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Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, discusses Specialist Bradley Manning‘s arrest for passing classified information to Wikileaks, the unfortunate negative connotations of the “whistleblower” moniker, how Obama has decriminalized torture, 260,000 possible sources of embarrassment for the State Department and the Obama administration’s eager prosecution of whistleblowers.

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Daniel Ellsberg is the author of Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.

In 1959 Daniel Ellsberg worked as a strategic analyst at the RAND Corporation, and consultant to the Defense Department and the White House, specializing in problems of the command and control of nuclear weapons, nuclear war plans, and crisis decision-making. He joined the Defense Department in 1964 as Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs), John McNaughton, working on Vietnam. He transferred to the State Department in 1965 to serve two years at the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, evaluating pacification on the front lines.

On return to the RAND Corporation in 1967, he worked on the Top Secret McNamara study of U.S. Decision-making in Vietnam, 1945-68, which later came to be known as the Pentagon Papers. In 1969, he photocopied the 7,000 page study and gave it to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; in 1971 he gave it to the New York Times, the Washington Post and 17 other newspapers. His trial, on twelve felony counts posing a possible sentence of 115 years, was dismissed in 1973 on grounds of governmental misconduct against him, which led to the convictions of several White House aides and figured in the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon.

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  1. DE Mentions Craig Murray at the end (Ray McGovern has also mentioned him); gotta get him on the show! CM on torture: "…in London…I said we were getting [cia] intelligence that was not true, I was told it was operationally useful. No one ever argued with me when I said it was untrue." From Craig, some might guess that Al Qaeda was more sado-fiction than fact. At a minimum, I think he knew well that sado fiction was polluting the intel stream and inflating AN 'Al Qaeda' at the expense of Islamic Uzbek peasants and others rendered to Uzbekistan. Now recall Suskind's gem: "we create our own reality." Has AntiWar taken much interest in Craig Murray?

  2. Scott,
    You have on great guests like Daniel Ellsberg and many others. You have got to learn to shut up and let them talk. You are predictable and annoyingly repetitive. We know what you think. Keep having on great guests, but shut up and let them talk,

  3. whistleblower has the connotation of a sports referee, in these cases, self-designated, kind of like arm-chair quarterbacks.
    similarly, imagine crossing guards near schools. they are whistleblowers too.

  4. God only knows what horrible things they are probably doing to that Manning boy right now. It makes the skin crawl to think about it.

  5. Hey Scott, do you perhaps have an interview with Scott Ritter planned in the near future? I haven't heard from him in a long time and would be pretty anxious to hear another hour long interview with him. He's definitely one of you best guests. You should invite him to talk about the Iran situation since it seems to be heating up and may just lead to a long war that could devastate America's economy.

  6. Your June 12 article reported by Jason Ditz "Russia reverses on S-300 missile sale" states that Russia will no longer honour the S300 contract. This is at odds with Russia today which reports that the sanctions make no mention of defensive armaments and so the deal will go ahead. Who is telling the truth?

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