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Investigative journalist Philip Weiss discusses the isolation of neoconservatives due to Israel’s bad behavior, Senator Charles Schumer’s odd justification for the Gaza blockade, why Hamas can and should be negotiated with.

MP3 here. (20:47)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps and writes the blog “Mondoweiss.”

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  1. I'm glad Israel is getting bad PR from the flotilla murders but they really ought to be cut off form all trade and aid for their 40 year occupation, ethnic cleansing, and present apartheid. If ever there was country whose military should be bombed it's Israel. They are worthless. The US doesn't benefit form its relationship to Israel at all.

    1. Dear Ryan God bless you for your enlightened comment,I pray that common sense and human values will ultimately prevail and Israhell will be codemened as an evil state,a liability for the USA,liability for decent God fearing Jews (I met some of them at Beth Israel-Merriman Road Synagoge -Akron ,Ohio)and a liability for Mankind all over the World.Israel must be condemned as an Aparthaid State Par Excellance.Again thank you Ryan. Ahmad Abumaraq

  2. Ryan, your over the top comments show tremendous ignorance about Middle East history and the background behind these current events. The Gaza blockade was also backed by the Egyptian and Fatah leaders — for similar reasons — i.e., Hamas' ties to a self-interested and war-mongering Iran threatens to destabilize much more than Israel in the region. So instead of 20-second sound bites, perhaps a more thoughtful approach to this complicated conflict is the way to go. A future lasting peace in the region is not going to be aided by people like you.

  3. Quandra, It doesn't really matter which corrupt leaders support the ongoing blockade of Gaza, because that doesn't make it right. The CIA supported Pinochet – would you have liked to live under his rule? You say 'a more thoughtful approach' is called for, and I'm wondering if you include assassinations on foreign soils, murder in international waters and forcing people out of their homes at gunpoint in this category. Feel free to insult people with accusations of ignorance, but the truth is on our side.

  4. Very good to see Phil on here. His site is one of the more informative and democratic corners of the internet. Thanks Mr. Horton.

  5. Quandra, you must be wearing beer goggles permanently. 'Warmongering Iran'? I don't think they have invaded or occupied anybody's country in more than a thousand years. As for Israel? Erm… The Gaza blockade is illegal, unjustifiable, inhuman, and Hamas are a legitimate political organisation. More legitimate than a government that employs a fascist ex bouncer as its foreign minister, and sends a death squad to attack a peaceful flotilla, in an entirely obvious effort to derail the Turkish peace efforts regarding the Iranian nuclear enrichment program. Basically the bubble has burst for your mindset my friend, nobody believes your ridiculous propaganda anymore.

  6. Zionists in the US govt. have to go. They do not represent the US populace but have instead hijacked the policy-making power of the US and run it in their favor.
    They will not go voluntarily.
    It's time they are sent a message from the US citizen. November is coming. Vote the zionist bastards out.
    Lieberman, Cantor, and Schumer are bad for US citizens and our liberties (reputation in the world).
    The US will become Israel if we do not vote them out and see they cannot return to power in the US.

  7. It was Gen McCrystal who said we killed an amazing number of people.

    In a stark assessment of shootings of locals by US troops at checkpoints in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal said in little-noticed comments last month that during his time as commander there, "We've shot an amazing number of people and killed a number and, to my knowledge, none has proven to have been a real threat to the force."

  8. Just as time was running out on this interview, both Philip and Scott brought up an issue that I think deserves further investigation. The parallels between what was done to the Jews in the Holocaust, and what they are now doing to their own powerless victims, are just too striking to ignore. Can this really be just a coincidence? Or is it an instance of a general pattern in history — a self-perpetuating cycle of punishment, echoing through time? When you are powerless and tormented you long for revenge against the tormentor. By the time you finally gain power, the original tormentor is no longer around to be the the object of your revenge, so the rage must find another helpless target. It's the story told in the song "Prison Sex" by Tool.

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