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Joy Gordon, author of Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions, discusses the comprehensive sanctions imposed on Iraq in the 1990s that killed 500,000 children, the US led effort to literally starve Iraq by cutting off food importation, how the Gulf War and subsequent sanctions destroyed Iraq’s modern infrastructure and prevented rebuilding, contradictory US and UN policies on rewarding compliance of Security Council resolutions and how the US “reverse veto” power guaranteed the sanctions would never be lifted while Saddam Hussein remained in power.

MP3 here. (18:46)

Joy Gordon is a Professor of Philosophy at Fairfield University. Her work focuses on human and economic rights, particularly economic sanctions. She has been published in Harper’s Magazine, Le Monde Diplomatique, Yale Journal of Development and Human Rights Law, and The Nation. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Yale University and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law.

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  1. Wow, with all these books and articles by lawyers and doctors the US antiwar movement is developing a huge bibliography about world wide US hyper-Capitalist Imperialism and repeated genocide!

    Those growing book shelves and all this intense debate will put a stop to it all, yes sir!

    It's an epidemic!

  2. Meanwhile, just by the way, Cuba happens now to have a higher longevity rate, a higher literacy rate, and a lower infant mortality rate than the US.

    And even more persuasive it has not committed mass murder in places around the world like Vietnam and Iraq.

  3. Actually there is no doubt america is on the way to be cursed by God if they don,t change their mind set to kill the arabs for Jews.
    For me Jews and americans could dominate the whole islamic world to let thzem live in peace.
    Basically a Muslim is happy to prey freely and help as much he can for good without creed colour race or religion.
    History is a vitness.
    Personally in my room as a student Germans and other nationalities were very happy and i had a very good relationship.
    In 1973 I visited my friend in Krefeld Mr. B.Brockes he told me he would like to take me to his father but he does not like his friends I said OK don,t bother. His father was a retired Personnal manager in Bayer Leverkusen. I remained with him one weak long and he served me from meals to bed etc.
    Then Bruno said what you have done with my father then I told what we need is good character rest comes automatically. We are brought up by our mothers(for them west is very sad as they don,t like nakedness) and have given a nice way of life to rest others and will be respected.
    This is Islam and religion.

  4. Analogous to knowledge of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CIA, and the U.S. more broadly, had NO idea that Iraq's infrastructure & economy had been completely destroyed before the 2003 invasion.

  5. I also read, back in 2002, that the Kurds of Iraq, under the same sanctions, nonetheless fared much better. Anyone know more about that?

  6. During the Cold War, America called the Soviet Union the "evil empire."

    But in reality, this was a typical case of American psychological projection.

    The true evil empire?

    It's America of course, as it has been all long.

  7. American universities should really begin offering serious Graduate courses in subjects that really matter politically. Some suggestions:

    (1) Economic Genocide 201

    (2) Advanced Military Incompetence

    (3) Rendering Hands Invisible

    (4) Assuring Anti-Production and the Flow of Stupidity in the Post-Industrial State (Instructor's permission required)

    (5) Pygmalion and the Captain of Kopenic–How to Dress and Talk for Federal Electoral Success

    (7) Advanced Bullshit: From Gorgias to Leo Strauss (Graduate seminar–undergraduates by permission only)

    (8) How To Found A Political Action Committee or Ideological Institutute Without Really Trying (and Without Reading Any Central Texts)

    (9) Clean Hands And Circumcision (Manifest Destiny, the New Jerusalem, And World Empire, Part II)

    (10) Mocha Dick:The Tale of A Leviathan (Counts as introductory course to Political Science)

    (11) Word Magic with Anglo-Saxon Roots in Contemporary English (Also Part of the Brutal Rhetoric Series and an accredited course in the Etymology Department)

    (12) Don't Speak, Memory (Anti-Nabokovism and Imperialist Presentism)

    This just scratches the surface.

      1. This is the right web site.

        You–qua "individuum"–may not be the optimal audience of the post though.

        Your link, like your approach to antiwar so far, doesn't work.

        1. My approach is awful, I know. It's probably my breath. Sorry, that was probaby too lowbrow for you–qua "individuum"– but unfortunately I don't have a quote from Adorno or know any Greek or Latin phrases to help clarify.

          In all honesty, I was only trying to funny. I think you're a swell commenter. Keep up the good work!

  8. If what you're saying is right, who gives a shit? It's been fated! It says so right in THE BIBLE!!! If I felt that what you were saying was in anyway reasonable, I wouldn't be wasting my time on message boards, I'd be out living it up. Go have some fun man while there's still time!!!

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