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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service, discusses the impending “Iraq 2006 moment” Gen. McChrystal faces in Afghanistan, the political “fix” discussed at the June CNAS conference: Republican pressure on Obama to scrap the 2011 withdrawal timetable, the dogged American determination to continue unwinnable wars and the difference between Iran’s NPT comprehensive safeguards obligations and its temporary voluntary compliance with the much-ballyhooed Additional Protocol and code 3.1.

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Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. He is the author of Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. The real problem, however, may be that the Pentagons believes it can avoid nuclear winter by using earth-penetrating MIRVs, maybe three on each of the missiles they are going to deploy on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria and on land in Romania and Poland. The late Brigadier Harbottle called them "bloody fools" in the Pentagon because they didn´t believe in The Nuclear Winter Report. If they still think they can avoid Nuclear Winter somehow, earth-penetrating warheads are for that porpuse actually, then they are really bloody fools. Bob Aldridge on the new missiles, "Whether on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike".

  2. Human beings are the worse of all animals, having evolved beyond relevance to the real world. What other animal invents and regularly uses weapons of mass destruction of all sorts, poisons the environment, destroys much of the ecosystem and lies, cheats and steals solely for personal self gratification. As I am writing this comment, all of the other animals (other than those imprisoned by human beings) are outside enjoying the environment. Human beings are dressed in strange clothing, live in artificial environments, are increasingly dependent for survival, and suffer from what could only be described as genetically and environmentally altered states of lunacy.

    1. While I agree with you in broad terms, you own statement must, in strict logic, derive from the same lunacy.

  3. “Which is still preferable to being burnt to death by napalm." …. another example of Scott's always reliable dead reckoning!

  4. If we are animals and not remote survivors from all-out ABC war between Moon and Mars so long ago that we have forgotten all about it as my surgeon in Colombia suggested as his theory. Because we don´t really know – or what ? It seems there´s an inherent drive for suicide. My brother suggested that nuclear war happens now and then, like Spring-Autumn. Without this insanity we could develop no less than about 4 billion years more till the Sun eats all planets and becomes a black hole. But 4 billion years is pretty much time. And the bloody fools in the Pentagon are driving hard to end it all in about 3-10 years. And the unbelievable stupidity is such that it seems they believe in the Pentagon that they can avoid Nuclear Winter.

  5. Long ago then Secretary of Defense Weinberger stated on TV: "The US aims to achieve a first-strike capability". Professor Anderson wrote an article about his statement in Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. It hasn´t been refuted by any official or administration, so it´s still official US policy. But as Bob Aldridge on the new missiles on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria and on land in Romania and Poland : Whether on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike. Of course, the Russians will respond by a hair-trigger Launch On Warning and it may happen by mistake. May it be possible to survive on the west coast of Gomera or in the Andes ?

  6. What about an interview with Bob Aldridge. He knows everything, really. Because he knows everything, he is no longer Trident missile engineer. I recommend his books, e.g. The Counterforce Syndrome. Former Information Officer of CND, London, said, "It´s only for blackmail, not for actual use". But what do the Russians think about being blackmailed ? LAUNCH ON WARNING on a hair-trigger alert. And Nuclear Winter by mistake BECAUSE OF THE BLOODY FOOLS IN THE PENTAGON !!!

  7. Thank goodness the free market controls the Pentagon! After all, the Defense companies and the Oil companies are all privately owned and traded, I'm sure the Invisible Hand will make sure nothing bad happens!

    1. Absolutely. If ever there were a living argument against the faith-based idiocy of Milton Friedman and his gormless disciples, it is BP (not to mention unregulated banking). If we allowed road traffic to operate on the same principles, there would be a good many fewer of us.

      1. Benjamin: First off, the Free market dosen't exist, the market is far from free due to interventionism, and HGregor: Due to that interventionism, banking as, part of that market, is regulated. What is unregulated is the govt's central bank printing press'.

  8. Mr Horton, your show was vastly better before we had station IDs and music breaks (if we can call it music), which sometimes drown out your guests. I visit Antiwar, as I've been doing for years, because you and the people you interview are some of the most informative and intelligent material around — I don't need to hear some bunch of caterwauling headbangers. Can you not arrange a return to the days when these annoyances were absent?

  9. Agreed. Mr Ritter is a most articulate and intelligent gentleman, whose analysis of the Iran situation would be invaluable.

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