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Isaac Luria, Director of Communications and New Media for the pro-Israel J Street lobby, discusses J Street’s increased influence in Washington since its creation two years ago, why a US-initiated two state solution for Israel/Palestine is in the best interest of all parties, polls that show American Jews support Obama’s proposals even when Israel’s government doesn’t, the fast-approaching demographic milestone wherein Palestinians will outnumber Jews in greater Israel, why Jews still need a homeland where they can be secure and how Israel continues to use PR solutions for policy problems.

MP3 here. (29:22)

Isaac Luria is Director of Communications and New Media for J Street. His previous worked for 4 years in online organizing and consulting, 2 years of which he spent at the online marketing firm Donordigital in San Francisco. Isaac received his Bachelors degree in American Studies from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. During 2007-2008, Isaac lived in Jerusalem, Israel as a Dorot Fellow. Isaac lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Sara, who is studying to become a Reform Rabbi.

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  1. i never really realized that the words "talk radio" was a slur but i found my self highly offended by him calling Scott's show "talk radio" (even thought that is a correct description)

    1. Obama's treatment of Israel is like that of an indulgent parent having been taken to task by his friends over the way he spoils his bratty child. So he makes a big show of speaking sternly and threateningly to the child about the consequences if they should keep up their current behavior. At this point, though, the child knows it's a show and doesn't even bother with playing along and in fact just throws a tantrum. Then Papa Obama quickly shovels Izzy some more candy once he feels no one is looking.

  2. Israel is not a democracy. Arab citizens of Israel get about 1/2 vote per capita vs. 1.0 for Jewish Israelis, at least that was the case last I looked.

  3. Hello! as an ex-pat who has lived and worked all over the world…J Street is just one more supercilious, prententious American pro-Israel Jewish racist group with an agenda that doesn't represent 99 % of the US population.

  4. Once again an Israel firster states without qualification that israel “is essential to American interests”. He dodged Scotts question about why the average Joe American should support the role the US has been made to play (and pay) as the peace-maker. Its their bed, they made it, they can sleep in it.

    I don’t appreciate earning the worlds enmity because fundamentally racist trans-national elites want to play games with US foreign policy.

    What would blow my mind is a jewish lobby that does not endorse the ethnic nationalism and inherent racism rampant with J Street and others. Will there ever be an America First lobby for jews, why MUST they be permitted to pretend there is no conflict of interests here?

    I know I know, that’s all just an illegitimate “canard” Im told by hypocritical jewish racists.

    Why is Ireland not armed with US nuclear tech to reclaim the north and “protect the irish nature” of that island? Jews after all outnumber the irish greatly, they’re certainly more powerful. The irish have their own experience with genocide, persecution, and migration. Surely the same arguments made by jews for our patronage can also be made for the irish, unless one believes jews are (very very) “special”. Helping the irish that way is not lagit, and neither is it for israel.

    I cannot stomach the galling self serving core of any claim that israel or jews are special or entitled to my country’s blood and treasure. Talk to the EU about the holocaust if that moral fig-leaf has any more play left in it.

    If blame be the game forget the US, I killed no jews, owned no slaves, and I will not accept implicit guilt just because I’m a goy and an ethnic rival controls the ‘public’ discourse in these matters.

    But what do I know, I was called an anti-semite once so I must be all wet. I’m also nearly blind from typing this on my blackberry.


  5. One man one vote in the West Bank and Israel would end it for Israel for sure. But the West Bank aside, what does J Street intend to do w/ Arab Israelis? It is apparent that the interviewee sees them as undesirable in a Jewish state. But think about it–in the 21st century these people are advocating an exclusive ethno-religious state, whereas they, the Jews, have been in the forefront of movements in Western countries to undermine that concept. They really do think they are exceptional, chosen people. America, qua America, is on the wrong side.

  6. it is a sad commentary in a finite world with a tenuous ecological balance, that the meek shall inherit the earth, if not the outright shameless.

  7. The interview with Isaac Luria at 20:03, is exactly why I don't support J-Street, his answer to you is so disgustingly racist…

    "I'm afraid that all it takes is one Palestinian to stand up and say, 'I want one vote within the whole land of Israel,' and given the way that the population numbers are going that the demographics of the situation it only takes a non violent one vote one person movement. And literally in five years is when the demographic tilt is gonna happen, there will be more Palestinians then there are Jews in the land of Israel- including the West Bank and Gaza. That will mean the end of Israel! And, uh, that's not my vision for Israel…"

    Replace Palestinian with Mexican, Israel with America, and Jew with White… BOOM! If someone where in the states were to say that they would be immediately called out as a Racist but we have an exclusion for Israel. Why? How can any Democratic State have the right to be exclusively a singularly controlled by a single ethnic identity? I hate to say it but anyone who thinks that you can have both are teetering on the dangerous line of the doctrine of ethnic supremacy and this is exactly the problem J-Street has.

    1. you and he have a fundamental disagreement on the purpose of the State of Israel. For him and for me, Israel is a 'safe haven'. The only place on the entire globe where Jews are not subject to the whims of a non-Jewish majority. The world has seen the deadly results of Jews *not* having a place they can be in the majority. Mexicans have Mexico. I'm sure your ethnic group has a place as well. Jews need one.

  8. Isaac Luria, please go and live in Israel. We have had enough with being pro-Israel. We like to take care of issues that concern Americans. It is sad that things like effects of depleted uranium that is affecting our troops, Iraqia and Afghans and Iranians dont concern you but the future of Israel. Israel is a rogue state to begin with and Israel is our foremost enemy. Dont try to push your agenda on Americans. Whether a Jew is a liberal or a conservative has no significance to Americans because it is all about Israel and I am sick and tired of your talking points: Israel is our ally and America needs to help Israel. No we dont need Israel.

  9. The jstreet guy was OK, but it still bothers me that they don't advocate a one-state solution. A 2-state solution is still a racists, apartheid state.

  10. J-Street, what a laugh. As if……Ooooh the ALTERNATIVE to AIPAC.
    Some alternative. How about a REAL alternative?
    How about no alternative and we have AIPAC register as an agent of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT because that's what they are!
    An agent of a FOREIGN government!

    Also, the quote should read "and the meek shall inherit the dirt" unless of course you happen to be a Palestinian and then you'll not get that either.

    I do not care about Israeli's.
    I do not care about Palestinians.
    I do not care about the Middle East, as it is a place of misery and superstition.
    Nothing good has ever come from that region and nothing good ever will.

    Equating the word "peace" with process in relation to the Middle East is an insult to anyone with an IQ that is in the triple digits.

  11. I get the impression Scott would like to take a D-7 cat dozer to the comment section from time to time.

    Still, I expected a Columbo-style hardball question at the end ("just one more question"). It didn't happen. Maybe next time?

  12. Kid glove treatment from Scott. Surprisingly so, I agree. Looks like – heaven forbid! – antiwar is up for offers in a certain quarter. Coherence with its history is called for here. J street style ambiguity and haziness definitely niot appreciated but that's what we got. No hardball on nuke arsenals, dual loyalty, the new infiltration laws, the whistleblower/spy case, just to mention the latest we were expecting answers on.

  13. You should have pushed him more on exactly what he mean that we need to put pressure on Iran to stop their nuclear program? Why stop it? It is peaceful and Iran is a member of the NPT, something that Israel cannot say.

    J street is just AIPAC with a 2 state solution. They want institutionalized segregation and are warmongers

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