Stan Hemry


Stan Hemry, member of the Arizona Counter-Recruitment Coalition, discusses the private information made available to military recruiters through the No Child Left Behind Act, the best way to limit access to student records and opt-out of aggressive recruitment, the effective tactics of counter-recruitment and the role Gen. Stanley McChrystal played in the manipulation of Pat Tillman’s image and the coverup of his death.

MP3 here. (27:33)

Stan Hemry works with The Arizona Counter-Recruitment Coalition, a group of students, teachers, parents, veterans, and workers from the Phoenix metro area who provide information and perspectives to counter-balance the one-sidedness of military recruiters.

4 thoughts on “Stan Hemry”

  1. If you join today's military, you'll be putting your ass at risk for Israel and the neocon chickenhawks,

    No sense to that, now, is there?

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