Scott Horton Interviews Andy Worthington

Scott Horton, April 24, 2010

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Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files, discusses his website’s Guantanamo Habeas Week event that seeks to draw attention to government torture and lawlessness, the difficult-to-determine ratio of evil/incompetence at work in the Bush administration, the arbitrary roundup of “terrorists” in Afghanistan and Pakistan following the embarrassing bin Laden Tora Bora escape, the current score card of Guantanamo Habeas hearings, scaremongering Republican politicians and the end of Congressional oversight and checks and balances.

MP3 here. (51:18)

Andy Worthington writes for Counterpunch, the Future of Freedom Foundation and He is the author of The Guantanamo Files and blogs at His documentary movie Outside the Law: Stories From Guantanamo is available on DVD.

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  1. [...] On our 14th outing, the ever-indignant Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio and I discussed my “Guantánamo Habeas Week” project (now expanded as “Guantánamo Habeas Fortnight”), in which I put together an interactive list of the 47 cases decided in the last 19 months (34 of which have been won by the prisoners), since the Supreme Court granted the prisoners constitutionally guaranteed habeas corpus rights back in June 2008, and have been examining, in detail, the unclassified opinions made by judges in these cases in recent months. See “With Regrets, Judge Allows Indefinite Detention at Guantánamo of a Medic,” “Mohamedou Ould Salahi: How a Judge Demolished the US Government’s Al-Qaeda Claims,” and “Judge Rules Yemeni’s Detention at Guantánamo Based Solely on Torture” for articles to date. More articles will follow in the coming week. It was a pleasure to talk to Scott, as ever, and the 51-minute interview is available here. [...]

  2. Sir;Andy it’s not the official sir title from the queen but you did a lot of effort to deferentiate whats right and whats wrong thats why i choice sir for you, nice men days are gone with public servents accountability and transparency, we are becoming more isolated each other destruction death and war mongers are people who had the upper hand and please continue to make more noise, they may listen one day although i doubt

  3. Thank you Muruh, I agree with you

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