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Ray McGovern, former senior analyst at the CIA, discusses the hype surrounding a seemingly benign Russian spy ring in the US, the sorely needed FBI public relations boost from their apparent counter-espionage success, CIA director Leon Panetta’s disincentive for changing the 2007 Iran National Intelligence Estimate and why Iran really was pursuing a nuclear weapons program prior to 2003.

MP3 here. (25:08)

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the John F. Kennedy administration to that of George H. W. Bush. His articles appear on Consortium News and Antiwar.com.

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  1. Doesn't explain the timing. The threshold theory–"Gee, Batman, we have eleven, we have to do something NOW!"–also is not persuasive.

    Going with an explanation because you are hard-pressed to come up with any other is not good methodology.

    More important, how does limping PR, which this is, benefit the FBI?

    1. My take was they needed budget cuts. Sending those clowns back to Russia probably freed up 20 or so agents. I hope Chapman gets a presenter job at RT news.

  2. Fordham, eh?

    There is an Ur-accent explaining the many speech commonalities of Chicago and New York Irish.

    But did they go "over to City Hall" in New York City–that is the question.

  3. There are also reports that the Russian spy scandal is having a damping and delaying effect on getting enough votes for the nuclear arms treaty with Russia:

    If this is so, and that is the real motive for inflated claims, media hysteria, and prosecutions just at this pass, there is indeed some parallel with one version of the U-2 incident.

  4. Part 1 of 3

    Ray McGovern is honest, respectable but he is a human…..humans make mistakes.

    Recently on RT (or Aljazeera) about the two conflicting videos on Sharam Amiri the Iranian nuclear scientist he said both videos might be true. Later a video appeared on Iranian TV in it Amiri was saying the content of the well-made video are not true.

    Here is a quick interpretation of what Amiri said in his second secret video:
    In the name of God

    Today is June 14, 2010. I am Shahram Amiri citizen of Islamic Republic of Iran. I .succeeded in escaping [fleeing] from the custody of US security agents in State of Virginia. Right now I am in a safe place….[indecipherable].. [expecting ?] to get captured [arrested] by US security agents.

    In this brief moment I wanted to talk to my people about the two videos already broadcasted. The first video which was shown on Iranian TV is completely genuine [true] in which I addressed my people from Tucson and no false points are in it while

  5. part 2

    the second video which was prepared by American Government and was sent to YouTube is not truthful and my statements in it regarding being free and have come to US for further education are total lies. I being free here is a complete falsify I am not allowed to contact my family or other individuals.

    In case I confront a complication or do not return to my country alive the direct responsibility lies on the side of the Government of the United States then none of my [claimed] written or verbal declarations are true and they are blatant lies.

    I am asking the officials of the country or Human Rights establishments to accelerate [their activities] and pressures towards my freedom before something happens to me allowing me to return to my beloved country…Iran.

    Finally I address my endearing family. If I did not return alive I want them to be [strong, resisting], irrepressible and patient. I want them to know until my last breath I never betrayed my country and none of US threats or promises of prizes compelled me for any treasonous act, I was honorably [proudly] killed in service to my country submitting to the will of God.

  6. The CIA funds all the opposition in Russia through NED, "human rights" groups, alternative media, youth activist organisations. Gay rights, free abortion, etc as well as organised crime and Chechen lead terrorism to the tune of millions of dollars annually so the so called "spy ring " in the US is not even a fraction of what the US, Britain, EU and Soros are doing in Russia.

    Spy scandal actually might have to do with the fact Russia has requested info of crime bosses operating in the US directing Afghan heroin operations into Russia.

    1. > "Russia wants info on dealers of Afghan drugs from U.S."
      very interesting article, thanks. I have always just assumed that the invaders (US/Coalition) would be smuggling out heroin, just like they have done in the past. Great way to get some secret funding (black budget).

  7. This alleged Russian spy ring sounds like something out of Gilbert & Sullivan!

    Anyway, if the FBI has such a hard-on over spies, it ought to go after Israel and its massive, ongoing espionage against America. Israeli spies and moles are scattered throughout the U.S. Government. FBI, you’ve got your marching orders.

    McGovern’s concerns about Leon Panetta are justified. Panetta, after all, is a career political hack. He’s just the kind who’d cave in to Israeli pressure to sign off on a lying NIE.

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