Chris Deliso


Journalist and author Chris Deliso discusses the multiple conflicting claims on the (regional/national/ethnic) identity of Macedonia, economic instability that threatens the Euro currency and the EU in general, the longstanding conflict between Turkey’s religious government and secular military, the lasting legacies of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires in Asia Minor and the possible incorporation of Kosovo into a Greater Albania.

MP3 here. (41:22)

Chris Deliso is an American journalist, travel writer and author concentrating on the Balkans and Southeast Europe, where he has lived and traveled for almost a decade. His criticisms of interventionist foreign policy can be found in his writings for, and in his recent work on the West’s failures to eradicate foreign-funded Muslim extremists in the Balkans, The Coming Balkan Caliphate: The Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West (Praeger Security International, 2007).

Mr. Deliso is the author of several travelogues, including Hidden Macedonia and Greece (Country Guide). He holds an MPhil with distinction in Byzantine Studies from Oxford University.

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