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Jeremy Sapienza, Senior Editor at, discusses the temptations of liberal interventionism following the Uganda bombings , the wrongheaded conventional wisdom that Somalia’s problems are due to the West’s inattention, terrorism charges leveled at Minnesotan Somali-Americans who allied with Al Shabab to fight the Ethiopian army and why the Uganda bombings are a textbook case of blowback.

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Jeremy Sapienza is Assistant Webmaster and Senior Editor at

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  1. Excellent. But the whole story is frustrating. Even if the media were to report on this I can't see Americans paying attention. That is why good old-fashion isolationism was good. Nobody had to be an expert or be informed. The government just had to stay home.

  2. You guys are so wrong! Countries outside of the West do not value human life in the same manner. They look with good fortune upon a slain relative because they realize in their primitive minds that it's an opportunity to use the occasion to gain sympathy which can then be used as currency with the ever benevolent Christian world, a world filled with a people who are incapable of neglect and scorn for those less fortunate, and who will then bend over backwards to the demands of these lesser breeds at the cost of weakening the Great Civilization. And in these moments of charity and good will, we (if I may be so bold to include myself) waste these virtuous acts on peoples who cannot recognize the value of our deeds in themselves and lose sight of our difficult but necessary mission to civilize these people if we are able and bring them to heel as we must. (This is supposed to be ironic and reflects the exact opposite of how I feel, by the way.)

  3. Common Paul, You can tell us how you REALLY feel, think….. Nice to get to the end of the comment and see you haven't been "podded" by neocons……. Maybe a little too much wine..??? Too much mirth to little analysis..?? Mario is right, so many interventions require us to learn a never ending series of histories and counter histories to be informed, even in the slightest… The take away lesson in Somalia for me is that the Former Shrub's Administration…. ponied up the invasion Somalia BY their arch-enemies, the Ethopians who have time and time again invaded and tried to control, annex Somalia.. If anyone wanted to be SURE that ALL Somalis would be willing to repel the invaders, they couldn't have chosen better than the Ethiopians… As in Brain-dead…

    "BOLTON: Yes. … Unless we go in and really end this problem once and for all, we will simply see it grow over time.

    On Friday, Bolton called for a “coalition of the willing” to attack Somalia, saying the use of force was “the prudential response” to piracy problems. He kept up his calls for war over the weekend. For Bolton, war is always the best option. Last year, he said that attacking Iran “is really the most prudent thing to do.” In 2002, he declared Saddam Hussein to be “a real threat,” making it “a very prudent and logical conclusion that he needs to be replaced.” And less than two weeks before Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, Bolton praised “the prudent course we are on with Iraq.” Bolton’s insistence that we will see the piracy off the coast of Somalia “grow over time” without U.S. military intervention to “end this problem once and for all” is striking. Back in 1994, Bolton lambasted the Clinton administration for expanding the U.S. mission in Somalia to prevent it from becoming a failed state. Clinton’s efforts “led to the violence and embarrassment that ultimately ensued,” Bolton wrote.

    In 2005, Bolton stood by his critique, saying, “I would not have intervened in Somalia.” Today, however, Bolton views such intervention — including the possibility of “boots on the ground” — as “the prudential response.”"

  4. I thing you misunderstood the Somali politics and culture,Al shabab brought peace in Somalia after long and unnecessary war that divided the nation at whole,western and development countries they enjoy first peace and law order then prosperity,al-shabab function they enforced peace and properity are at door steps,we need them and they are the only solutions in that territory and i thing you will agree with me unless you have a hiden agenda,Look for the last 20 years what happenned In Somalia UN envoys Mr. Sahnoun and Ahmed Abdalla they made unthinkable amounts of many before that they was under the red,peter goosen WFP same he is a miilioner today is that what the western and free society they support and blame the hope givers.

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