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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the lies and half truths in Israel’s propaganda campaign against the Gaza aid flotilla, the media’s narrative change from “Israel attacks aid ship” to “Terrorists ambush Israeli soldiers,” how outlandish Israeli accusations capture media attention while rebuttals are mostly ignored, military censorship of news stories in Israel proper and evidence that the Gaza blockade is intended as collective punishment and not to “keep the weapons out.”

MP3 here. (18:15)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com.

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  1. Here's one place where your gatekeeping about 911Truth matters. When that Israeli 'investigation' (=whitewash) comes out, it will be AGRESSIVELY jampacked with faked 'evidence' and false conclusions, etc.. As you point out, they've specified going in what their conclusions will be coming out. But you won't have much ground to stand on in criticizing their report, because you've already implicitly committed yourself to the position that official investigations must be trusted. The 911 commision too stated going in what its conclusions would be going out.

  2. ~3:20 "…you've gotta really scare 'em with a bunch of nonsense….in fact I think… the more nonsensical it is the better it is." I.e. a variant on The Big Lie Technique. That's right. Israel and The Big Lie Technique. Oh how I 'ponder.'

  3. "Look at the scary brown man with a knife"
    Yup, you just encapsulated the entire US/Israeli PR industry as it pertains to Arabs. Disneyland "orientalism". It's good enough for a lot of people, apparently.

  4. The trouble with the criminal Zionist looney-tunes in Tel Aviv–NuttyYahoo, Lieberman, and the rest–is that they can't even keep their lies straight!

    Be sure to read Alison Weir's column "Israel's Flotilla 'Investigation.'" It pertains to the rigged-in-advance "investigation" Israel has planned.

  5. Have you ever interviewed James Petras, Grant F Smith or Stephen J. Sniegoski?

    All the above have written interesting books on the US-Israeli relationship.

  6. It's so obvious what Isra'el is doing is what it always does, spin a bunch of hyper-militarist Zionist propaganda and pretend it's believable. What's worse is that half of the politicians in Isra'el probably believe their own lies and fantasies.

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