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Noah Shachtman, contributing editor at WIRED magazine, discusses evidence that Army spy planes were tracking the communications of Times Square bomber suspect Faisal Shahzad, Pentagon discussions on equipping ICBMs with conventional warheads for rapid global-strike capability, Chinese missile technology that may overwhelm the Aegis ship defense system and Predator drone attacks that have gone from targeting specific terrorist suspects to generalized killing.

MP3 here. (24:54)

Noah Shachtman is a contributing editor at WIRED magazine, and the editor of this little blog right here. He’s written for The New York Times, Slate, Salon, and The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, among others. Before become a journalist and national security dork, Shachtman worked as a professional bass player, book editor, and campaign staffer on Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign. He lives in New York City. And he ain’t leaving.

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  1. I´m sorry but the real reason is that the Pentagon for some 50 years have been aiming to obtain a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability according to former Trident missile engineer Bob According to Bob Aldridge the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously. Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 D5 obtain an accuracy of 30 meters or less. On the missiles to be deployed on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria and on land in Romania and Poland Bob Aldridge commented, "Whether on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike".

  2. Noah… so you're a native "New Yorker"…in other words, you're one more uneducated jerk from the East Coast who has never traveled or lived in the real world…

  3. Shachtman, just another gatekeeper and 9/11 denier like the rest of those bubbleheads at Wired.

    Scott, what so "great" about the interview that you wanna have him on every week?!

  4. Apparently the low comedy of all this is lost upon the targeted audience: shoe bombers, underwear bombers, bombers that cannot tell fertilizer from Shinola, exploding toothpaste tubes, and the rest.

    It definitely has the flavor of an old Twilight Zone episode.

    Is that a clue to who the scriptwriters are?

    Face it, folks, this is unfolding as a bad Grade B movie.

  5. It is hard to feel terrorized when you are laughing, lesterness.

    What's next, a foreskin bomb?

    The CIA better collect data on who is circumcised around the world and who isn't, before they go with that one, or they risk another red hand in the cookie jar, so to say.

    Maybe that's why they are hiring so many cultural anthropologists nowadays.

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