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Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, discusses the few voices of dissent against Israeli apologists for the flotilla attack in US mainstream media, fast and furious IDF press releases that shift the discussion to Hamas and away from the collective punishment of Gaza civilians, the US government’s choice to defend Israel instead of US citizens and the removal of any doubt that Israel has become a pariah state.

MP3 here. (10:32)

Jeremy Scahill operates the website and is a contributor to The Nation, Democracy Now, and He is the author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

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  1. The Scahill Koch debate is here:

    With regard to the content of this Antiwar radio interview: Israel realeasing the clumsy "Al Quida on the boat" lie was no more a "mistake" than their risible "Go back to Aushwitz" video fakery [… ]. Israel loses no points where it matters (in the US media) for dialling back lies . There will be no shortage of stupid North Americans who will believe it from now on; and the media's refusal to call Irael on its frauds further comrpromises it .

  2. The world's two largest terrorist organizations:

    1. United States government and its partners in the international banking cartel
    2. The Israeli government and its supporters

    What's a few dead Palestinians and relief workers or the operation of a large open-air concentration camp in Gaza anyway?

    Oh, to remind us that they can get away with murder.

    Thanks for the interview , Jeremy and Scott.

  3. A little people comparatively on a very little piece of disputed real estate.. A problematic bunch with more and more moral hazard to answer.. And they seem to eschew “discretion” as the better part of valor… In fact Israel has become a murderous thug state.. And with thermonuclear weapons too.. “If you have it flaunt it” could be the national slogan, but no one is on top forever, and the thousand year Reich didn’t go five years. But Israel is going to do what it wants to anyone they please…and the world will just have to suck it up. This is worse than hubris on steroids, it’s hubris on meth. Sit back and watch. Israel is heading for their worst nightmare and they are SO sure that they don’t look in their rearview.. Too busy with full spectrum dominance and the neocon screwlose-ions… The leach is sucking the host dry and there is every possibility the host may wake up when nearly gone…. A dangerous game at best…. A self destructive impulse at worst…. Time will tell… Its a Madoff world…

  4. Excuse me Mr. Scahill but there is question about exactly who fires qassam rockets into open spaces in Israel. Hamas military wing coordinate their attacks and regularly ask their population not to act independently. This is not to say that Hamas does not fire rockets into Israel but rather to say that Israel has found a way to exploit these attacks by coercing collaborators to fire ineffective rockets from their territory at inappropriate times. It’s war by deception, at least according to Israel it is. Yesterday in an interview on BBC with a Hamas official the scenario of Israel firing ineffective rockets at itself through collaborators in order to justify its treatment of Gazans was intimated. Why would a Hamas official risk the organization being exposed as liars when there is no evidence that Hamas has a track record of lying? There is however a long and rich History of Israeli intrigue and obfuscation.

  5. "A US cruise missile armed with cluster ammunition was used in an attack in Yemen in December which resulted in the deaths of 52 people, more than half of them women and children, according to a human rights watchdog."… . A small article in the NZ Herald. No fuss, no anti Americanism, no media bashing. Why is arab terrorist meat worth less when disposed off by Americans, but is so valuable when Jews illiminates the same enemy?

  6. My compliments to Jeremy Scahill. He did a fine job in his debate against the Israel-Firster Ed Koch.

    In a sense, the U.S. Government can't condemn anything Israel does. Why? Well, because the U.S. is just as lawless.

    America's "kept" press–the MSM, the Fawning Corporate Media–mindlessly pukes out pro-Israel lies and propaganda.

    1. 1- Mr Costa actually Israel and America are the only ones who realised a long time ago what Islam is up to; that is to get rid of the "infidels".
      22 Arab countries in the Middle East and over a billion Muslims elsewhere with vast lands, oil and money. Your only problem in life is 450kmX12km tiny winy little piece of land for the Jews that trace their presence and history 4000 years back. The Quran talks about Jews the people of the land. Both the Christian and the Hebrew bible take us on a journey through the first temple, the second temple, the Roman destruction and expulsion of the Jews. You may not realise, but these people never forgot. These people repeated for the last 3000 years, 3 times a day 18 prayers for the return home to the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the temple.

  7. 2- Palestine is the name given by the Romans to the land of Israel and the kingdom of Judah. When the Ottoman Empire conquered the land, workers and opportunists from all over Arabia flooded the land to earn a living. Does it make them the owners of the land? The bottom line Muslim won't accept the independent presence of Jews it that particular part of the Middle East. And Jew will never ever ever let anyone else rule over them. Until you get that, there will never be peace- only destruction, nukes and hatred.

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