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Internationally syndicated columnist Eric Margolis discusses the indications that US military action in Pakistan will soon escalate beyond drone missile strikes, the ignorance and arrogance of American strategists and policy makers, Israel’s hard working (and busy) propaganda machine and how the US government’s continued willingness to apologize for Israel increases the risk of another 9/11.

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Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist. His articles appear in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Times of London, the Gulf Times, the Khaleej Times and Dawn. He is a regular columnist with the Quebecor Media Company and a contributor to The Huffington Post. He appears as an expert on foreign affairs on CNN, BBC, France 2, France 24, Fox News, CTV and CBC.

As a war correspondent Margolis has covered conflicts in Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Sinai, Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Pakistan, El Salvador and Nicaragua. He was among the first journalists to ever interview Libya’s Muammar Khadaffi and was among the first to be allowed access to KGB headquarters in Moscow. A veteran of many conflicts in the Middle East, Margolis recently was featured in a special appearance on Britain’s Sky News TV as “the man who got it right” in his predictions about the dangerous risks and entanglements the US would face in Iraq.

Margolis is the author of War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet and American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World.

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  1. The israeli assault on the human rights convoy was not only a political suicide, but also a tactical one.

    These idiots actually tried to fast rope down onto a moving ship and hijack it, in the middle of the night, on international waters where such actions are acts of piracy and the people on the boats have the right to defend themselves by all means necessary…

    What kind of commander would order something like that?

  2. Madoff'z stole $M and went against Quran..they live in retired Nice Beach housez , BP+ stole $T & posion the earth..they live in palaces around Xe world…Welcome to Umar Adl Empire.

  3. Un101:Saddam posion the boycut-fined-killed for 20yrs…PB posion the temp OPS for 2minTV ad…..Israel occupied-killed falastini's for 100yrs…got more OPEC expansionZ..Falastin got support from Freedom lovers..57islamicNOT farms choose U$ deen

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