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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service, discusses the unusually pessimistic Pentagon report on US progress in Afghanistan, pre-announced military offensives that prevent major confrontations with the Taliban, Hillary Clinton’s heavy-handed approach to diplomacy with Pakistan, NY Times writer David Sanger’s sudden realization that US foreign policy does indeed have consequences and why Israel is hesitant to violate US-controlled Iraqi airspace to strike Iran.

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Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. As Gareth knows, splitting hairs between the Sanger position and the Gates position and the Obama position is a shameful attempt to continue the alternapundit pretense that Obama is a peacemaker, when the EXACT opposite is true. No one is pushing the administration to War. The administration is pushing to war. And it IS war that they are pushing to. For one thing, sanctions ARE war. And even if you want to argue that they are not, they are a steppingstone to war. So stop trying to provide political cover for Obama that helps tamp down Left opposition to Obama.

    1. Brilliant? You call Porter's despicable double talk trying to keep us from taking seriously the blatantly serious war propaganda buildup against Iran "brilliant". Some antiwar site this is. Yet another coopted site, yet another coopted alternapundit stooging for Obama.

      1. Porter says an israeli attack on Iran would wipe out everything Obama is trying to do? What is he trying to do, Liar? You know damn well he is making no real attempt to negotiate with Iran. In fact, he repeated REFUSES openly to negotiate, even attacking Brazil for trying to break the deadlock. And you KNOW that. So you are LYING, Gareth. And you know it too, Horton.

        Right. Antiwar. BULLSHIT.

        No one is more responsible for the insane buildup of war propaganda against Iran than Obama. He is driving this train, and we need to stop tolerating those who lie about that.

  2. I dont know why the United States is so against Israel removing Irans illeagal nuculear dreams . Israel removed Iraqs and Syria's with very little harm to anyone , includig Iraq and Syria . United States is still in Iraq and Afganistan and hasnt realy affected much . We have done tremendous damage ,killed thousands of people and accomplished allmost nothing . Israel accomplished what they set out to do in couple of hrs , we have made the situation much worse for evreyone and spent Billions of dollars to accomplish nothing . Let Israel manage the middle east by themselves without our less than worthless advice .

    1. Us attacking Iraq and Afghanistan is Israel's plan to manage the middle-east. Their assassinations and military strikes just didn't do the job, as the Arab countries could always rebuild. The Israelis needed regime change. There is no chance an air strike will stop anything Iran is doing (or could possible do in the future). So, bring in the big dumb USA, at the expense of the American people of course.

      1. I don't blame Israel for our attacks against Iraq or afganistan , I blame Bush and the oil companies . Israel was the only country supporting the Bosnian Serbs in Bosnia . I think you might be able to blame the United States and Israel for Georgia's attack against South Ossettia . The only reason I say this , is becuase Geogia's military had US and Israeli advisers during this attack . Russia sure creamed them , I guess the world found out the bear is back . I dont think Russia is a rogue bear either . actually a friendly more honest bear .

        1. I do blame the Israel Lobby for our attack against Iraq. Iraq was the last military power in the middle-east that could even threaten the Zionists and so the owned media got us all scared enough to attack the poor Iraq's over WMD, which only Israel actually has.

          Those who attacked us in NYC were motivated because our foreign entanglement with Israel, so ending up in Af-Pak is another consequence of the Lobby. People need to check out the Mershiemer and Walt book.

          If you really look at it, its all about Zionism.

    2. Eric S, "Israel removed Osirak with "very little harm to anyone?" As a result of Osirak attack, Saddam went underground with even more frantic quest for nuclear tech. to defend against ANOTHER Israeli-ish attack. Saddam's nuclear quest caused Iran to fear a nuclear armed Iraq, so Iran ramped up ITS nuclear development.
      Because of Saddam's nuclear activities, US felt compelled to rein in its former ally, and Iraq was targeted. The mothers of 500,000 dead Iraqi children would not agree that "very little harm" resulted from Israel's rogue behavior, nor the subsequent destruction of Iraq by US 'liberation.'

      Your first point, "Iran's illegal nuclear dreams." Iran's nuclear programs ARE NOT ILLEGAL. Iran's nuke facilities are under inspection regime by IAEA; the UN Sanctions are Catch-22s ginned up by US to give cover for the US/Israel agenda all along: the dispossession of Iranian resources and decapitation of Iranian government so that Israel can be the hegemon in the area.

      Listen to Ian Lustick, a Jew, explain Israel's insanity/hysteria re Iran:

  3. I don't mind lettin Israel doin what they want as u say but if thats the case than THEY NEED TO STOP RAPING US TAXPAYERS $4,000,000,000 A YEAR IN MILITARY AID. Israel wants the US to fail so no one can stop their atrocities like Deir Yassin, Sabra, Shatila, and Jenin. I think we need to transfer our troops to defend the Palestinian civilians against the Israeli Nazis who steal their land on a daily basis.

  4. I have heard that Israel steals Palenstinians land before . Of course Jews say they do not steal land they say they buy it from some palestinian , But many muslims believe that once land is owned by a muslim it cant be sold to anybody other than a muslim . I dont consider this a reasonable belief . If this is the way Israel is stealing land , I don't consider it Stolen . But there are other ways too , such as cutting off water , building blockades closing roads , exhorbant taxes , and ect . Justce has to be equal before the law or it is the same as stealing .

    1. well, Jews apparently did own 7% of Palestine in 1948, but now have 78% of original mandate Palestine. They did NOT legally acquire or buy all of that 71% difference!

      check this out for details:

      And don't forget Israel's absentee landlord laws….first they prevent Palestinians from accessing their land, then use that law to confiscate it. AND there's also the Jewish National Fund which only allocates land to Jews (which of course is purely racist, like so much in Israel).

      I have never heard of Muslims only selling to Muslims. Wouldn't be a very good business practice in places where Muslims aren't a majority…not enough buyers!
      Here in my country (Australis), a former "politician", Pauline Hanson, recently refused to SELL to a Muslim. She is strongly anti-immigration/racist, but wants to move to England!!! I wonder if she'll buy from a non-white, non-Christian.

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