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Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondent for The Independent, discusses the failure of Iraqi elections to create a functional government, inadequate basic services in Iraq after seven years of occupation, the tendency of countries with oil-based economies to become dictatorships and why the Kurds are better served in the short term by continued autonomy rather than an independent state.

MP3 here. (26:57)

Patrick Cockburn was awarded the 2009 Orwell Prize for political writing in British journalism. He is the Middle East correspondent for The Independent and a frequent contributor to Cockburn is the author of The Occupation: War, Resistance and Daily Life in Iraq and Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Battle for the Future of Iraq.

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  1. Amazing what we did in Irak… destroy this country for the next century. I have a friend from there…and it's amazing listening talking, not about the war but after the war.

  2. Iraq suffers from a 'Congolese-style of corruption'? How snooty! Yearning for the days of the Raj,
    Cockburn is really describing a pure American-style corruption – completely destructive and grotesque – Pol Pot in cowboy boots…slaughtering or exiling all the educated and competent Iraqis with leadership experience. Look at every occupied colony of the US – Kosovo, Haiti, Nicaragua, Philippines, Afghanistan, as well as Iraq..and admire the most thuggish, ignorant, dysfunctional puppet elites in the world. Mega-unemployment, mega-misery, mega-death squads, mega-corruption… Cockburn whines about Iraqi politicians…'out to feather their own nests…' These are precisely the ones the US chose to put in power – in order the shred Iraqi society.

  3. Really all the Bush administration did to Iraq was to finish the destruction of the country. When Bush 1 came to power he invaded Iraq – after Iraq invaded Kuwait (because Kuwait was illegally drilling on an angle to siphon off Iraq oil) Bush 1 bombed it's infrastructure and left sanctions (that Clinton enforced) -that completely impoverished the country. The sanctions were so bad women were having still born babies because the water was not chlorinated ( a dual use technology) and bacteria were present causing infections). When asked about the over 500,000+ killed by the sanctions Madeleine Albright said (ignominiously) that it was 'worth it.' So Iraq is a tragedy of epic proportions.

  4. You know, Scott, after the first Iraq war, Saddam Hussein had the electric plants up and running in THREE MONTHS.

    1. Possibly because he would have engineers tortured and killed if they DIDN'T succeed whereas nowadays engineers are tortured and killed if they DO succeed.

  5. We totally destroyed Iraq and that was the Zionist-Neo Con-Israeli plan all the while – mission accomplished!

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