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Julian Assange, co-founder and spokesperson for WikiLeaks, discusses the chain of events shown on the “Collateral Murder” WikiLeaks video, military rules of engagement that have enough flexibility to make them essentially unenforceable, how the Apache pilots exaggerated threats in order to obtain permission to open fire and why in Iraq – a country where nearly everyone owns an AK-47 – an Iraqi carrying a weapon is all the justification needed by the US military to kill everyone in the vicinity.

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Part 1, 2, 3, 4.

Julian Assange is the public face of WikiLeaks. He may also be the founder and director. More biographical information is available in this piece in the London Times.

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  1. What a horrible experience it is listening to this interview. I can't even describe the shock I feel at the accusations against Wikileaks for supposedly hiding half fo the video: not only was that blatantly not true, but the rest of the video is EVEN MORE HORRIFIC. Almost the entire universe of punditry, from left to right, with few exceptions, is hopelessly depraved and corrupt. WHY ARE WE EVEN DISCUSSING THIS as if there were any question that these helicoptors went on a killing spree? It doesn't matter if that was standard operating prodecure (which it apparently was) or not. IT WAS A KILLING SPREE. And what the hell do we THINK our troops are doing? What would any of us do in a war zone? Do we in the US have no responsibility at all to damand that we NEVER go to war unless we really and truly MUST (in other words, virtually never)?

  2. Scott, thanks so much for bringing us this interesting person. A great interview!
    My only regret is that most of the time was allocated to his commenting on the collateral murder video and not really about Wikileaks itself . I would have liked to know more about the type of government harassment they have been exposed to.

  3. One suggestion I would make to non-combatants in Iraq or Afghanistan is this:

    If you happen to be around an area where the US military is engaged in combat operations with insurgents (for lack of a better term) , do yourself a favor and get away from the people the US military are fighting with ASAP! That way, you won't be mistaken for one of them, especially when these people just shot at the Americans minutes before. You can catch up on community gossip later. You can hold hands with the guy with the RPG hiding behind the wall later, when the fighting is over. Just a suggestion?

    1. You clearly have no idea about what is going on. Nor have you seen the video. And your attempts on comedy are as hollow as your understanding of occupation

    2. How is it OK to imply that just because it is normal for a population to be armed and to bear those arms, that they are hostile and deserve to be killed?

      To take the other side of this, if there was a foreign occupying force in the United States, I cannot imagine those of our population with arms not carrying them around openly. Heck, here in Arizona we bear them openly anyway, especially when the President is speaking in the area. The right to keep and bear arms is not a symbol of oppression, but one of liberty. It is a sad statement that you should think of this as a justification for murder.

  4. To Alexandar:
    “do yourself a favor and get away from the people the US military are fighting with ASAP!”

    What if that’s your BROTHER???

    Also with 1 million dead could they ALL be JUSTIFIED???

  5. The worst and most horrific thing is indeed the hellfire missiles into the apartment building. That is murder right there

  6. Even presidents are assassinated. Julian will be accidented or suicided soon. Difference is that he's one with Martin and John — he doesn't care. The job's done.

  7. the US military in its quest for empire, for years after the civil rights movement, acceded to the nation of iceland NOT to allow black military on US overseas bases in iceland. why wouldn't they lie?! apparently the people of iceland were racist or afraid of black military mingling with the icelandic public. BUT, american military troops wanted the base more than to uphold the principles against racism. is obama permitted on these bases now? i have not followed up on this.

    1. A speaker who appeared at a convocation at my Indiana high school in 1994 shared with us an anecdote about visiting Iceland as a member of a jazz quartet just a few years prior. This man happened to be black and his anecdote briefly touched on the absence of black military personnel on the bases. This must have remained a reality until relatively recently, if it is not ongoing.

  8. What Assange said is right – civilization won’t work properly unless *most* people know what’s happening. Thomas Sowell’s book ‘Knowledge and Decisions’ is about exactly that – it talks about economic decisions but it applies to everything. The historian Paul Johnson said that book ‘totally changed his thinking’ (pity he didn’t totally change his thinking about Israel and GWB). If people know what’s going on, they will usually make the correct decision/judgment. I think this is what you and Larissa Alexandrovna were arguing about – that ‘the people’ aren’t morons, they just only have one-third of the picture and so they can’t make good decisions. They just don’t know and they don’t have the inclination to find out, unfortunately.

  9. The final quote I saw in the video says it all. They shoot a little girl in a van and laugh saying, "that's what you get for bringing your children to a war."

    One of the ground soldiers was even reprimanded by his superiors for taking one of the wounded children to a local army field hospital. No good deed goes unpunished.

    A state of learned helplessness isn't ignorance, isn't stupidity. It is the natural state that tyrants want to keep their populations in. That's the problem.

  10. What can I and my friends to do get Brian Manning out of prison–in solitary confinement (a form of torture)? He must be absolutely misearable now. Let's help him out!

    Spring Valley, New York, USA

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