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Former CIA and DIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses press reports that attempt to link Iran with al-Qaeda and build the case for war, the danger of a new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran based on perceived intentions rather than facts, neocon Frank Gaffney’s tireless warmongering and why Israel may have an opportunity to attack Iran in August.

MP3 here. (30:23)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and a fellow at the American Conservative Defense Alliance. He writes regularly for

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  1. The case would be the same if Israel attacks before or after August 1. In both cases the US would be complicit in not attacking Israeli bombers in Iraqi airspace. That´s enough for total all-out war for a hundred years more or less. It may have the advantage that we can then maybe alltogether avoid the big one, all-out nuclear war because of first-strike capability+Launch On Warning=Nuclear War by mistake.

  2. Philip Giraldi ? wow, another CIA government op's guy who, along with every person working for and with who says 911 wasn't an inside job. Yea buddy !! Them Arabs sure did a good job standing down NORAD huh?. How many CIA DoD, NSA, FBI ADL guys "contribute" here at antiwar I wonder.

    Serious folks, these people here mix lies with truth on purpose to try and deceive people. They are paid to tell you LIES. Dont believe me? find an article or radio show that proves me wrong. They tell you 19 guys in a cave brought down all 3 towers in New York and hit the pentagon, yep, 19 arabs brought the single largest most powerful military ever in the whole of history to it's knees on 911

    I hope to GOD you never donate any money to this PSY OP'S front co

    check this out, In the article published today on this site by ray McGovern, titled "Dirty Linen Gets Intel Chief Fired" we posted in the comments that one time contributor to this site world renown writer -Paul Craig Roberts: did a video with a news outlet on how he was censored here. How he couldn't even say anything about 911, he couldn't even write a story about anything that sought to even raise questions about some of the lies of 911.

    Yea we posted the link to the video on the comment page and these PSY OP CIA chumps deleted the comment about it !! HA HA HA HA, Talk about them being scared huh? well here is the kink again to the video, listen at the end where he says particularly this site is who he was censored by and how he points right out to everyone what you should already know.

    These people here are GATEKEEPERS

    1. "19 arabs brought the single largest most powerful military ever in the whole of history to it's knees on 911"

      That's because they used all powerful Gundams built in secret in the Caves of Tora Bora to fight through our 15 Carrier Strike Forces. These Saudis are pretty much "fuck yeah"!

      Take your lithium and all will be fine.

    2. Hey, I think you are on the wrong track here. Giraldi actually expressed general support for folks who are concerned about government conspiracies, and did not exclude 911 from that. He was actually generally supportive. We can work with that. What we can't work with are the Raimondos and Cockburns who actively dismiss and denigrate 'truthers'.

      1. Well if Giraldi would just come right out and say it instead of beating around the bush, alot of people wouldn;t feel the way we do about him. Saying if the government would just open up the books and classified info it had on "episodes" that have happened throughout the US history (including 911), isn't the same as just saying all evidence points to 911 being an inside job. See we don't need the feds to open up their "info books" to dispel anything, we KNOW 911 was a lie and the only info they are keeping under wraps is their own involvement in it..

        Giraldi should just say that after looking at all the evidence, it's apparent the Government was involved in 911. Every person I have met EVER since 911 who looked at the facts agreed that it was a lie

        Giraldi shows his true colors by not speaking truth to the lies, but when your on the CIA payroll and working for a government funded dis info website called antiwar, well, you do what your paid to do.

        Who runs this site? is it Germans? Turks? Italians, no.. Take a guess , here's a hint- It rhymes with PEW, , now u got your answer why it's all a big lie here at that psy ops dis info site

  3. Oh Yea,, – You'll notice if you read that article I was talking about by Ray Mcgovern that Ray McGovern too is a CIA agent. Lets see if my comment here about Paul Craig Roberts: and the link to his video gets deleted too.

    1. Psych-Ops front is that why they exposed and wrote about the US supporting Islamic terrorism in the Balkans during the 90's when every other website and media outlet were portraying Muslims as innocent victims of Serb aggression as well as other contemporary issues like the Georgian war and states like Belarus, Ukraine and coloured revolutions going against the grain?

      They may not delve into 9/11 which snowballs into ridiculous theories like missiles hitting the Pentagon or no planes hitting the towers or mini-nukes used to bring them down but Raimondo did write a good article that he wrote saying he believed Mossad aided the 9/11 attacks.

      Raimondo seems to be one of the only investigative journalists that actually does investigative work.

      1. LOL, No missile hit the pentagon? wow !! I cant believe how easy it was to fit a Boeing passenger jet into a 16 foot wide hole in the pentagon. How easy it was to make those 6 ton TITANIUM jet engines to just evaporate into thin air. I take it either you never spent even one hour researching the pentagon attack or your a dis info agent.

        next you will try to tell us that the Coroner on scene in shanksville Pennsylvania when the plane 'supposedly" went down, was blind when he said he never saw one body, no body parts or not even one single drop of blood . And everyone on scene saying there was ZERO evidence of a plane crashing there was drunk huh?

        your a tool and a fool if you think you can fool anyone over 5 years old with half a brain.

        Go tell your trainers you need more training

        1. Yaa…!! I'm with funny on this one…. The Pentagon strike was definitely fishy… Where are the Pentagon roof videos..?? Where are the freeway traffic videos..?? The Marriot videos Where is the plane??? and of course the engines.. Here is a clue… AND have YOU seen all the FAKE photos the DOD put out to make things support the official story?? Be sure to take the tour of all the fakes the DOD posted online…!!!!!

  4. I saw that too. I watched the video that was linked and when I came back to comment on it, the comment and video link was deleted. . now that I know this place push;s the cover up of 911 and is full of feds, and that this site is just an operation that also try's to get people to donate their money, I'll let everyone I know who visits here know the truth.


  5. Hell yea, notice in this audio when Giraldi brings up 911 ole scotty boy changed the subject and when he came back to it, he said 911 was blow back. In other words, osama carried out 911 for what the US Government had done

    . LOL this site sux, IM outta here suckers

  6. The U.S. should deny Iraqi airspace to Israel. If Israel defies us, their planes should be blown the hell out of the sky.

    Frank Gaffney and his Israel front organization can go to hell.

    Yes, you may be sure that the Israel-firsters are pushing for a National Intelligence Estimate that’s skewed in favor of neocon lies.

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  8. As far as 9/11 goes there is no fantastic conspiracy involving thermite, rockets and disappearing planes you just have to research and read the official court cases in Bosnia, Turkey, Germany and those involved in the law suit in US courts regarding 9/11 like those representing John O’Neil and what Atta and the other hijackers where doing while in Florida as well as the official 9/11 Commission report that they were recruited to fight in Chechnya through this Bosnian-Chechen network running through Europe and North America.

    1. no fantastic conspiracy involving thermite?

      The conspiracy is you trying to suggest other wise and convince people that this event of 911 was not a conspiracy and a big lie.

      You can run off at the mouth all you want, but your a tool who ftools very few. Your a liar and a shill

      people should watch "911 missing links" or "fabled enemy's " Theres so much info out there that shows 911 to be a lie.

      To fight evil – your name should be to lie and deceive

      even antiwars own past writers say this place censors the truth

      One of the greatest reporters of our time says so to – check out Paul Craig Roberts:

  9. This explains a lot why they were not put on terrorist watch lists, why Atta travelled to the Czech Rep, why Hasan Cengic a senior member of the SDA party in Bosnia during the 90’’s who wired money to Atta and has not been charged with accessory to the 9/11 attacks and Abdullah Bin Ladin who Atta and KSM operated through his Benevolence Fund since the Bosnia war and his stay in Florida and charged by Bosnia’s own court in 2002 from pressure from the US when connections where made to Bosnia and the 9/11 attack to have been running terrorist training camps for Chechen militants and why despite being on surveillance by every domestic security service they stayed in they were never arrested or uncovered.

    1. yea, they were all working for the CIA during bosnia and when they pulled off the lies of 911 and blamed it on 19 guys in a cave. all these guys were agents and used to help pull off 911. why would they arrest their own guys when they did exactly as they were told/

      your stupid

  10. I think it's a bit naive to blame everything on the Israel lobby. It's not that I don't think that the Israel lobby is INCREDIBLY powerful and up to no good. I think they are. But I think there is a much larger nexus of interests here, a puzzle in which the Israel Lobby is just a piece, albeit a key piece.

    1. Eppie, Follow the jigsaw puzzle. Central banks (i.e rothschild) infect Europe; young America is a threat to their monopoly; after aborted attempts Rothchild and its agents establish the Federal Reserve; the Fed prints money, dictates economic cycles, and consolidates wealth among its cronies; the cronies mutate, multiply and buy american industry and politicians; the culture is sabotaged; fast forward to 2010 the FED, NY BANKS; and CITY OF LONDON BANKS destroy the world economy and bought politicians leave the debt with the working people.

      Who is the Israeli Lobby? Mostly good people who have been manipulated to serve the monied oligarchs. Who are the monied oligarchs? The same familes (Rothschild dynasty) that control the Federal Reserve; Bank of England, Bank of International Settlements, etc..

      Whats the connection? A desire for One world government. Run by a chosen few. Serving the whims of an even smaller group of sadists.

      Read the Balfour declaration. Discover who was the recipient of that document. Connect the dots.

  11. At any rate, 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit from Uni of Copenhagen,-he was interviewed on Danish TV 2 News-have found traces of nano-thermite, they estimate that a lot was used-in the rubble/dust from WTC. That´s a scientific fact: Nano-thermite was used. Science is science – or what ? What luck the Russians didn´t attack that day. Why didn´t NORAD work ? Any explanation ? Was an exercise about planes hitting WTC really taking place at the same time as the actual attack – if that can be verified what a strange coincidence indeed, that is if it´s really a coincidence. The worst terror attack may be US Army killing of some 6,000 unarmed civilians in Ciudad de Panama in 1989. In Fallujah babies are born with two heads because of US Depleted Uranium weapons as revenge for killing three contractors and putting them high up on a bridge heads down. The US has become what it fought in WW 2. Mercenaries from Colombia, Chile, South Africa, and so on and mostly poor, ignorant, stupid, brutal, brainwashed blacks from the South. They must wake up and realize that the US is the worst country in the world, not the best as they are brainwashed to believe. Yanks, go home. You are not wanted outside your borders.

  12. The question is, who put the kibosh on's investigative research on the 911's REAL story ? Well, the editor-n-chief is usually the one who says it's a go or no-go. Justin Raimondo motives may not be all that conspiratorial but simply economical. Second question should be, how many paid speeches does Justin round out the year with ? Third question, how many speeches would be dropped due to the pressure from Israel-first Jews ? Justin certainly would'nt like the moniker "Truther Nut" or "bunch of crazies". No money in that is there ? It's a sad day if true.

  13. .
    Its not that Cockburn and Ramaindo do not question 9-11; its that they are afraid of being labeled kooks, madhatters and nuts and cannot come to terms with the frightening reality that our government routinely murders its own citizens to simply futher a political objective.

    As for me, I would rather be called a kook than to live as a coward.


  14. Bob on the new missiles on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria, on land in Romania and Poland by 2015, "Whether on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike". Of course, this leads to Launch On Warning and Nuclear War by mistake. Do they still ignore Nuclear Winter in the Pentagon ? For that reason Brigadier Harbottle called them "bloody fools" in the Pentagon. If they still ignore Nuclear Winter, they are really indeed bloody fools. But indications are that they still don´t pay attention to Nuclear Winter in the Pentagon. A recent study by Uni of Colorado shows that 100 Hiroshima-size explosions are enough to produce Nuclear Winter. So, forget about First-Strike Capability or any more nukes. Nuclear Winter will finish us off anyway.

  15. I'm as much a Truther, proud of it, as the rest of you guys. I think your attacks on Philip Giraldi and even Ray McGovern are way off base. Giraldi has pushed the Edmonds case don't forget.

    I think the emphasis should be not that 9/11 was an inside job, but rather that the official story can be shown to be false, and that we need a real investigation. Remember, put them on the defensive.

    For instance, I have no idea what happened at the Pentagon or in Shanksville. It's obvious that no 757 hit the Pentagon in a million years. The Pentacon video, while I have a really hard time accepting the fly over theory to be accurate, those interviews of the eye-witnesses so contradict the official story, the official story cannot possibly be true. And the "Let's Roll" mythology is just downright silly.

    We need to keep the pressure on for a new investigation.

  16. Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen, after examining some of the dust from WTC with 8 colleagues for 18 months (to be absolutely sure). "not the planes but nano-thermite brought down the three buildings". Who has access to nano-thermite ? Hardly Bin Laden. I read somewhere that 3 jews died, statistically it should have been close to 300. And the Israeli "art students" who filmed the event as it happened on a hill outside N.Y. Strange that they knew it was going to happen. Is it true that the owner, a jew, and his two sons didn´t work that day, indicating foreknowledge ? At any rate, the planes were probably flown by remote control. Is there any actual proof that any hi-jacker was on the planes ?
    The worst terror attack may be US Army killing of some 6,000 unarmed citizens in Panama City in December 1989.

  17. Putting aside 911 for a moment : Giraldi recited the mantra of the US "still being the best country in the world in some ways" or an equivalent phrase.

    I'm curious to know in what particular ways Giraldi thinks today's USA is better than any other country.
    Scott: perhaps the next time a guest recites this empty homily, you could ask for specifics.

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