Scott Horton Interviews Alan Grayson

Scott Horton, June 29, 2010

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This interview was conducted by director Eric Garris.

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson discusses building Congressional support for his “War is Making You Poor” bill, bipartisan cooperation with Ron Paul on the “Audit the Fed” bill, why it’s harder than ever to justify the continuing war in Afghanistan, Obama’s broken campaign promises and disappointing leadership and why Grayson has become the top target of Republicans for the 2010 House elections.

MP3 here. (19:01)

Congressman Alan Grayson was born and grew up in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. He graduated with high honors from Harvard College, worked as an economist, then returned to Harvard. In four years, Alan earned a J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School, a master’s degree from the Harvard School of Government, and finished all of the course work and passed the general exams for a Ph.D. in Government. His master’s thesis focuses on gerontology. He went on to be a founding member of the Alliance for Aging Research.

In the early 1990s Alan took leave from the practice of law and started a business. He was the first President of IDT Corp., a telecom/internet company, which is now a Fortune 1000 company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Congressman Grayson was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008, serving Florida’s 8th district.

24 Responses to “Alan Grayson”

  1. sorry but that failed so bad

  2. Poor no more suckers!

    House GOP leader John Boehner is proposing to raise the age to collect Social Security to 70, to pay for the Afpak war.

  3. This is the reality of american politiks you can,t speak out truth. The problem is not one but thousand every one is earning through this war and no one is ready to sacrifice.
    Main benificiary are defence industry and other affiliated departments.
    The question how long they will print dolllars to finance the war. Ego will not allow to end the war and civilian casualities no problem. In war main victim is always civilian population and they don,t mind. Wars have only slogan kill kill and kill. For this reason this war will continue till america is totally bankcrpt but they will find new country to kill there i.e. war

  4. I appreciate this interview. I learned a lot about Grayson. Good to know that Kucinich has another teammate fighting for peace.

  5. Grayson is not fighting for peace. You can't support and defend Israel's crimes AND be for peace. That does not compute. AT ALL.

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  7. Grayson: "I met with Howard Kohr, the head of AIPAC, twice last week."

    PJV: "And what was the gist of the conversation?"

    Grayson: "The gist of the conversation was that Iran is a tremendous threat to Israel and needs to be stopped. And I agree with that."

    Philadelphia Jewish Voice (Witman)

  8. epppie,

    You are morally right of course. But a politican can only rid us of 1 monster at a time. There is no way for us to get rid of that leach Israel and its crimes. Come to New York. Too many PseudoAmerican Zionists support Israel and will give their lives to assure its fanatical government's survival. We can't compete with that. We have a life, they don't. Better to fight the unpopular perpetual war in this country and hope we can survive the Zionists and Moslems destroying each other.

  9. Lol, he agreed to come back on antiwar after Scott's interview with him? Gonna listen to this now.

  10. Grayson is a Zionist who says that he was " educated " by AIPAC and supports their pro-Israel agenda, including " stopping Iran." However, he hasn't stated what exactly " stopping Iran " means. To AIPAC and their neocon allies, it clearly means a U.S. attack on Iran. So, does Grayson oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but supports war in Iran? We don't know because he is not saying.

  11. Why isn't Horton doing the interview. Why invite this guy on the show in the first place.

    His last interview sucked.

    Ron Paul=awesome
    Alan Grayson=mycongressmanisnuts

  12. What a pity Eric lacked the balls to ask Grayson if he thinks US should cut military spending for Israel.

  13. I wonder if Grayson would still be angry about the "missing" $500 billion if he learned that it ended up in Israel.

  14. Thank you for giving me a good laugh.


  15. End the war but balance the budget. Or better yet, up the taxes to pay for our current programs.

  16. Very perceptive, as usual. Mr. Grayson's allegiance to israel will certainly become an obstacle to any prospect for the success of his bill. When his kinfolk require the assistance, money, blood, and lives of americans in their never-ending expansion, Mr. Grayson will be forced to fold his hand.

    Unfortunately, even though Mr. Grayson seems to be a very sincere man who is dedicated to preserving and protecting america, he will be tested in the fire of america's commitment to anything israeli. There, he will forced to pick a team. The teams are the zionists in tel aviv and their supporters in d.c. versus the american public – a public whose wealth is perennially, if not perpetually, given to the zionists and whose children are essentially harvested by the american government generation after generation to wage war against israel's never-ending list of enemies.

    While a noble gesture and quite possibly an honest sentiment at this time, Mr. Grayson's bill must fail in the teeth of american foreign policy toward israel. This foreign policy that survives regardless of its costs to america measured in lives, fortune, reputation, or other real / internationally recognised alliances.

  17. Precisely. He will fold.

  18. You can’t hit them all out of the park. Sometimes you drop the ball. Then there is this. the worst antiwar interview ever. It sounded like he gave you the questions that he wanted.

  19. Grayson can not burn all his bridges all at once. He needs Jewish support in his district, since the Rs are coming at him with all they can muster. One thing at a time, and right now, that is Afghanistan.

  20. Alan Grayson is a breath of fresh air, At least he has the courage to tell the truth. He's one of the better politicians in the US House of Reps.

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  22. I really liked this post. He is very original. I was very touched by this issue. The writer is just incredibly talented.

  23. In four years, Alan earned a J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School, a master’s degree from the Harvard School of Government, and finished all of the course work and passed the general exams for a Ph.D. in Government. His master’s thesis focuses on gerontology. He went on to be a founding member of the Alliance for Aging Research

  24. Well I think 2014-15- will have a different impact on European countries and Middle East as we, As we all can see the current situation of Syria,Egypt and other Middle East countries because there are US backed rebellions who are torturing their own country men just because they aren't literate enough to understand US's strategies of Invasion other countries. No Offense but that's a reality.

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