tie up a lot of the troops answering the phone. It will keep them from doing other work that is even more harmful, like fooling other young people to join the military. It may even make it a little bit more difficult for the military industrial complex to get its work done.

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