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Tracey Harmon, member of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance, discusses her reasons for joining – and then leaving – the military, the influence of Ron Paul and Adam Kokesh on her adoption of libertarian non-aggression ethics, working with an NGO in Iraq to document the human rights abuses against the Kurds and where G.I. resisters can find resources and support networks.

MP3 here. (17:16)

Tracey Harmon is a member of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance and Iraq Veterans Against the War. She was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector by the Army.

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  1. Thank God someone finally has the courage to say that Christianity and War cannot mix. I am a religious conscientious objector and am disheartened by the bloodlust of christians in the U.S. military; a soul-crushing mix of the love of Jesus with the hatred of Hajis. Angela handled the subject well.

    I really have a hard time with the military chaplain corps. I wish the interview would have touched more on the underlying religious motivations of the U.S. officer corps, chaplains and brass. Many are hard right evangelical christians who are bound and determined to convert muslims to Christ, even though this violates General Order #1.

    And since I donated to Antiwar, I'll make a suggestion; interview George E. Lowe, a former officer in the Air Force who wrote a book called 'It Can Happen Here'. Bruce Wilson over at Talk2Action has some YouTube interviews with him. He saw this whole religious right aspect of the military years ago.
    Very good interview.

  2. Have the christian petitioned their government to make it a crime to try to influence and convert others to their beliefs ? Have christians worked to forbid the government chaplins from using the name of christ or Jesus in any prayers . This means there are no legal christian chaplins , just chaplins .
    How many christians are left in Iraq , Lebanon , or even Bethlahem . I dont agree the christians are abusing the other religions by telling them about Jesus . I do think other religions are abusing their own followers by killing them , if the accept christianity .

  3. If there is a war with Iran(I pray it will not happen), we who are Biblical Christians will probably be the best at coping with oil/gas shortages, and other consequences. That’s because we are less materialistic and can live without many of the material things we have. It comes to choice and focus for our lives. We chose God not man or the world.

  4. Chaldean Christianity existed in Iraq for 2000 years, most of it with Muslim neighbors. Killing them only became chic when the Christian Generals invaded Iraq on their crusade for oil and Israeli terror and vengeance against Islam. The blood of the Chaldeans rest on Bush and Cheney and their neo-con horde of psychopaths in the government. Who knows how much Obama is going to have to wash off. Pelosi and Reid are awash in blood. Change has to come from the bottom up.

    1. Obama is really no better than Bush or Cheney, he is just as evil and corrupt as them, just not as "Christian". He hasnt done anything about endeing the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, he is actually prolonging it. I think the blaming game has to start and we have to face forward with someone who will face todays problems and not blame their predecessors

  5. Make no mistake about intentions here, because if there is a war with Iran/Islam, Americans and others WILL embrace, advocate, and spread Biblical Christianity to DEFEND ourselves.

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