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Former US Ambassador Edward Peck discusses his participation in the Gaza aid flotilla and his subsequent deportation from Israel, bogus excuses that impede progress toward a free Palestine, Joe Biden’s unwavering devotion to Israel, American ignorance about foreign affairs and why (if they really do hate us for our freedoms) the disposition of terrorists is improving.

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During 32 years in the Foreign Service, Ambassador Peck served overseas as Chief of Mission in Iraq and Mauritania, and was an Embassy officer in Sweden, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt.

In Washington, he was Deputy Director of the Cabinet Task Force on Terrorism at the Reagan White House; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Deputy Coordinator for Global Covert Operations, and Director of Egyptian Affairs at the State Department; Liaison Officer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon; and Fellow, Institute for Higher Defense Studies, at The National Defense University. He speaks Arabic, French, Spanish and Swedish.

In retirement, he has been Executive Secretary of the American Academy of Diplomacy; Chairman, Political Tradecraft Programs, National Foreign Affairs Training Center; Distinguished Visitor, National War College; Senior Fellow, Joint Forces Staff College; Board Member, Americans for Middle East Understanding. He is a commentator for television and radio in the US and abroad, and teaches and lectures on a broad range of international issues for governments, educational, business and civic organizations worldwide.

A paratrooper, Ambassador Peck had two tours of wartime active duty, serving from Private to 1st Lieutenant. He holds a B.S. from UCLA, and an M.B.A. from George Washington U.

16 thoughts on “Edward Peck”

  1. "Explosively revelatory, powerful, compelling and certain to be highly contentious."

    — Edward Peck's comment on Jeff Gates' Guilt By Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War.

    Considering Antiwar Radio's respect for Ambassador Peck's judgement, perhaps you might have Jeff Gates on the show to talk about how American politics has been corrupted by elites and extremists loyal to Israel.

  2. I appreciate your observations, Mr. Ambassador.

    The Israeli attack on the aid vessels was despicable. (Personally, I was hoping that Turkey would declare war on Israel, and take it from there.)
    Of course, the boys in Tel Aviv know they can hide behind America's apron strings, so everything's cool. . . .

    The Ambassador is right to slam Joe Biden. Biden's lips are firmly glued to Israel's–er, posterior.

  3. I'm inclined to agree with Amb. Peck that the document implicating Carter in the Iran-Iraq war is bogus, probably CIA disinformation. They never liked Carter and his human rights agenda. The raid to free the hostages was probably sabotaged so that he would lose the 1980 election. It was either that or the bullet.

  4. Some of you Zio-nuts don't have much contact with reality. US support for Israel grows out of 1) our cowboys and Indians fantasies, 2) our religious fantasies about being the new Israelites and 3) our religious fantasies about Dispensationalism (the 3rd Temple defiled by the Antichrist, the Rapture, etc.). If Americans make stupid decisions, do stupid things, it's their own fault, not anyone elses.

    1. you mean AIPAC is just a figment of my imagination? oh silly me, i thought they were the 2nd most powerful lobby in the U.S. what a fool i've been. they probably don't even influence congresspeople on foreign affairs at all.

    2. I think referred holocaust guilt has been a major factor in support for Israel, but that's running out as the older generations die (even though another WW2 bad Nazis/good Jews movie comes out every month). Also, Israelis seem more like whites (I guess lots of them are from eastern Europe and Russia). And they are masters of propaganda!!!

  5. The take over of the US government by traitors who support a foreign power's interest over their own country's has to stop.
    American democracy not Zionist corporatocracy!

  6. I am very suspicious of these guys like Peck who worked for the foreign policy establishment almost their entire lives committing God-knows-what acts and probably lying to the American people (that's you, dear reader) and then turning around years later and acting like they are human rights activists and oh-so-high and mighty. Only after they retire do they somehow, maybe, start thinking for themselves. And making money. I guess their pensions just weren't enough. But they never actually come clean. They simply engage in a more sophisticated coverup. Why should we believe these people? We shouldn't.

  7. I would agree , I 'm simply curious as to whether he was on the particular ship were the violence occurred . If not , then any account of Peck's as to ,who did what to whom would be questionable

  8. I would agree , but I 'm simply curious as to whether Peck's account was that of one actually on board the Mavi Marmara . If he was not , then any account on Peck's part ,as to who did what to whom , would then be questionable .

  9. Other countries don't need or want a "green light" from the US? US power and influence must not be quite what we imagined. All that effort for hegemony has apparently failed.

  10. Countrries will do what is politically expedient for them first , then come secondary considerations . This is universal . US power and influence is only desired by those who want it . What who imagined ? lol…We have Cuba 90 miles off our coast !
    Would you call what Saudi Arabia is doing hegemony ?
    If the "green light " you are refering to , is the recent action by Israel , or any action by Israel , and whether or not it needed or even considered approval from the U.S. , well that is quite easy to deduce , what Israel does , is what it percieves as necessarry to it's survival .

    A good example of this is Japan's recent change of heart over kicking the US Base out of Okinawa , since the sinking of a South Korean ship by North Korea .

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