Kelley B. Vlahos


Featured columnist Kelley B. Vlahos discusses the resurgence of Bacha Bazi and the sexual exploitation of boys in Afghanistan, Canadian soldiers who were rebuffed by superiors when reporting abuse by their Afghan comrades, US withdrawal from a long-held remote Afghan outpost and the increasingly obvious futility of US and NATO humanitarian efforts and the occupation in general.

MP3 here. (42:14)

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer, is a longtime political reporter for, a contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine and featured columnist. She is also a Washington correspondent for Homeland Security Today magazine.

12 thoughts on “Kelley B. Vlahos”

  1. My view is that no Foreign power/s should interfere in the business of a country and its people, eg, Afganistan. Sure there is a case where there is genocidal activities , Balkans, Sudan ?, Gaza?, Congo?., Etc Etc
    If the Afganistan & Iraq people want to kill each other , there is NOTHING any power on earth can do to stop them, except watching the futile killings, that presently ,are still going on under the noses of the Occ.Powers.
    Either the Killings stop, or the whole Agrressive population dissappear, and the law abiding citizen SURVIVE, Just like in the time of NOAH's ARK ( where ONLY the GOOD remains behind) , this is their FATE./Destiny.

  2. My view is that much of the internal conflict extant in Iraq and Afghanistan have at their core foreign patrons that pit one group against another in a classic "divide and conquer" strategy. The Soviets had their Ahmad Shah Massoud in Afghanistan while the U.S. has its Karzai. This strategy is as old as time. So, while some commentators lament that we should not care that Iraqis or Afghans are killing one another ignorrs our complicity, our own unseemly role in the bloodletting.

    To paraphrase the inimitable Noam Chomsky who once wrote: If we wish to stop terrorism we have to stop to engaging in it . It is simplistic and dishonest to simply allege that these Muslims are always killing each other and therefore acceptable and then not acknowledge our role in facilitating it. This is political/republican/evangelical catechism, an intellectual assault on those we seek to dominate who therefore must be first demonized before being destroyed.

  3. Let me tell you, as someone who used to hang out at Buzzflash, when Obama came along, they abandoned any and all non-partisanship. It was a sick thing to watch, and some of us on the Left have watched this Obamian insanity take over one progressive site after another. The only consolation we have is the hope that maybe at least things are being clarified on the Left – who really is Left and who really is Liberal (where Liberal means pro-empire, pro-corporatist). But that's weak consolation sometimes.

  4. Excellent interview! I understand the libertarian view that we should not interfere anywhere with anyone, but Kelley's point here is that we have already intervened and created a new imbalance which we are assiduously trying to ignore. The Taliban, for all their flaws, banned both pedophilia and drug production, which would seem to indicate to me that there was a consensus in Afghanistan that both are wrong. We have introduced an alien system that we choose to call democracy, permitting both to flourish, not to mention a level of corruption previously unseen in the country.

  5. Remember, Clintonites invented the model in the Balkans. Declared "genocide", set up one bunch of nationalities/religions against each other, and when insuffiecient blood was flowing, arms from Iran, and the assorted purchased mujahadeen were imported for added spice. The more blood and gore, the better chances of people not wanting to live together any more, and as scared rabbits are now hiding in their respective Balkans bushes, we call countries. And the appropirate leaders have been tutored/selected to insure the narrative goes on. It was the liberals who invented rape and genocide to insure that we have the feminists and assorted other liberal types on board. Of course, "conservatives" are just as bad. The only diffrerence is the noble goal being pursued. War on terrorism, preventing genocide, implanting democracy. Unfortunatelly, everywhere the foot of empire stomps, drugs, human trafficking, and prostitution flourishes. Be that in Kosovo, Columbia or Afghanistan. Soon Mexico will join the happy family of narco-political elite revenue sharing. God help us all.

  6. The U.S. may not be as different from Afghanistan as you think on this score; there are an estimated 50,000 slaves in the United States, many of them prostitiutes. The situation was described in a recent article at

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