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Eric Garris, founder and director of, discusses the highly restrictive Gaza blockade that subjects 1.5 million residents to collective punishment for electing Hamas, Israel’s surprisingly violent attack on the aid flotilla after allowing half of the previous attempts to pass through, the timid official US response (amid a chorus of international condemnation) to Israel’s killing of humanitarian aid volunteers and why Israel has likely lost its key alliance with Turkey.

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Eric Garris is the founder, managing editor, director and webmaster of

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  1. Not too long ago the media made a big deal about Obama bowing to , I believe it was the Japanese emperor, but now after Israel commits war crimes against innocent civilians Obama looks down at his shoelaces. Why? Because an American president is not allowed to look at Israel's P.M. in the eye. And instead of jumping on Obama for this humiliation, the media rushes in to cover up the massacre, including of course, old reliable NPR which hasn't taken an honest look at Israel in well over 20 years. They're just about ready to call for medals of honor for the commandos who killed the 'terrorist peace activists, or as they like to say "the so-called peace activists'.

  2. Good discussion. The deeper meaning of this has to do with corporatist fascism, with the idea that if ordinary citizens do not fall in line with what power elites demand, they will forced. And if they demand that an entire population be forced into a huge prison camp, then any protest against such brutality will be treated the way a bug would be treated. This is how the US response should be understood. If you pay attention to what the US is saying, it is saying that there is NO legitimate recourse outside of systems of recourse SET UP BY THE OPPRESSORS THEMSELVES, and that any attempt to seek other recourse essentially DESERVES WHATEVER PUNISHMENT IT GETS, ALL THE WAY UP TO LETHAL PUNISHMENT.

    This is yet another radical moment in the erection of the Global Corporatist Fascist Empire. Look at Clinton's face, listen to her tone of voice. That is the psychology of power. We are all cockroaches to Hillary.

    1. One could also speculate, that these more and more one-eyed actions might be a clear signal, that the grasp of control is faltering. With such few back alive (though of course percentually more among leaders) things like WW2 or Holocaust bears no relevance to later generations. They see for themselves (at least outside USA) as demonstrated by the reactions to these last acts of state terrorism.

      But if control is slipping, one might hope for real as opposed to hollowly spinned change.

      Since in most civilized countries the population has a word on the school curriculum, why doesn't youngsters get trained to observe, dissicate and oppose spin? That could be one important blow for the power people's living conditions. Another subject: to learn to notice the trick of SCANDALIZING opponents eg. to derail any discussion of justice or accountability or decision on an issue. I am thinking about such things as longer term weapons for cleaning up the political spheres, whereas the otherwise justified momentarily outcries leaves people vulnerable – since they get off balance by this anger.

  3. NPR would be better named IPR. They've given up any pretense of being fair and objective. They are being pulled into the gravitational black hole, which is FOX News. "We decide, you listen"

  4. I don't think anyone's going to be scared off. The only ones frightened by Israel are Western politicians.

    1. Damn straight, Benjamin. When an event like this happens it doesn't cause pacifists to run. It causes their numbers to SWELL.

      Next time (and there WILL be a next time) the volunteers will still be unarmed but they're not suicidal. It IS international waters. The Turkish Navy has every right to be and is absolutely itching to be in the "neighborhood" to say to the Zionists, "Go ahead… Make my day."

      The Zionists have just bought themselves a (whole new) world of hurt.

  5. In a sense, the flotilla massacre should not have come as a surprise to anyone who know Israel. They have shown the world over the years that they don't treat others as human beings. You found that behavior in 2003 when they just ran a bulldozer over American activist Rachel Corrie when she stood between a house and the bulldozer; in 1967, they raid from air and sea in open daylight an American naval ship, the USS LIBERTY, killing and wounding dozens of U.S. navy men, claiming they didn't know it was an American ship. Talk about evil country, this is one, if not the only one, at least for now.

  6. We mustn't forget that Egypt plays it's role of poodle on Israels leash. Time for them to grow some gonads and let those poor people have what they need. The Egyptians are part of the problem.

  7. Israel gets away with its criminality and depravity because it hides behind America’s apron strings.

    Cut off American life support. Let the Zionists wither on the vine. . . .

  8. its time to STOP FUNDING Israel with our tax dollars, call your congressman and demand no Israel funding with your tax dollars.

  9. Let's not forget that Obeyme's Chief of Staff is the son of an Irgun Terrorist. How much influence ya think he has on the Little God King???

  10. What is the difference between the Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza? Remember, they didn't start by extermination. It started with Germans walling them in and only allowing certain entry and exit for work and only some food.

  11. “What is the difference between the Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza?”

    The Nazis never banned teddy bears from the Warsaw Ghetto.

  12. How can anybody listen to this and not wish for the destruction of the state of Israel? At the very least, the US should sever diplomatic relations with Israel, and stop support of all kinds. But that can never happen while so many Cristian Zionists continue to have so much influence. I am just left with an impotent rage.

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