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Robert Parry, founder of, discusses the mainstream media’s persecution of journalist Gary Webb for daring to investigate the CIA/contra 1980s drug trafficking connection, how the empowered right wing media and associated personal-attack groups have created a generation of self-censoring and timid journalists, alternative media that can contest conventional wisdom but can’t compete with the MSM budget-wise and the recent hit pieces on classified documents leaker SPC. Bradley Manning.

MP3 here. (29:04)

Robert Parry is an investigative journalist who won the George Polk Award in 1984 for reporting on the Iran-Contra affair and uncovering Oliver North’s involvement in it. He is the founder and editor of and author of Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush, Trick or Treason: The October Surprise Mystery and Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq.

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  1. Sorry if anyone's comment was deleted. There was a bad mp3 link and I had to repost for the podcasters to catch it.


  2. I wish to post my comment again. Robert Parry speaks of Gary Webb's suicide is if it were incontrovertible. Due to a number of suspicious details, his being shot twice in the head not least among them, a certain hesitation and perhaps the word "alleged" is called for. Gary Webb was courageous in the face of the truth, as those who defend him ought to be. Edward Bernays, not Noam Chomsky, coined the term "the manufacturing of consent". The fact is noteworthy, for Bernays, the father of Public Relations, was at work designing a propaganda system for our society, a society he thought could only be nominally democratic, not functionally so.

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