Scott Horton Interviews Alan Grayson

Scott Horton, June 04, 2010

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Florida Congressman Alan Grayson discusses his “War Is Making You Poor” bill that seeks to limit war spending and cut income taxes, how ending war spending on Afghanistan would free up enough money to eliminate federal taxes on income under 35k/year, why Israel’s blockade of Gaza is simply to keep Hamas from obtaining weapons.

MP3 here. (23:29)

Congressman Alan Grayson was born and grew up in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. He graduated with high honors from Harvard College, worked as an economist, then returned to Harvard. In four years, Alan earned a J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School, a master’s degree from the Harvard School of Government, and finished all of the course work and passed the general exams for a Ph.D. in Government. His master’s thesis focuses on gerontology. He went on to be a founding member of the Alliance for Aging Research.

In the early 1990s Alan took leave from the practice of law and started a business. He was the first President of IDT Corp., a telecom/internet company, which is now a Fortune 1000 company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Congressman Grayson was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008, serving Florida’s 8th district.

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  1. Killed an American citizen and blinded another one.

    Greyson is so ignorant. "Missiles" have never been fired from Gaza. Rockets (homemade) with no war heads) were fired from Gaza. There is a HUGE different.

    The reason rockets are fired is because of the OCCUPATION. And Israel broke the cease fire.
    Leave it to Israel claim its "defense" to shoot people who hit your with sticks AFTER you raided them. And it wasn't "thousands" of rockets it was 430. And ZERO missiles.

  2. And Palestine is still under occupation. It's not like people in Gaza don't have family members in the West Bank. Scott you should have asked him why is it ok for Israel to racially colonize the West Bank. I'd love to hear a politician cornered on that one. And that MAYBE the reason people throw stones and make rockets to shoot at Israel is because Israel has murdered over 20 thousand people in an internationally illegal occupation and even built a wall that isn't even on their god damn border cutting into the West Bank and Jerusalem to steal all the territory between the wall and the green line (the actual border).
    I want everyone to watch this

  3. Salute you Scott. Grayson is bought and paid for with Apartheid-Israel money. He would otherwise be a breath of fresh air in the US congress, but for selling his soul to stealth-genocide. I guess he figures he can sacrifice Palestinian lives for the 'good' he can do for American lives. What he doesn't realise, as you said is that American lives and Military Keynesianism are both inextricably linked to the destructive and parasitic influence of the traitors who put Israel's interests ahead of their own country's.

  4. That was difficult to listen to. At some point if he really believes all human life is valuable and maybe even deep down in his "progressive" self believes that extends to Palestinians too as he reluctantly was able to stutter affirmatively at the point where he was cornered, there has to be a point at where the cognitive dissonance kicks in. Or maybe there are reasons preventing that from happening. Well, perhaps so, if you are being "educated" by Aipac and the JP:

  5. You just heard the sound of a big slab of red meat thrown before the comment section.

  6. You guys seem very concerned with details. Over and over again, I heard Horton accusing Israel of starving the Gazans. I have seen the Red Cross reports, and they say NOTHING about starvation. Can I have a link, plz?

  7. If links are called for to back up contentions, rather than making blanket statements about unspecified Red Cross reports, you should provide links to the materials you're referring to in the first place.

  8. Please allow me to put you on a low quality diet of bare survival rate calories for five years and I'll spare you all the rest of Gaza "normalcy" and then let me hear you yapping equally stupid about semantics.

  9. Here's a link to a 2008 piece about a Red Cross report that refers to "chronic malnutrition" in Gaza due to the siege. It begins: "The Israeli blockade of Gaza has led to a steady rise in chronic malnutrition among the 1.5 million people living in the strip, according to a leaked report from the Red Cross."

    As to semantics, I assume Todd means to suggest that 'starvation' means only 'death by starvation,' but my Webster's dictionary say: "1. (a) to die from lack of food (b) to suffer or become weak from hunger." Todd's implication, it seems, is that as long as the privations of the siege don't result in '1 (a)" there's nothing to complain about, and never mind sissy talk about "chronic malnutrition" in that cited Red Cross report (which I assume Toddwas familiar with, since he assured us that he'd "read the Red Cross reports.")

  10. Most difficult to listen to. I thought Scott was rude. Should have stuck to Alan Grayson's tax ideas, despite the dodgy math (at leat in Misien terms). But at least the idea was anti-war, and that should be at least recognized. If only in terms that Scott's famous and most spoke of, "Joe six-pack" would really understand. That realisation would at least foster a very basic choice system, "Do I want to spend that much to pay for THIS or ANY OTHER war? Or do I NOT want to spend that much to pay for THIS or ANY OTHER war"?
    I have to say this was poor and I did feel uncomfortable, and that was due to the Alex Jones bonkers style of interviewing. 1/10.

  11. Scott,

    The conduct of Israel and the U.S. is outrageous and you were not being a "jerk" with your questions, in my opinion. I hope Rep. Grayson will think about what you said. I wish more journalists in this country would ask hard questions of politicians because they certainly have a lot to answer for these days.

  12. Right, to me, starvation doesn't mean you are eating more cereal and grains and less meat and fruit that you would like. I've seen the list of good the Israeli's have banned, and there are many nutritional, healthy foods that are allowed in. I don't buy it. The Israelis are bending over backwards to make sure the Gazans have food. The situation is so poingnant, and desperate, that Hammas is refusing to let the food taken from the first convoy come in.Uh-huh.

    Also, when I see pictures like these, taken from a Gazan website, I don't see a humanitarian crisis. I see plenty of luxuries for sale.

    What was really funny to me, when I was looking up these terms, like food security, and micronutrient deficiency, I ran across a claim by one of Red Cross' partners in the USA claiming "One in six young children live on the brink of hunger in 26 states in the U.S., according to a new report issued today by Feeding America." I just thot I would throw that in there, cause if you live in the USA, you know this is not true, in fact the opposite is true, to the point where even Mrs O was going on about it a couple weeks ago.

    You guys are just being hysterical, and not telling the truth. Gaza is not happy, but there is no humanitarian crisis.


  13. First you said there was nothing about "starvation" in the Red Cross reports, as if you were citing those as authoritative; now you suggest that the references to "chronic malnutrition" in those reports are nonsense. Try getting your spin points straight before you start posting, Todd.

  14. Great job, Scott!

    Politicians get good at what they do; this guy is no exception. He sounds very reasonable… but Scott did a great job at keeping focused on the real issues. "Will you vote against continuing military support for Israel?" Uh….no. Hard to spin that one.

    One of my Mom's expressions was "He's so slick, he can tell you to go to Hell and you'll wind up looking forward to the trip!" Got to keep a close eye — and ear — on anybody who makes a living by spending other people's money. As Robert Heinlein said, get the facts.

  15. Scott,

    Nice job.

    Keep their feet to the flame baby!

  16. The oppressive treatment of Gaza / Palestinian people by the Israeli government, and the U.S. complicity through funding and UN maneuvering, are surely major problems. All those representatives who blindly vote to fund such foreign entities, including Rep. Grayson, share the blame.

    But, yet, War is Making You Poor Act (HR 5353) is a brilliant Pro-Peace move. I am thrilled to hear Rep. Alan Grayson publicly state his belief that "everybody's life is precious and needs to be respected", even those of Palestinians and Arabs. Perhaps he can write up and host another Act to highlight that basic tenet of peace.

  17. Grayson might need to be won over on this issue, but he is right in that he is someone that pro peace people can work with. Just listening to the Craig and Cindy Corrie interview can help give people perspective on this Israel/Palestine issue (Including Grayson), now that was an excellent interview.

  18. Get him Scott. This guy will defend Israel no matter what.

  19. People like Grayson want the rocket attacks to end but will never acknowledge the reasons for the rockets attacks, therefore they will never stop. If people seriously want the rudimentary rocket attacks to stop then they surely have to convince Israel to change policy, since they aren't do that, you have to assume Grayson and his ilk aren't really that concerned with stopping the rocket attacks.

    As noam chomsky once said, "people are concerned about stopping terrorism, well, there is a very easy way to do that, stop participating in it".

  20. Grayson is no fool. He knows in US politics criticism of Israel is verboten if you want to keep your job.

  21. Grayson is typical of a new breed of progressives who are left on many issues, but turn into raving fascist warmongers when it comes to Israel. Absolutely disgusting to any real lefty. Just disgusting.

  22. No. We can't work with Grayson. We need to get rid of him and all the other 'new progressives' who are raving fascists when it comes to Israel.

    Wtf is it about Israel that turns otherwise decent human beings into raving monsters?

  23. We see this a lot at the high political levels. Even the very few pols who seem to be on the good side always have some poison pill. One guy is good on civil rights, but he's awful on Israel. another guy is good on banks but he's awful on trade issues. In my opinion, this is no accident. They want to give us the illusion that we can vote for real change, when in fact we are voting for the same thing. It's like what we get in the stores – a thousand different fake flavers of corn/soy products.

    All these issues are interconnected and we need to see that and then we need to DEMAND consistency from our pols, not because we are consistency police, but because we see the interconnections and we demand that our pols see that too. No, you CANNOT be pro-peace AND pro-hardline-Israel. Those positions conflict like matter and antimatter. They do not go together, cannot go together.

  24. Grayson is someone who richly deserves a hard interview. The guy is a faker. You can't take the positions he does, so ragingly inconsistent, and not be a faker. He represents a new breed of truly poisonous progressives.

    Don't judge progressism by the creeps who call themselves progressives.

  25. Scott, I strongly believe you are on the right side …you have a good heart.

    I also think this congressman is not a typical one and most probably has a good heart…..the problem is his logic is screwed and he can’t see the big picture.

    He refers to crude metal pipes filed in a basement workshop with explosive as” missiles”. Someone should tell him those missiles are like rocks, they occasionally hurt and kill….but they are part of the natural defense of a defenseless people. People who are facing awesome ruthless occupiers armed with tanks, sophisticated helicopters and many immoral armaments.

    Scott, the main argument of Israelis for justifying their inhumane acts is “…we have the right for self-defense”

    No, they don’t have that right and they don’t get it. They are morally, logically and legally wrong.

  26. Part 2

    You lose all your rights for self-defense the moment you occupy other people’s lands, drive them out to small corners, occupy those corners, imprison them by building walls around them and subject them to all kinds of historically cruel and humiliating pains.

    In any civilized murder trial, if the killer proves he/she was subject to severe abuse then he/she will be acquitted.

    Cruel people don’t have the right for self-defense, since this negates the right of self-defense for their victims.

    The Israelis who voted for Sharon or Netanyahu don’t get it. Most of them say “god has given this land to us”. In this day and age of triumph of science over superstition that line of argument is utterly absurd. A god that came down from skies and wrestled with Jacob is a character out of an schizophrenic illusion…especially when the holy book says god lost , Jacob won..How can that kind of god give people lands and homes of other people?

  27. Part 3

    Gene sequencing proves we have common genes with all living organism (human-banana 50% , human-chimp 98%) and the universe is billions of years old not 6000 years.

    Scott, today in the world we are facing tremendously difficult and disturbing problems, the only way we can solve all the social and political problems of humanity is establishing an environment where superstitious, religious and hegemonic ideas are set aside allowing the prevalence of scientific concepts. This might take ages, but signs are we are moving in that direction.

    At the moment the question is why we can become cruel, ruthless, remorseless, self-righteous or evil believing we are right and our “enemies” are wrong. (As an Israeli official after 67 war said “since we are 100% right, our enemies must be 100% wrong).

    Modern science sheds some light on that compelling question..

  28. Part 4

    (In the following I cut and paste a segment of my previous post in

    Why brainwashing converts an ordinary potentially nice child to a shameless, remorseless evil?

    Preliminary scientific research provides us some answers.

    In simple imprecise terms, scientists now have identified an area in the brain which consists of “inhibitors”. These inhibitors act as “breaks” to stop any specific destructive behavior. For example if we get excessively angry we usually don’t murder the person who infuriated us because as the complex nervous circuitry reaches the “inhibitor of anger” area it gets deflected to other routes. But if for some reason, that inhibitor is dysfunctional then “murder” is attempted.

    Physical or emotional trauma in childhood might weaken or destroy those inhibitors. In our early years stories of the victimization or tales of atrocities of the enemies of our tribe destroys some inhibitors making us insensitive to the pains of our enemies. (Muslim children are told about what Westerners have done to them, Jewish children are told about Nazi crimes etc).

  29. Part 5

    Thus a typical brainwashed persons would show no “remorse, shame or guilt” if their side inflicts immense degree of pain, death or destruction on their pre-established enemies.

    The data of MRI on military personnel reveals facts we didn’t know just a few years ago. When the soldiers are shown videos of what they do in combat, specific areas of their brain are activated. Then when another video shows their enemy soldiers doing practically the same things different areas are illuminated..

    That is a captivating topic since the world can be a drastically different place if the majority of the people become capable of comprehending the ramification of the above concept.

    Scott, as I said I firmly believe your argument is very strong…..what I would’ve liked to see was ……you passively presenting your thoughts in a calmer and more contained manner…. disenabling the congressman to accuse you of rudeness.

  30. Part 6 (last)

    In comparing you and the congressman I was reminded of a small part of a poem by Iranian poet Saadi, an 800 year old poem inscribed on the wall of the Hall of Nations in United Nations building.

    If you don’t have sympathy for human pain
    the name of human you can not retain.

  31. You might be right, but for someone who has worked on auditing the federal reserve, and is for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I'd like to think he can be of some use.

    "Wtf is it about Israel that turns otherwise decent human beings into raving monsters?"

    They only hear one side of the story.

  32. Scott asked, "What was your statement on the attack on a civilian flotilla in the Mediterranean Sea, where an American citizen was shot four times in the head? Was Benjamin Netanyahu defending himself from thugs and terrorists like he claimed, or not?"

    Grayson replied, "Well, actually, you are literally the first person to ask. We didn't make a statement because nobody asked, and it didn't seem to be something we needed to, you know, toot our horn about" (in other words, volunteer any opinion}.

    I mean, doesn't this say it all: A U.S. Congressman admits that no one in the mainstream media asked anybody in the U.S. government about the killing of an American citizen by the Israeli military in international waters. Do we need anything more to know that we too live in Israeli-occupied territory.

  33. Or, in other words, continue robbing the peasants to line ones own pocket in the meantime. One thing to remember… He's a LAWYER! Damn it all. And so long as he can charge his "fees" i.e. His salary, he'll yack the yack and drag his feet along a torturous and expensive path (to you, remember) but not to him. To him it'll be accolades and maybe a book contract and then back to teaching law or giving lectures or yada yada yada….

  34. Actually, no, i would not necessarily consider a Red Cross report on the subject authoritative, and especially not a cut and paste from a seemingly far leftist website that doesn't even provide a link to the original study. I only brought it up cause the ONE article, is what I keep being given as evidence to this monstrous, long term, barbaric, intentional, malace afore thot, 'starvation' of little gazan babies.

    It never mentions starvation… Chronic Malnutrition, whatever that is, only means not 100% proper diet, every day. There are no deaths, so you guys are not using these words properly.

  35. I agree with all the points you made, Scott, and i think you are in the right, but I think the interview would have been better if you had conducted it differently. Everybody who listens here understands reason and logic, and there wasn't any need to make those points in the way you did. Simply stating the points calmly is enough.

  36. That was rich, Grayson blaming the continuation of these wars on people like Scott.

    Grayson votes to steal money from hardworking Americans and at a time when we little people have our backs to the wall, economically speaking, and he gives the money to foreign governments like Israel who use the money and weaponry to murder people AND THEN THE F'ING B@STARD HAS THE NERVE TO SAY HE'S PROMOTING PEACE!

    He is either a sociopath or is completely brainwashed and disconnected from reality. Either way, he's the rest of these congress critters are not fit for office.

    Tell me, where in the Constitution does it say that Grayson gets to take money from Americans and give that money to foreign governments?

  37. I get the distinct feeling that Grayson will not be sending Scott a Hanukkah card this year.

  38. The International Court of Justice, the highest juridical body in the WORLD has ruled that the siege of Gaza is illegal and against international and human rights and laws.

    Next time (haha yeah right) ask him if the ICJ is wrong. Is the UN and the international juridical bodies are all wrong. In other words, are the ENTIRE WORLD except Israel and USA wrong?

  39. Very poor interview by Scott. Grayson is an antiwar advocate and a strong supporter of Ron Paul's HR 1307. Ill mannered and ill reasoned. This was the worst of Scott's programs I have listened to.

  40. The lack of historical context in the Israel/Palestinian conflict always takes my breath away. That an intelligent and otherwise seemingly well-intentioned person like Grayson doesn't get it, or won't admit to the truth, is instructive and disturbing.

    Even in the 1970s, barely a generation after the Palestinians were dispossessed of their land and condemned to live in miserable exile, the western world seemed utterly perplexed at the motives of anti-Israel violence. Today the facts of the case remain a mystery to most. Do people think those 'Gazan's' always lived in that tiny area? Do they think they just like tinkering with rockets and lobbing them into Israel for kicks?

    When you realise that most of the people of Gaza have parents or grandparents whose original homes were just over the border in what is now called Israel, and that their land is now occupied by people whose parents and grandparents came from Europe, you might begin to understand the rage, the frustration and the violence.

  41. IP NOW: israel and arabkingz to ALaska for a cold grave time.

  42. Great interview Scott!!!
    It's nice to hear an interviewer willing to put out a challenge to a politician and expect him to actually answer the questions posed. Grayson was shocked that someone would dare to challenge our modern aristocracy, and expect some consistency in their actions. I don't know how this will affect your chances of getting Congress members on your show in the future, but I salute you for the willingness to stand up for your principles. It is great to see someone expect someone claiming to represent us to explain exactly how he will carry out that representation.
    In response to Grayson's comment on unity, it is precisely the lack of unity that helps the peace forces to iron out the contradictions without the movement. It is the willingness to challenge those who claim the antiwar mantle that keeps our side from turning into a movement that talks about our love of peace while supporting war, siege and destruction; the Democrats being the most recent example.

  43. !Da Bronx is mot a neighborhood. It is both a Borough of NYC and a county of NY state of about 1.4 million souls.. It is deemed to have about five dozen distinct neighborhoods, some posh, others impoverished. They are hugely varied. It says nothing of his upbringing to say he is from da Bronx. You really should give the neighborhood.

  44. Just thought everybody would enjoy contemplating [turn down yer speakers] Grayson's "conscience" shitck in light of his greasy doublespeak in support of the siege.

  45. There is not starvation. There is however a lack of certain goods. Americans are very much against this blockade where as they did not raise any concern against their own blockade of Iraq in the 90s.

  46. Not Scott's best interview. Not sure what happened, he's usually in control of his interviews. I don't know Grayson but I don't doubt he's a sellout based on his comments about the siege, rocket attacks, and the situation in general. This just wasn't the best way to confront him.
    Scott, apply any lessons learned and keep up the great work you do! You're one of the few good guys.

  47. First I am on 'Your Side' Scott on the Palistinian issue.
    Second, you were a jerk.
    You recovered a bit, by saying "sorry for being such a jerk" and Grayson showed a lot of presence of mind by hanging in there with you. But in the end, it was dissatisfying for you, him and your listeners.

    For a good interview, go back and listen to Lew Rockwell interviewing Naomi Wolfe and educating her about the Feds. Anger is never necessary.

    Moreover, while you are in a position to interview, you are also in a position to enlighten. It is two-fold job that requires amazing tact, skillful rhetorical techniques, and of course a clever use of humor. These skills are all required for the job. Its not easy of course, but we are happy to listen as you grow into it. Please keep growing… and we will keep listing.

    In peace & liberty

  48. Keep telling the truth. Keep asking the questions. We support you Scott. We believe.

  49. Hi Scott –

    I appreciate the work you do and the quality of guests you attract. I even enjoy your spunky and informal style of commentary.

    I have mixed feelings about this interview. On the one hand, it felt like you didn't comport yourself professionally enough, and got emotional. I think if you had been better prepared with your questions or focused on questioning Senator Grayson in a leading way regarding Israel's international crimes you could have avoided that embarassment and done a better job of cornering him in his contradiction between being an advocate of peace and universal human rights and an advocate for the financial support of the Israeli government.

    One ready example would be that you could have much more clearly exposed the hypocrisy of giving billions a year of armaments to Israel every year, but not allowing a tiny state of one million people any arms whatsoever. On his comments on aiding Egypt as a path to peace, you could have pointed out how our interventions and underwriting of Egypt's brutal dictatorship and their regime of torture helped create the Muslim Brotherhood.

    From there you could have pointed out that the arguments/reasons we are given in for why we should support Israel is that it is the only democracy in the region. How hypocrtical and racist is that? We support Israel because is it a democracy, but it requires supporting a brutal dictatorship and creating hardened anti-American terrorists using torture … … In other words, if you had come across as trying to help inform him and win him over while pointing out how he is a hypocrite with a sugar tongue, it would have been much better.

    Before I get to the other hand, let me say that I am guessing that Rep. Grayson comes from a district in Florida with a large Jewish population; an older population that is very sympathetic to the Zionist movement. I could be wrong, but I make that assumption and say, he won't commit political suicide. He is going to choose his words very carefully or he will be attacked by an opponent in his next election and lose. That puts him in a difficult spot.

    Now to the other hand.

    1. The moment where he claims his superiority to you because he is an elected representative was disturbing.

    2. The moment where he tries to quell your dissent and probing questions and arrogant manner of dismissing you were equally disturbing.

    3. His statements that he values all human life had no conviction and were hypocritical given his stance on supporting Israel. They reminded me of Bill Clinton's legally correct but heartless and truth-less statements. That was creepy.

    Both reveal something about his character which I've suspected in him; he has authoritarian tendencies and lacks humility. That he is proposing this anti-war tax break, and has been a strong advocate of Dr. Paul's effort to audit the Fed is admirable and helpful. That he will turn authoritarian in the face of opposition and that he won't condemn our support for Israel at the expense of peace and call himself a peace advocate is very disturbing.

    Whether he does because he doesn't care or because it will cost him re-election is not important. What is most disturbing is that we and he can't find a way to help convince people he counts on to get elected that Israel's violent behavior in order to expand its territory is immoral and wrong and should not be funded by the US taxpayer and should be openly condemned by our government officials. To paraphrase the great Stevie Wonder, maybe someday our minds will all be free.

    Keep up the good work.

  50. If a woman spits in the face of a rapist, does she deserve to die?

  51. Yeah really, then he makes the insane claim that he's going to get rid of income taxes for 1/3 of us proles and still magically keep everything our bloated govt. is committed to going. There's a reason that no one's clamoring for such a bill, no one in their right mind believes it nor it's author.

  52. Being someone who lives in Central Florida, I will say one thing. Mr. Grayson you DO NOT REPRESENT ME. PERIOD.

  53. I've heard that Harvard is more a brand name than a substantive element – Grayson confirms the brand name observation.

  54. Grayson is delusional, Scott was on point, and if you aren't furious about what's going on in Gaza you're clueless or not anti-war.

  55. Chicken or the Egg? Come on.

  56. Great to hear somebody to ask the right questions!!!! Great job Scott. I wish they were more people like you. What can we do to help the Palestinian people and at the same time help ourselves?

  57. "Actually, no, i would not necessarily consider a Red Cross report on the subject authoritative"

    I think they are a hell of a lot more authoritative on the subject than you are. All your hair-splitting quibbling over this term and that as if it's not abundantly clear to everyone that the Gazans are in a living hell produced by Israel's blockade just makes you look stupid. and like an a–hole.

  58. Grayson's just another shill for Israel. The Lobby has him in a funk.

  59. Thank you, humanist for your thoughtful posts and what I take as your attempt at constructive criticism for the benefit of someone whom you respect.

    In that spirit I hope you will indulge me. Here is what I have inscribed on *my* wall.

    If you don't see the need for being rude
    then how will the emperor know he is nude?

  60. You put the case well. I'm admire Scott, and I share his opposition to the blockade of Gaza and to U.S. support for much Israeli state policy, but Grayson seems more of an ally than a foe, and Scott spent most of the interview putting words in Grayson's mouth. Maybe the words belong in his mouth. I don't know. I only know that Scott put them there in this interview, and he alienated a friend while obscuring a very laudable message.

    A few minutes on Gaza, politely encouraging a Jewish Congressman to be constructively critical of Israel, was sufficient for this interview. Scott could have accomplished that goal, but he didn't pursue it. The bulk of the interview should have focused on Grayson's bill, an idea that Scott's listeners can wholeheartedly support. Grayson presumably expected this focus, and he had every right to expect it.

    Needless to say, that's my constructive criticism.

  61. At 16:11: (Grayson) "I'm the one that was elected by The People, not you; maybe you should show some respect.:

    Hey Grayson; Fuck You.

  62. Yeah, well, Ryan, I remember when the Liberty was attacked. American politicians allowed Israel to play the Get Out of Jail Free card then. Bad Habits are hard to break.

  63. Mr Horton made a complete fool of himself with this display of boorish and entirely gratuitous aggression. He also made a serious tactical error: how many people will be willing to be interviewed by someone whose clear intention from the very start is to pick a fight? So much for his much vaunted wish to build bridges between left and right.


  64. Not Scott's best interview. Not sure what happened, he's usually in control of his interviews. I don't know Grayson but I don't doubt he's a sellout based on his comments about the siege, rocket attacks, and the Israel/Palestine situation in general. This just wasn't the best way to confront him.

  65. "Mr Horton made a complete fool of himself with this display of boorish and entirely gratuitous aggression. "

    Hey dingdong, at least Horton's "aggression" doesn't involve voting to steal money from people like me and giving it to foreign governments so they can kill people!

  66. I entirely concur with the points Mr Horton raised in his interview with Mr Grayson, just as I entirely agree with the point you make here. Israel is beyond question a criminal state, and the US government is utterly to be condemned for supporting it (and on numerous other counts as well). However, you seem to miss the point. As others have remarked in this discussion, it is possible to disagree with people without descending to insult. Indeed, it is vastly preferable: insult leads nowhere, whereas courteous disagreement is likely to lead to intelligent discussion and may perhaps even result in one party changing his or her mind. In the exchange between Messrs Horton and Grayson, the latter, whatever wickedness he may be guilty of, is at least to be commended for keeping his cool under considerable provocation. I am similarly to be commended, sir, for not replying to your 'dingdong' with some equally or more offensive term.

  67. Central Florida is not a Zionist constituency, so Rep Alan Grayson has no "need" to cater to AIPAC to keep his Congressional seat. I'm afraid what we are seeing is the real Mr Grayson :(

  68. "…even result in one party changing his or her mind. "

    Hah! That's rich. Grayson thinks he knows it all. There's no changing his mind. Every sylable out of his mouth is coated with arrogance and smugness.

    The frightening thing is that he truly believes that among other things stealing money from Americans so foreign governments can go on murdering sprees is the right thing to do. As he lectured Scott, he's "anti-war."

    Grayson is just another DC criminal who deserves nothing but contempt.

  69. In Congressman Grayson's own words, perhaps the most racist comment, about Palestinians' suffering that I have heard to date, from a sitting American politician:
    "…PJV: And what about what is going on in the Gaza Strip; was there any conversation about that?

    AG: Yes, we talked about that. I think what AIPAC often tries to do is to educate Members of Congress who frankly follow this a lot less closely than I do. In my case, I read Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post online four or five times a week, so I am pretty familiar with the circumstances and why the war took place. As a famous Israeli once said, the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity…"

  70. Keep them honest Scott! I think everyone should watch this guy's video:…. It's about time our politicians start being honest with the public and stop lying to our faces!

  71. I think Scott acted reasonably here, assuming Grayson had declined previous requests to be interviewed on his support for Israel. It was reasonable to raise the issue and Grayson was so demonstrably immoral yet arrogantly certain on Israel he needed a good slapping.

  72. I note that you have nothing to say about his bill to reduce taxes by limiting military spending, which, however smug and arrogant he may be, should appeal to anyone opposed to war.

  73. So should Palestinians have an equal right to make sure there aren't any missiles coming into Israel?

  74. Oh yeah, and the rude defense is the most pathetic trick in a politicians bag. It's worse to be questioned strongly ('harangued' in Grayson's words) than to order a military attack. Also, his paternalistic, "we need to stick together" schtick was equally revolting. "I see your true colors, that's why I (don't) love you!"

  75. He was still rude. I hate to see someone of Scott's intellect sink to Sean Hannity's level even if He is right. I think in a rational non-combative discussion Grayson could be won from the dark side. Grayson may be far from perfect but he seemed to be going in the right direction. I thought Scott's admission about being a jerk at the end sort of rescued the moment.

  76. Great analogy…….I wish Scott used that line during his interview. After this interview with Grayson, it seems like Ron Paul is the ONLY politician in DC that's not bought and paid for.

  77. Now don't change the subject. The subject is your assertion that, "Mr Horton made a complete fool of himself with this display of boorish and entirely gratuitous aggression." And the possibility of changing Grayson's mind: "…and may perhaps even result in one party changing his or her mind."

  78. This was not a good interview; in fact, Horton was embarrassingly unprofessional. He enabled Grayson to take the moral high ground because of the combative manner in which he conducted the interview. Even if the Goldstone Report is "flawed" in some respects, there's no getting around the fact that Israel used disproportionate force during the assault on Gaza, as also was the case in the this latest flotilla incident. Furthermore, the blockade on Gaza is not merely a security measure but an effort to collectively punish the people of Gaza for electing Hamas. Israel hopes that the consequences of Operation Cast Lead and the blockade will cause the people of Gaza to turn against Hamas, Grayson would be hard-pressed to defend the siege on Gaza or the blockade if Horton had been less emotional and had demonstrated more command of the facts of the occupation since 2007. Since Grayson is a "man of peace," I would like to know, for example, whether Grayson is comfortable with the extreme lengths Israel has gone to in the name of security–the growth of settlements, the destruction of Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, the enforcement of a punishing blockade. I

    About a month ago, I saw Grayson being interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. The subject of the interview was not Israel, but eventually Amy got of around to bringing up it up, whereupon an uncomfortable looking Grayson clammed up and was unable to look Amy in the eye.
    My thought was that Grayson knows that his support of Israel is problematic, so the question is how does an interviewer get him to talk about that. Horton's combative approach ultimately resulted in allowing Grayson to gain the moral high ground so that Horton felt the need to apologize for "being a jerk." Shouldn't Grayson be the one to apologize for his unconditional support of Israel?

  79. Unprofessional? Oh brother!

  80. [...] (D-Fla.) brought a K-Street knife to a logical gunfight when he was interviewed by Scott Horton at AntiWar Radio, last week [...]

  81. Hey Scott, I love you as an interviewer and I love your passion. To me you're the Ron Paul of interviewers. With this interview you proved that you're a true man of principle and that you get passionate about these principles, and that's what I love about you and Ron Paul.

  82. I liked this interview because it educates people on the human condition in gaza and gets to the root of the terrorism problem. If all discussions on tv and in media were like this Iraq and Afgan wars would not have support.

  83. I agree with Nina… people on the fence will side with the established calm guy. Scott does himself a disservice there.

    That being said it is the only time I've heard a congressman being grilled on the Israel issue.

    Politicians reflect their support…. the average american is not paying attention cause life has been too easy for too long…. . The Israel lobby is not guilty of this… they are focused and efficient, democracy in action to affect change. Exactly what we want. The moment there is an alternative for this congressman he will take it.

    How do the other commenters here go about getting your friends and family engaged in meaningful discussion?

  84. I don't need your permission to introduce another topic — you are not moderating this discussion.

    But as far as keeping to the subject — Mr Horton's ill-mannered behaviour — is concerned, you are in no position to criticise, for you have not addressed it at all.

    As for the rest, if you don't think discussion may lead to a change of perspective, one must wonder why you participate in this forum.

  85. I don't think Scott was attempting to get the fencesitters to jump to his side. He was forcing a politician to face up to the consequences of the policies he supports.

  86. Well, I'm glad you had yer say Mr. HGregor. And I'm sorry I couldn't live up to your high expectations. As far as Scott's behavior is concerned, I wouldn't call it aggression.

    But see, what I think makes no difference at all. You see, we little people don't add up to jack. Our rulers will do what they want, when they want and they couldn't care less what I (or you) think.

    And the irony here with this hornet's nest Scott managed to stir up is that what Grayson thinks, says or does makes no difference either. And that goes for his bill. Little Brian Williams, little Catie Couric and the rest of the bought and paid MSM have given it no attention whatsoever. The average American doesn't know it exists and it will never see the light of day.

    And now if you will excuse me, maybe if I repeat "our rulers love us, everything they do is for the children and it takes a village" often enough I can get into that sheeple trance and all will be well.

  87. I entirely concur with almost everything you say, Mr Bob Bogus — our major difference seems to concern Mr Horton's behaviour. So let's agree to differ on that one. (And by the way, I've been listening to Mr Horton since he started this gig, and although I disagree profoundly with his libertarian politics, I think he has done a first class job of informing and ecucating. I'm not impressed by the new format of the program, but that's another matter.)

    As for expectations, the only one I have is that people should be able to communicate with each other in mutual respect, and you have met that expectation in that we're still talking to each other in a civil manner. I'm prepared to continue doing so as long as you like, and away from this page if you prefer. (

    The issue as I see it — and I'm not about to say anything original — is that your government has been bought and paid for by amoral corporate interests; and your country is therefore no longer a democracy in anything but form (and even that diminishingly so). To that extent, Mr Grayson does make a difference, albeit a negative one: he's been bought and paid for too, and consequently is denying a voice to a genuine representative of the people. His bill, as you say, will go nowhere, but if he really believes in it (and perhaps even if he doesn't), he should be supported. Similarly, Mr Ron Paul is another gentleman whose politics I find thoroughly repugnant (and his appalling son, as Mr Horton recently suggested, clearly wasn't thumped enough in his childhood), but were I an American voter, he would probably have my vote if it would help put a stop to US agression — I think I'd rather have a peaceful libertarian state than a war state; and he could always be thrown out later.

    As for the average American, I have met lots of them, in San Franciso shopping malls, in sleazy bars in LA and in upmarket restaurants in Boston — indeed, I was married to a native of Stockton, CA for some years — and I have lot of time for them. But now I weep for America, which at its best stands for things I deeply believe in, but at its worst, as it now is, is a rogue empire poised on the brink of collapse (there is nothing so dangerous as a collpasing empire). Y'all (sorry) are going through a particularly bad time, and I hope you can find your way out of it, although I have to say I don't see how you're going to manage it.

    But keep away from the trance, Mr Bob Bogus. You know perfectly well that the goons who call themselves your rulers do not love you at all and will rip your nuts off if there's a buck in it. Take solace in a glass of Bourbon.



  88. Scott you should have come back with: When are you going to support the withdrawl of all Iraeli settlements from the West Bank. Pound this hoime, always pound this home. Israel wants peace but keeps taking more and more Palestinian land? Israel does not want peace, they want incitement, period. and they get it and then they get to play eternal victims. And Americans always support them because they always claim eternal victimization 200 plus nuclear weapons and all.

  89. "Surrounding a place and turning it into a prison doesn't make it a free state." –Scott Horton.


    From the UN: “Sixty-one percent of the Gaza population is food insecure,” said Sarah Leppert, FAO’s communications adviser for the West Bank and Gaza Strip…

    Israel's import and access restrictions continue to suffocate the agriculture sector in Gaza, directly contributing to rising food insecurity, said acting Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt), Philippe Lazzarini, in a joint statement with humanitarian aid agencies, and the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), representing more than 80 NGOs on 25 May from Gaza.

    > the same article also has a reply/denial from the Isnotreal propaganda machine too..:
    "Israel does not ration the amount of goods into Gaza provided they are on the list of permitted items"

    They are pretty good at shameless lying/dis/misinformation as we have all seen and heard recently!

    >NOT HARD TO FIND THIS INFO!!! just type "gaza food israel" into google

  91. [...] why Hamas can and should be negotiated with and why Israel apologists are overdue for an “Alan Grayson treatment” tongue [...]

  92. [...] Source Posted in Human Rights, Humanity, Hypocrisy, Iran, Media, Middle east, Palestine, Politics, Racism, Reflections, Terrorism, Thoughts, Truth, US, World, Worries. Tags: Podcast. Leave a Comment » [...]

  93. As a Palestinian/American I am proud of Palestine 1000 times more than of being an American. Don't get me wrong I have no issues with the people (nothing but love to most) but the government is shameful and spineless. I can not believe that I am horrifyingly ashamed of being American (The supposed most powerful nation on earth) and most proud of being Palestinian (the most victimized and military weakest people on earth who are at the same time the most courageous and heroic people who ever walked on earth). If i was forced to give one up, I'd gladly PISS on my American passport for a chance to live in peace and security among the bravest nation on earth.
    I wait for the day that the average good Americans will wake up from their long slumber and revolt against this abomination of an elitist Zionist controlled government and media.

  94. I do not agree with Grayson's position on Israel, not at all. However, I thought that Horton's interview was so unprofessional that he lost the opportunity to take the moral high ground. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a somewhat extended comment in this vein, and it was scrubbed from the site. It does not speak well for Anti-War Radio if I cannot take constructive criticism.

  95. Scott Horton, you da man! Thank you for your hard hitting journalism. I wish there were more like you. Keep doing what you're doing!

  96. I'm with Scott, but in my opinion, projecting anger accomplishes little if anything.

    When Grayson asked for alternatives to the blockade, Scott should have suggested implementing the overwhelming international consensus for the two state solution based on the pre-67 borders.

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  109. that’s terrible. just goes to show how the government will do whatever they want.

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