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Pierre Tristam, editor of Flaglerlive.com, discusses his article “From Times Square to Jacksonville: When Terrorism Is a Double-Standard,” scant press coverage of the firebombing outside a Jacksonville, FL mosque, bigotry and ignorance at work in local government and the lucrative business of Islamic terrorism fearmongering.

MP3 here. (16:26)

Pierre Tristam is editor of Flaglerlive.com, About.com’s guide to Middle East issues and contributor to Commondreams.org and other progressive websites.

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  1. It's called tit for tat,if the Muslims bomb Churches,then it would be reasonable to assume that Mosques would be bombed in return.

  2. Rachel Corrie was a sad case,all she did was prove that going head to head with a dozer was not a good idea.She was being used by these terrorists.

    1. Preposterous comment. She was not "being used by these terrorists", she was crushed by an Israeli/Caterpillar bulldozer. Period.

  3. First of all, Israel and the U.S. are the real terrorists. Anyone who defies them is labeled one as well. Thinking people realize who the real threat to the world is and it aint the Muslims. Wake up America!

  4. Perhaps that Rachel Corrie was a humanitarian, there was an expectation that one would be treated accoedingly. The human rights record of Israel is an abomination. Shooting rock-throwing children with live ammunition, assassinations, denying basic goods to the Palestinians as required for survival, the flouting of international law, the wholesale slaughter of thousands of refugees in Sabra and Shatilla camps by the IDF and their Philangist allies are but a few of blatant examples.
    However, to refer to Rachel Corrie as a "sad case" qualifies as pathalogical ignorance on the part of one commentator.
    Like it or not, Israel is a functioning part of the true as opposed to the mythical "axis of evil."

  5. The REAL terrorists in this world are Israelis. Rachel Corrie was MURDERED by Zionist scum. Israel is evil. Plain and simple. Legends in their own minds and in their own racist myths (chosen people, promised land, etc). When Israel dies, the world can once again begin to live.

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