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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service, discusses the just-disclosed US demand that Iran must stop all uranium enrichment before any negotiations are conducted, why further UN Security Council sanctions would need to be toothless to gain support from Russia and China, Hillary Clinton’s bad faith diplomacy that is weakening the US sphere of influence, parallels between US mission creep in Vietnam and Afghanistan and increasing evidence that US foreign policy decisions are made without regard for consequences.

MP3 here. (26:22)

Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. Stopping Iranian ships, Gareth, is definitely approaching to a blockade and reportedly that is exactly what Russia and China have agreed to. In any case, for China and Russia to agree to sanctions at all amounts to agreeing to US war, as we saw in the case of Iraq. And Gareth, how is a "diplomatic lie, a political lie" different from a lie? It isn't. And while it's sweetly tolerant of Gareth to assume that Israel was just 'mistaken' about Bushere for years, it's absurd to suppose that Israel was just being a little dense. No, Gareth, they were lying, just as they are now. And re. Pakistan, it's nice to claim that Obama doesn't want more US boots on the ground, but as you know, Gareth, the Obama administration has already apparently seen increasing US boots on the ground and that evidently IS part of what they want. How many and in what guise? That's another question.

    But kudos, Gareth, on the excellent observation that we in the US have long since become inured to the idea that we don't have to worry about consequences of our actions. There is a 'triumph of the will' aspect to this. Excellent point.

    1. Note that Russia has a land border with Iran. While China does not, it's borders are not far away. Neither needs ships to buy and sell with Iran.

  2. not one mention of the zionist/jewish lobby's that are behind this push against Iran. I wonder why anti war would not talk about it?

    1. For the same reason the Israel Lobby is never mentioned at — we’re a secret front for the Mossad, who only pretend to oppose war with Iran. Duh.

      See, the internet has a gate on it. And we are the keepers of that gate. Whatever does not get published at has no chance of ever seeing the light of day. In fact, we’re the cause of the war against Iraq too. It’s a brilliant scheme ain’t it?

      1. That's not really true. Justin Raimondo has taken on the Israel Lobby repeatedly. In general, it's true that Antiwar has not said as much as it could have, but they have to protect themselves too. Be patient and let the campaign move forward gradually.

    2. How come nobody at antiwar (even the insane jew-haters) wants to mention the elephant in the living room, the 10s of millions of US Dispensationalists, eager for Armeggeddon, the Rapture, the Second Coming of Jesus? Probably because it would involve learning all about a distasteful sub-culture and a whole new bizarre ideology.

      1. Because the "dispensationalists" are slaves to the power of the political groupings that manipulate them. They are largely under the control of a cooperative venture between the corporate greed-mongers who fund the Republican (and in great measure as well the Democratic) Parties and the pro-Israel Jewish Neo-cons. The "dispensationalists" provide these two powerful interests with foot-soldiers and keep the Republican Party broadly competitive in terms of numbers with the Democrats. It doesn't matter what the conservative Christians want. They are led around on a leash by their intellectual and financial masters.

  3. Scott,

    Your anger is understandable. Obviously, you and others at sincerely believe you are
    doing your best to expose the lies of what you call the War Party.

    But many of your readers and listeners are also justifiably concerned that you don't go far enough.

    For example, why have you not had any of the following on your show?

    Jeff Gates, author of Guilt By Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War.

    Gordon Duff, Sr. Editor of Veterans Today.

    Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College.

    Is it that you haven't heard of them? Or is it because they are not afraid to identify the common source of the War Party's lies?

    — Debbie Menon

    1. Debbie, Jews do not rule the world. If they did, they would protect themselves better. Anti-jew nuts need to grow up, take responsibility for their own mistakes. If you or dvdcfd go out and get the clap tonight, it's your fault, not some gal in Tel Aviv's. Ditto stupid US policies in the Middle East. Our leaders (mostly Protestants, by the way) make their own mistakes for their own reasons.

  4. "Jews do not control the world". Right Lesterness, they only control Hollywood, All the news outlets minus the Internet, most if not all of the world banking, the TV, radio and the very obediant capital hill, all the way to and including the White House. Much of the porno industry, etc, etc. Apperantly Debbie just doesn't beans about what she's talking about. Stand by your Madoff's, Lesterness. Having said that, the majority of American Jews are pretty much in the dark about who's pulling the strings and how perfectly evil the string-pullers are. They are blinded by their faith in their tribe. And for those blind-faithers they will hold on to that demented world to the very end, witness Israel.

  5. Scott, get over the juvenile "it's-all-Woodrow-Wilson's-fault" kick. Wilson was just a typical leader of a burgeoning empire. The problem is imperial hubris, and if Wilson didn't start it, someone else would have. For example, what about making it all McKinley's fault for the invasion of Philippines & Puerto Rico, or Monroe's for the Monroe Doctrine? The U.S. has always been an empire, its first conquest having been the "lower 48." It's always felt itself duty-bound to stick its nose into everyone else's affairs, and Wilson may have been more articulate than most prezes, but he was by no means the only one who did it.

    1. I never meant to say that the US wasn't an empire before Wilson. I know you know I know better than that. The point about Wilson is the unbroken chain of the disasters left behind creating the excuses for the next interventions on down the line. I should have said that it's all McKinley's fault for conquering the Philippines…

  6. The world needs another American war like the world needs Israel. How is it that after the Jews suffer major human calamity they inflict a similar calamity on the Palestinians people. Should we remember the suffering of Jews but deny and ignore the suffering the Zionists have caused the Palestinians?

  7. Debbie: The Jews have done a good job of protecting themselves. It is time for Israel to grow up and start to abide by UN Resolution 194. Not doing so does put them at great risk.

  8. I'd like to present this masterpiece of the many by James Petras, another one of the many stalwarts completely ignored by Mainstream US Media, Making Nuclear Extermination Respectable, in which he criticizes the New York Times for publishing and lending credibility and validity to Dr. Benny Morris' insane advocacy of a nuclear attack on Iran.

    His remark on the "…degree to which Zionofascism has infected the 'higher' cultural and journalist circles of the United States…." is most appropriate and spot on! He refers to a cancer which has infected the body of the entire United States of America, and which is being fed and spread by organs such as the Times who are vulnerable to pressures of corporate advertising and business, in much the same way the same cancer is being fed and propagated by AIPAC and other K Street lobbying influences in Washington.

    The only cure for this fatal disease, if it is not already too late for cure, is public education,… dissemination of information, the truth, and the story of what is actually happening in America today. Will heed the call ?


  9. Debbie, I think your prognosis is correct; "………if it is not already too late for cure". The ONLY thing we counter war advocates have is the Internet and the full use of that tool. has some quality people working for it, but when it comes to the full utilization of that tool they put up a wall of denial about what really caused the war in the first place. The overwhelming evidence of who, what and how the World Trade Center was turned into powder. If Justin Raimondo is the obstacle then perhaps it's time for him to retire. I make monthly contributions to three other "war opposition" websites but I refuse to do so for because of their continuation to indorse the official 911 story-line.

  10. 9/11 and Iraq

    Google and Read Maidhc Ó Cathail: Writing and Analysis.We need more stuff like this which names the villains behind the curtain and illustrates how they pull the strings on the puppets in Washington, and project the shadows on the wall of the cave, which the Americans think are their real Representatives in the US Congress.

    It all begins right there on Capitol Hill, and that is where the solutions lies buried.


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